Hello, I'm NiNoZaPo.
To be quite honest with yea, I had posted here couple times ago, but I got off from this site nearly a full year ago. Well, I'm back and want to reintroduce myself again.
To give you a basic idea of who I am and why I am here:
I am illustrator. I like to draw and sketch a lot. My art style is mix bag, mainly influence my 80s/90s anime and western cartoon. I will be posting up my art soon. Maybe...Depends.
What got me into anime/manga was the late 90s anime boom; Toonami, Viz and Tokyopop.
I will still put Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon to be my gate way drug to anime/manga.
I mainly came back here to be more social, maybe meet with some other great artists, and so on.
Also I'm a HUGE manga fan and I want to learn more about the industry. So don't be surprise if you see me on the Manga Magazine threads. Let's say I have strong opinion about Weekly Shonen Jump and want series they been pumping out lately.
Til than, Laters