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Thread: Bleach/La Biblioteca de Bleach Index

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    Exclamation Bleach/La Biblioteca de Bleach Index


    Title : Bleach (ブリーチ)
    Mangaka : Kubo Tite
    Original Publisher: Shueisha
    Serialized by : Weekly Shounen Jump
    Genre : Shounen, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
    Status : Ongoing in Japan.

    Short Summary:

    Bleach follows the life of Kurosaki Ichigo a high school student with the ability to see ghosts, and a Shinigami named Kuchiki Rukia who crosses paths with him one day while hunting an evil spirit known as a hollow. During the ensuing confrontation with the spirit, she is wounded while trying to protect Ichigo and is forced to transfer her powers into him. Thus the adventures of Ichigo and Rukia begin. Together they search for hollows and perform soul burials on wayward souls, cleansing the spirits and sending them to Soul Society. The early parts of the story focus mainly on the characters and their past, rather than the actual occupation of the Shinigami. However, as events unfold, the story begins to delve deeper into the world of these gods of death on the "other side" called Soul Society.

    Group Scanlating & Download Sources:

    Maximum7 - HQ Scanlating Group
    >> Get info & their releases on their website HERE

    Isane - Bleach chapters in colors
    >> Get info & their releases on their website HERE

    #Blood-Scanlations - Bleach Scanlating Group
    >> Get info & their releases on their website HERE

    Ju-Ni - Bleach Scanlating Group
    >> Get info & their releases on their website HERE

    Various Group Scanlating the weekly chapters at
    >> See the Latest Scanlations board #lurk on IRCHighway
    >> #lurk on IRC. Get the packet listings HERE

    Reference: MangaHelpers, MangaUpdates & Wikipedia


    This Index gives you a short view over the Bleach main board, the La Biblioteca subforum and all available threads within to make your life a little bit easier and to avoid double posts. You can search and navigate around here and we will keep this Index up-to-date.

    If you find any mistakes, ambiguity or missing threads, just send 3c, thornofcarrion, Darjaille, Miyagi, Asclepius or any of the Globals/Admins a PM and we will take care of it as soon as possible

    Note: This thread will be broken down into general themes and "sub-themes", and, to make navigation easier, there is an "Index of the Index" which contains said themes and subthemes as anchors, which will bring you direct to where you want to look.

    Pinned General Discussion
    Chapter & Arc Discussion
    General Discussion
    || Scanlation/Publication Questions and News
    Mangaka & Manga Discussion
    Favorites & Ranking Discussion
    Worlds and Mechanics Discussion
    Character DiscussionStoryline Discussion
    Bleach Theories
    El Archivo de Bleach

    Pinned General Discussion
    Check out these threads for more common questions and general information.

    Bleach FAQs and Simple Q&A's
    Have a simple question? Look here first and ask away!

    Bleach Official Artwork
    Want to find one of Bleach's colored pages or other official art? Look here!

    Bleach Volume Cover Thread
    Found the newest Volume Cover or just want to see the earlier ones? Look here!

    Clarification request for past translations
    Find something fishy about an old chapter of Bleach? Seek another translation here.

    Databook Stats - Captains Gotei 13
    Wondering what the Bleach databook says about one of the Gotei 13 captains' stats? Check here to find out.

    Gotei 13 Timeline
    Who was captain/vice-captain at what time? Speculate here.

    Post All "What Chapter / Episode...?" Questions Here
    Can't find where a certain event took place? Take a look here and/or ask, we will answer to our best knowledge

    Chapter & Arc Discussion
    Come here to discuss the Chapters and story arcs of bleach!
    Lost Shinigami Agent Arc - Purpose and Effect

    The reason Bleach has been falling in the rankings recently: a theory

    Current Discussion Threads

    Bleach Gaiden Discussion Thread

    Discussion on Past Special Bleach Chapters and Omake

    General Discussion
    General Information and Discussion concerning the manga.

    Bleach Birthday Thread
    Bleach Names and Meanings
    Bleach Tattoos
    Celebrating 10 Years of BLEACH
    Fullbring for characters and YOU
    If Bleach was a seinen manga?
    Lines Rejected from Bleach Manga
    Manga Taglines/Quotes
    The Bleach Humor thread
    The Mangahelpers Bleach Fan Plot Project
    Unanswered Questions of Bleach
    Why Do You Read Bleach?

    Scanlation/Publication Questions and News
    Bleach Illustrations - All Colour But The Black
    Colourful Bleach Omake

    Mangaka & Manga Discussion
    Do you have something to say about Tite Kubo in relation to the series like discussion of the art or writing style? What about Bleach in relation to Shounen Jump? Discuss such things here
    A guided tour of Tite Kubo's Crib!!!
    Any Word from Kubo???
    Bleach: a tribute to DBZ !
    Change between american and japanese version?
    Kubo's Engrish and Españor
    Nick Simmons plagiarized Bleach
    Popularity Polls

    Favorites & Ranking Discussion
    Who or what is your favorite? Who is greater than whom? Decide and discuss here
    Dangai Wish List
    Favourite Hollows/Arrancar
    Favorite zanpakutou release command
    General Character Strength Ranking Thread
    Hollow Ichigo: The most powerful
    How would you rank the Shikai/Bankai?
    Most Epic Entrance / Event Thread!
    Most Entertaining Fighters
    Most Intimidating Bankai/Resurrection?
    Most Memorable/Favorite Scene?
    Most Mistreated Character
    Most overhyped/overrated characters?
    Most stylish/unstylish character in Bleach
    Most under rated character in Bleach
    Ranking of Captains
    Seniority of the SS Captains & Implications on Their Strength
    Strongest enemy in Hueco Mundo poll
    What Bleach Character Would You Be?
    Which squad would you rather be in?
    What's Your Favorite Bankai?
    What's your favorite Soul Slayer / Zanpakutou ?
    Which character has the most transformation in the storyline?
    Who is the strongest or has the most potential...
    Who Wields The Strongest Melee-Type Zanpakutou?
    Who's the most attractive Bleach character to you?
    Who's your favorite Bleach character?
    Who should fight or kill of the villains in Bleach ?
    What are the best & worst battles in Bleach so far?
    Worst zanpakutou and other abilities in Bleach

    Worlds & Mecanics Discussion
    Discuss the various worlds/planes of existence in Bleach and the physics/processes governing the Bleach universe
    8th Underground Prison Avici [Aizen's present location]
    Balance of souls between worlds
    Bleach 1.000 years from now (your design)
    Concept of Time in Bleach
    Heaven vs. Hell similarity
    Hell vs. HM vs SS: Discussion on the dimensions of Bleach
    How does time affect shinigami in Bleach?
    How long do you think las noches has been around?
    What happens to shinigami/spiritually aware humans when they die?
    What the Hell Happened to Hell??

    Character Discussion
    Arguably the best element of Bleach is the characters. This section is for topics related to those marvelous creations of Kubo. Since this is such a major area of discussion, the character discussion is broken into several subcategories.

    Shinigami/SS Inhabitants
    Slicing Hollows and sending Plus to Soul Society isn't their only Job - And not their only side. Talk about the Shinigami and everyone's favorire substitute shinigami is what you find here.

    Can dead people have children?
    Comparing Shinigami to other "races"
    Origin of Ginkongai and mod-souls

    Zanpakutou/Kidou/Shinigami Techniques Discussion
    A level after Ban Kai
    Aizen's Zanpakutou
    Analysis of Shinigami Combat: Which Area of Shinigami Combat is Best?
    Create your own Shinigami/Zanpakuto Thread
    God Zanpakuto?
    Hisagi's Shikai
    Hitsugaya's bankai training?
    Kidou discussion
    Reiatsu in relation to Bankai & Hollow Mask
    Renji and Hisagi's training
    Shunsui's Shikai
    Take a guess on other Zanpakutou's Zanpakutou Spirit form
    Technique Analysis: Utsusemi
    The Effect of Massive Reiatsu
    The Nature of Katen Kyōkotsu
    Tousen's Zanpakutou
    Unknown Zanpakuto Abilities revealed
    Unmastered Bankais...?
    Urahara's Patented Energy Cuffs (UPEC)
    Wabisuke (Not Kira, Just His Sword)
    Where do zanpakutou come from & how do they connect with their shinigami?
    Who will achieve bankai, and whose bankai will be revealed last?
    Yoruichi's Zanpakutou
    Zangetsu's Power/ability
    Zangetsu's new appearence

    Soul Society
    Anyone wanna guess where Komamura is from??
    Byakuya's Strength Improvement = Too Much?
    Central 46 Mega Convo Thread
    Concerning Hitsugaya's Power
    Division Zero "The Royal Guard"
    Hitsugaya: The Only Guy With Any Sense
    How Strong is Yoruichi?
    Ikkaku stronger than Captain Hitsugaya?
    Kenpachi: Possibly Stronger than Aizen and Yamamoto? Or just overrated?
    Kidou Corps Mega Convo Thread
    Komamura Discussion Thread
    Noble and lesser noble families
    Old/New Gotei 13
    Rukia and Renji Powerups
    Shunsui & Ukitake Mega Convo
    Specialization of Gotei 13 divisions
    Soul Society King - Who/What Is He?
    The Shinigami Academy
    Which captains can or can't defeat Ichigo
    Who could be the 1st person to see Senbon Zakura Kageyoshi True form?
    Who is Kirio Hikifune?
    Yamamoto: Underestimated or Overhyped?
    Yamamoto-taichou's strength
    Your Thoughts on the Lieutenants of SS
    Your Thoughts on Unohana
    Your Thoughts on Yachiru
    Zaraki Kenpachi's power

    Hollows/Arrancars & Traitorous Shinigami
    Devouring Souls and striving for power. Discuss the darker power here.

    Arrancar Bankai
    Beast Hollows
    Create your own Hollow/Menos/Arrancar Thread
    Does (should) Arrancars have a inner shinigami?
    Hierro Discussion Thread
    Hougykou arrancar vs natural arrancar
    Segunda Etapa is no big deal
    Self made claims in Bleach
    The Broken Mask
    Vasto Lordes, Adjuccas and Gillians
    Vastolorde Discussion
    Who will turn on Aizen?

    The "traitorous" Shinigami
    Aizen: Not the Typical Anime Villain?
    Aizen's Ace
    Aizen's growth and development
    Are Aizen, Tousen, and Gin vizards?
    Discussion on Aizen's Morality (Good or Evil?)
    Do girls like Gin?!
    Is Gin dead? And if not, do you think he's coming back?
    New Traitor/Enemy???
    Tousen and Gin's place in Aizen's Army
    Tousen and his path of justice
    Your Thoughts on Gin

    Aizen's Arrancar
    Dondo Chakka and Pesshe Gatiishe
    Espada Discussion
    Espada personalities
    Espada/Arrancar Strength Ranking Thread
    Grimmjow Discussion Thread
    Is Yammi still alive?
    Let's talk about Lilinette
    Mysteries of Szayel Aporro Grantz
    Nell Discussion
    Nihilism & the Heart: Ulquiorra Schiffer
    Noitora's unreleased Zanpakuto
    Ulquiorra's Death
    Wonderweiss and his worth in battle

    Humans with or without special powers + Shinigami Exiles
    The people on Earth still play a role in the action. Talk about the human characters, Ichigo's relatives, the vizards, the fullbringers, and the lovable characters of the Urahara Shouten.

    Discussion on Ichigo's Hollow
    Ichigo's Development
    Ichigo's Reiatsu Release Increase in Bankai
    Is Ichigo overrated?
    Name for Ichigo's Inner Power thing.
    What happened to Ichigo's hyper-speed?
    What is Ichigo? (Human, Vizard, Shinigami, etc.)
    Your Thoughts on Ichigo

    Ichigo's Family & Human Friends
    Bleach humans are missing some necessities
    Did Ichigo's father die?
    How strong is Ryūken Ishida? And what theories do you have regarding Ryūken Ishida?
    How Strong is Uryu Ishida?
    Ichigo's mother
    In which squad do you think Isshin was captain?
    Is Ishida Violating Terms of his training?
    Isshin Kurosaki General Discussion Thread
    Tatsuki, the next big fighter
    Truth about Isshin's 'lost' reiatsu
    Who do you think will be next to discover their spiritual powers?
    Your Thoughts on Chad
    Your Thoughts on Orihime

    Urahara Shop
    Character Analysis: Kisuke Urahara
    Did Urahara lie to Isshin?!?!
    How does Urahara use shinigami power while human?
    Members of Urahara's Group
    What'd Renji wanna ask Urahara so badly?
    Your Thoughts On Tsukabishi Tessai

    Hachigen Discussion Thread
    How strong are the Vizards?
    Vizard bankai theory
    Vizard's powers
    Two types of Vaizards, or not?
    What are the Vizards motives,ambitions,whatever?
    What will become of the Vizards?

    Fullbring Discussion Thread
    Ginjou and Tsukishima : Questionable Antagonists

    Battle Analysis
    One of Bleach's most distinguishing elements are the battles fought by the characters. Discuss these hard-fought conflicts and imaginary battles here.
    Aizen dies at the hand of New Ichigo?
    Battle of the Four Pillars
    Fake Karakura Town Battle Analysis
    How can two immortals kill each other?
    Misconceptions about Bleach fights

    El Campo de Batalla de las Almas
    エスパーダ (Espada) vs 仮面の軍勢 (Vizards)
    Aikawa Love vs. Coyote Starrk
    Aizen (hougyoku) vs Aizen (KS)
    Aizen without KS and the Hougyoku
    Aizen (KS/Hogyoku cocoon mode) vs Gin and tousen(shinigami/hollow)
    Aizen vs Las Diez Espadas
    Aizen vs Shunsui
    Aizen vs. Stark
    Aizen vs Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin
    Aizen vs Yamamoto
    Aizen vs Yoruichi (in flash steps race)
    Aizen and Yamamoto vs Everyone
    Aizen/Ichimaru/Tousen vs. Yamamoto/Kyouraku/Ukitake
    Aizen, Shinji, Kisuke vs Yamamoto
    Aizen Sousuke vs Urahara Kisuke
    Allon vs any of the lower Espada
    Allon vs Ikkaku and Renji
    Barragan vs Aizen
    Barragan Luisenbarn vs Retsu Unohana
    Barragan vs. Soifon
    Baraggan vs Kaname Tousen
    Battle of the Powerhouses
    Byakuya vs. Kenpachi
    Byakuya vs. Soifon
    Byakuya vs. Tousen
    Byakuya and Hachi vs Baraggan
    Chad vs Renji
    Chad vs Uryuu
    Coyote Starrk vs Ichimaru Gin
    Don Kanonji vs Pesche Guatiche
    Entertaining Battle Scenarios
    Espada Civil War
    Fantasy Fight
    'Genius' vs True Genius
    Ggio Vega & Shawlong vs Soifon
    Gin vs. Byakuya
    Gin vs Love
    Gin vs Soifon
    Gin vs Yama
    Gin & Urahara vs Yoruichi & Isshin
    Gotei 13 Captain Civil War
    Grimmjaw VS Noitora
    Grimmjow vs Hitsugaya
    Grimmjow vs Soifon
    Grimmjow vs. Tousen
    Grimmjow/Ulquiorra/Byakuya vs Nnoitra/Hitsugaya/Kenpachi
    Halibel vs Hitsugaya Toushiro
    Harribel vs Byakuya
    Harribel vs Soi Fon
    Harribel & Hitsugaya vs Ulquiorra & Ichigo
    Harribel and Toushirou vs. Shunsui and Lisa
    Harribel's Fraccion vs Baraggan's Fraccion
    Hitsugaya Toshiro vs Barragan Luisenbarn
    Hitsugaya vs. Soifon
    Hitsugaya v. Ulquiorra
    Hiyori vs. Renji or Ikkaku
    Ichigo vs Barragan
    Ichigo vs. Byakuya
    Ichigo vs Halibel
    Ichigo vs. Hitsugaya
    Ichigo vs Isshin
    Ichigo vs Kensei
    Ichigo vs Stark
    Ichigo (human) vs. Tatsuki
    Ichigo vs Tousen
    Ichigo vs Yamamoto
    Ichigo vs Yammi
    Ichigo & Hitsugaya vs Byakuya & Kenpachi
    Ichigo & Ulquiorra vs Starrk & Tousen
    Ichigo Uryu Chad vs Renji Byakuya Kira
    Ichigo Kurosaki vs Gin Ichimaru
    Ichigonator vs SE-Ulquiorra vs R-Baraggan vs R-Starrk
    Ichimaru Gin vs Kyoraku Shunsui
    Ichimaru vs Hitsuguya
    Ichimaru vs Tousen
    Ikkaku vs Renji
    Ishida & Chad vs Baraggan's Fraccion
    Isshin vs Yamamoto
    Isshin (his new Getsuga Tenshou is too strong) VS. Shunsui (color demon-Irooni game would catch him)
    Jyuushiro Ukitake VS Barragan Luisenbarn
    Jyushiro Ukitake VS Melee combat fighters
    Kenpachi vs Barragan
    Kenpachi VS Hitsugaya
    Kenpachi vs. Ichigo
    Kenpachi vs Szayel
    Kenpachi vs Ukitake
    Kenpachi vs. Yamamoto
    Kenpachi vs Yoruichi
    Kenpachi, Byakuya, & Mayuri vs All
    Kensai vs Baraggan
    Kensei Muguruma vs Kaname Tousen (shinigami)
    Komamura vs the top 4 espada
    Komamura vs. Ukitake
    Komamura Sajin vs Kenpachi Zaraki
    Komamura Sajin vs Yammy Rialgo
    Komamura & Kenpachi VS Yammy & Yamamato
    Kuchiki Byakuya vs Grimmjow Jeagerjaques
    Kuchiki Byakuya vs Toshiro Hitsugaya
    Kuchiki Byakuya vs Ulquiorra
    Kurosaki Ichigo (any form) vs. Kyouraku Shunsui
    Kurotsuchi Mayuri vs Kuchiki Byakuya
    Kyouraku Shunsui vs Hirako Shinji
    Kyouraku Shunsui vs Kaname Tousen
    Kyouraku Shunsui VS Kuchiki Byakuya
    Mayuri vs Ichigo
    Mayuri vs. Kenpachi
    Mayuri vs Szayel vs Urahara
    Mayuri vs. Urahara
    Ōmaeda vs. Dondochakka
    Renji vs Rukia
    Renji Abarai vs Uryū Ishida
    Sajin Komamura vs Byakuya Kuchiki
    Sarugaki Hiyori vs. Any current Gotei 13 VC
    Shikai Hitsugaya vs Shikai - Hisagi, Kira, Renji, Ikkaku
    Shikai Ichigo vs Shikai Hitsugaya
    Shinji VS Aizen
    Shinji, Love vs Urahara, Ichigo
    Shunsui Kyouraku vs. Barragan Luisenbarn
    Shunsui Kyouraku vs Ulquiorra Cifer
    Shunsui vs. Starrk
    Shunsui & Jushirou vs. Rose & Love
    Shunsui, Urahara, and Shinji VS. Stark, Gin, and Tousen!
    Shusuke Amagai vs Nnoitra Jiruga
    Shuuhei Hisagi vs. Findor Carias
    Soifon/Ichigo/Hisagi VS Ggio/Findor/Grimmjow
    Soifon & Kyoraku vs Hallibel & Ulquiorra
    Sosuke Aizen vs Ichigo
    Sosuke Aizen vs Kuchiki Byakuya
    Sosuke Aizen vs Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai
    Squad 二 vs. Squad 七 (Soi Fon/Omaeda vs. Sajin/Iba)
    Squad 六 vs. Squad 八 (Byakuya/Renji vs. Shunsui/Nanao)
    SS Ichigo vs Serious Gin
    SS outcasts vs SS
    Starrk vs Baraggan
    Starrk vs. Tousen
    Starrk, Isshin & Shinji vs Urahara, Shunsui and Gin
    Starrk & Ulquiorra vs Soifon & Hallibel
    The Captain Upraising
    The Elites vs. The Fallen
    Tousen vs. Zaraki
    Ukitake vs Aizen
    Ukitake Juushirou vs. Otouribashi Rose
    Ulquiorra vs either the Cero, Primera, Segunda, Tercera Espada
    Ulquiorra vs Hirako Shinji
    Ulquiorra, Hichigo & Starrk vs Aizen & Yamamato
    Urahara vs Isshin
    Urahara Kisuke vs Kuchiki Byakuya
    Urahara Kisuke vs. Hirako Shinji (100 years ago)
    Urahara Kisuke Vs. Toshiro Hitsguya
    Urahara Kisuke Vs Kyoraku Shunsui
    Urahara Kisuke and Hirako Shinji vs Yamamoto
    Urahara Shop Captains vs Visard Captains
    Urahara, Yourichi, Isshin vs Shunsui, Byakuya, Soi Fon
    Urahara & Amagai vs Tousen & Shinji
    Urahara & Isshin VS Shunsui & Ukitake
    Uryu Ishida vs Hisagi & Kira
    Ushouda Hachigen vs. Tsukabishi Tessai
    VCs vs Lower Espada
    Vizards vs. Espada
    Vizards vs. SS
    Vizard VCs vs Hitsugaya
    Yachiru vs Nel
    Yamamoto vs Yoruichi & Urahara & Soifon
    Yamamoto (limited) vs Shunsui
    Yoruichi vs Byakuya
    Yoruichi vs Soi fon rematch??
    Yoruichi vs Starrk
    Yumichika vs Hisagi
    Zangetsu vs Zangetsu
    Zommari vs. Byakuya
    Zommari vs. Uryuu

    Character Relations
    Discuss Pairings, Relations, Bloodlines here.
    Are Ichigo's sisters blood related?
    Better Duo?
    Do the others know about Hisana?
    Favourite Bleach pairings
    Ichigo related to the Shiba Clan or someone else from SS?
    Ichigo's Dad, Ishida's Dad and Urahara
    Is Byakuya IN LOVE With Rukia?
    Shinjis Father
    The Four Noble Houses: A Theory on Isshin and Ichigo Kurosaki's heritage
    Zangetsu, The Kurosaki Family, and The King

    Storyline Discussion
    Discuss Storyline aspects in these threads.
    Aizen's infiltrating plan or what?
    Bleach Feels Like a Different Manga
    Discussion on the shortcomings of Bleach's plot and pace
    Gotei 13 - Good or Evil?
    How will Aizen fall?
    If someon's gonna die, who will it be?
    If you were Yama, who would you have sent to Hueco Mundo?
    Is Aizen telling the truth?
    Kubo has been planning this from the beginning?
    Predict the Future Arcs and Plot of Bleach
    Royal dimension arc VS Hell arc
    Sep 3rd to Sep 7th in Bleach timeline
    Soul King/Royal Key: Relevance?
    The Obvious And Not So Obvious Reasons Why Captains Don't Go Bankai And Survive Fights
    Unexplained Power-ups
    Urahara, Aizen, Rukia, Hougyoku...
    What did they do to Rangiku?
    What Do You Want To See Before Bleach Ends?
    What happens if Orihime succeeds in denying the Hougyoku
    What would have happened if X happened instead of Y in Bleach
    Which Bleach Mystery intrigues you the most?
    Who is safe from Aizen's illusion
    Who should stay, who should go, and should there be any n00bs?
    Who will be the last villain?
    Who will get kidnapped this time?
    Why must you re-read Bleach again?
    Why was Aizen allowed to become a captain?
    Wild, Crazy and Probably Never Gonna Happen
    Will bleach come to an end soon?
    Will Ichigo's friends be written out already?
    Worst Possible Ending

    Bleach Theories
    Interesting theories that our posters thought about in their own threads. Take a look and give your input!
    Aizen and Fullbring connection?
    Arrancar menos release theory
    Big Prediction
    Bleach influenced by WWII/Pearl Harbor?
    Chad Becoming a Hollow & a Connection to Hell
    Crazy Bleach Predictions
    Did Byakuya kill his Grandfather?
    Hogyouku & Its Power
    I believe Kenpachi can achieve Bankai (with this method)!!!
    Ichigo an Experiment?
    Ichigo and a Secret Seal
    Ichigo: A Captain of SS
    Ichigo and the King's Key
    Is Aizen trying to recruit Ichigo?
    Is it a Dream?
    Isshin, Urahara, the final Getsuga Tenshou and the King
    King of Soul Society and Aizen
    Maximum Shinigami/Hollow power
    New antagonist(s) will appear and break Aizen's seal
    Old man Zangetsu=last 11th captain
    On Aizen, the Ou Ken and the nature of the Espada
    Restoration of Ichigo After Aizen's Defeat
    Szayel Secret Room- Theories
    The Battleship Yamamoto
    The three getsus
    Unlikely (but Possible) Character Relation Theories
    Urahara made ichigo!!!!
    VastroLord Theory
    Weird questions about hueco mundo and other theories
    What if Isshin was one of Urahara's experiments?
    Why "Segunda Etapa" Means Ichigo has a second Stage as well
    The lost substitute shinigami & the Quincy
    The return of Shirosaki..? - Next arc coming up!
    The Shinigami Representative Badge
    Yachiru: A Captain of SS
    Yoruichi: Re-instated as a Captain of SS

    Threads that don't fit anywhere in particular

    El Archivo de Bleach
    Old threads with interesting ideas. Great wisdom can be gleaned from the knowledge of the past; so come and glean!
    A doubt struck my mind in chapter 280
    Badges and speculation
    Breaking Zanpakutoh
    Chapters 17 - 25 - "Memories in the Rain" ( Volume 3 )
    Espada Release Predictions
    Gotei 13 Captain Succession
    Hollow-Quincy Hybrid???
    If Urahara accompanied Ichigo in the SS arc
    Interesting Bleach Circle
    Is Gin a Spy?
    Is Zaraki Kenpachi permanently in Shikai or not?
    Is this arc the same as the last?...
    Kurosaki Isshin reference?
    Significance of Zaraki's comment on Gin and Tousen in Chapter 65?
    Timeline error? Regarding Nel's departure from LasNoches...
    Tousen's real sword and Ichigo's step up
    Urahara's Part in Hueco Mundo Arc
    Vizard vs. Vaizard
    What's the Winter War Going to be Like?
    Who's Really Evil: Ishida vs Ginjo/Tsuki?
    Who will be the new captains?
    Worst Possible ending for the Arrancar arc/Deicide saga
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