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Thread: Asking questions again: Amount of context per chapter? (And some others)

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    Asking questions again: Amount of context per chapter? (And some others)

    Hey ho and off to the point we go.

    So I'm making a comedy manga, much like Lucky Star or Cromartie.
    I've got the "plot", and most of the characters all fleshed out, and I also have made several sketches (as in comedy sketches) and am slowly begining to place them in chronological order.

    This brings me to my first question.
    How much content do I need for a chapter?
    First chapter is focused on introducing the main characters and creating the setting, and now I've got around 9 .docx files that have enough material for 1 - 4, 4 panel sketches.

    Now to another subject.
    Even when I don't have the skills to write these majestic stories that leave a person breathless when reading, I am determined to have character developement, and an overall plot that gives reason for the humoric lives of the characters.

    I'm unsure how long the actual story would be, since I enjoy writing it so much that it might end up being around two or four mangas long.
    This would mean that I'd need to create the characters to be very appealing, relatable and memorizeable.
    (don't worry I have people who spell/grammar check my writings)

    Now while I have my own ideas for the characters and they're pretty much fleshed out. Nothing is set in stone, meaning that I'll probably change them a lot for a couple of times.
    I wanted to ask advice on how to create characters that are appealing.
    This is not so important, but I just want to hear opinions.

    I was told to try to find an artist who'd want to make this become reality.
    This subject actually holds two questions

    First off, I'm already looking around these forums. But I keep getting confused as to where to look. I'm not that confident to make a shoutout for an artist and show some of my already done work. At least not before I myself approve the work being good enough to be shown.

    Secondly I want to ask that where I should actually "publish" the manga once it gets to the condition that it can be published.
    Can I publish it here?
    Who do I contact about it?
    Do I need to pay for publishing, if so how much?

    So that's it, those who cba to read this:

    #1: How much content is needed for a first chapter of a manga?
    #2: How do you think an interesting character is made/what it needs to made into?
    #3: Where (Here or from elsewhere) do I actually look for an artist?
    #4: Where and how do I publish my manga once it's in a condition to be published?

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    Re: Asking questions again: Amount of context per chapter? (And some others)

    Here are my thoughts:

    #1: That would depend on the genre you're working in. I'm not really a writer, but I think the mistake to avoid is info-dumping. Readers don't care about the different kind of species inhabiting your fictional world. They don't care about how many pair of socks the protagonist owns or what he wanted to be as a child (unless that is crucial to the main story development). I'd reveal a part of the story and keep the rest for controlled reveals over the next chapters. So, the things to keep in mind are : a) Do not dump unnecessary info OR world descriptions which you think is crucial but actually nobody cares about and b) Try to put out the one factor which would make readers want to root for your protagonist and read on.

    #2: From what I have read (both manga and novels), the characters that I fall in love with usually have three things in common: some strengths, some flaws and and something that I aka the reader can relate to.

    #3: You can look for artists on DeviantArt, InkBlazers, Comicfury or forums like MangaHelpers. All of them have a rich community of wonderful and talented artists.

    #4: You have three ways to go once you have completed your manga: publish it, self-publish it or post it online as a webcomic/manga. To publish it, you need to send out the conventional proposal and pitch to publishing companies. For self-publishing, you cna go with Ka-Blam or anything else that you want. And for online hosting, you can either post it on webcomic communtiies like InkBlazers, Smackjeeves, Comicfury, Tapastic etc or you can build your own website.
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    hello everybody, i'm looking for a writer to collaborate on a manga //

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