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Thread: Chapters 17 - 25 - "Memories in the Rain" ( Volume 3 )

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    Chapters 17 - 25 - "Memories in the Rain" ( Volume 3 )

    Volume 03: Memories in the Rain: one of the most emotionally stirring stories in the whole series for me at least, this segment of Bleach deals with Ichigo's painful memories of his mother's death as well as how it shaped his life and personality - and how he had to deal with his mother's gruesome killer!

    Were you as moved by this story as I was, as you learned more about Ichigo's past and about his relationship with his mother? Were you as angry at Masaki's killer as Ichigo? Did you come to understand Ichigo and his family better as a result, as did Rukia?

    I think that's all I need to say here, really. Remember, if you have any questions regarding translations, ask away.

    Discuss away!

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    Re: Chapters 17 - 25 - "Memories in the Rain" ( Volume 3 )

    Yup it's one of the best and sadest moments for me too. You really get to dive deep into his head and find out the root of his near obsession to protect his love ones. The flashbacks as he was talking about it to rukia were heartbreaking. I was moved by the way he tried soooo hard to avenge his mother. But grand fisher got what he diserve in the end.... I also think what made the night rukia was taken back to the SS more dramatic was that it was also raining that night, and Rukia was also trying to protect Ichigo. Just like his mom.

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    Re: Chapters 17 - 25 - "Memories in the Rain" ( Volume 3 )

    I really liked Memories in the rain, it is also where my favorite bleach quote can be found.

    "If I where the rain
    that connects the earth and sky
    which in all eternity will never meet,
    could I connect two hearts?"

    I also liked all the insight we got into ichigo's life and all the emotional content. I especially liked the conclusion, ichigo's talk with his father and then with rukia. Come to think of it I liked all that arc. It was just perfect.

    I guess I just love the emotional stuff.
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