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Thread: Love Monster

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    Love Monster

    Love Monster is a fun, exciting shoujo manga that needs some more love~

    Review Content:
    Title: Love Monster
    Genres: Shoujo, Supernatural, School Life, Romance, Mature
    Author: Miyagi Riko
    Artist: Miyagi Riko
    Publication: Margaret (Shueisha)
    Number of chapters at review: 82 - COMPLETE
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 82

    General Overview: Hiyoko Osora can't get into the school of her choice, so when she gets a letter from a mysterious school called SM Acadmey, despite not applying, she accepts the offer. When she gets there, she has the shock of her life: the students are monsters! When the student council president, Kurou (a crow demon), announces he is to be her fiance, Hiyo realizes that SM Academy was definitely NOT what she expected!

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 8
    I gave the art an 8 due to the fact it's very clean, typically drawn shoujo. Some of the cutesy chibies aren't drawn so well, but the well drawn close-ups certainly make up for it.

    Plot: 8
    It's not everyday you have beautiful demons going to school together, with one being a legendary, beautiful creature and not even knowing about it. Sure, demons going to school together has been done before, but the intricacies of the complications between the school and the hierarchies of powers isn't a road often traveled. Everything flow' fairly well and there's enough interesting turns to keep you hooked and wonderng what's happening next.

    Characters: 9
    The 9 stems from my utter love of these characters. Hiyo, the adorable and clueless female; Kurou, the dark, handsome, overbearing bishie; Haine, the playful, loving foil to Kurou; along with all the other neat demon characters that really make this manga enjoyable. and hilarious. Oh, and there's a transvestite teacher. What could be better?

    Theme: 8
    Choosing the Right One, Following Your Heart, Doing What's Right v. What's Easy/Expected. Themes in general aren't very original, but they are displayed well in this manga. Also, Standing Up to Your Future Mother-IN-Law is a theme.

    Originality: 7
    Now, like I said before, demonbeings in a school together has been done a few other times, but the plot in this one, with the different elements (school + dealing with baddies + love triangle) flows in an original way, with little twists you wouldn't expect.

    Overall: 9
    Despite having a hint of that "typical shoujo" feel, Love Monster takes it to the next level with an interesting combination of elements: rival schools in other realms, an emerging Demon King to deal with, a nurse who's only a skeleton assisting a doctor who looks like he's 8, and a scarily accurate prophet queen, all while the main character has to live alone in a tower with her finace!


    Spoiler: Hiyo show

    Spoiler: Kurou and friends to the rescue! show

    Spoiler: Kurou and Hiyo together show

    Spoiler: Hiyo's Dad~~<3 show

    Edit: The manga just ended D: two chapters after I posted this :< But it's still awesome so everyone go read it, now!
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