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Thread: Liar Game

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    Hound of Shadow 伝説メンバー / Densetsu / Legendary Member benelori's Avatar
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    Liar Game

    Title: Liar Game
    Genres: Seinen, Drama, Live Action, Psychological
    Author: Kaitani Shinobu
    Artist: Kaitani Shinobu
    Publication: Shueisha
    Start Date: 2005
    End Date: N/A
    Number of chapters at review: 121
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 106

    General Overview:

    This manga brings the complicated behaviour of ones mind to the readers. The mystery of certain characters is very intriguing, though the outcome is always the same, with little twists here and there.
    As the characters make their way in the later stages of the competition, a shounen touch can be noticed, though it's just for the sake of the story.
    The story and its development are the main strengths of this manga, so I think the base requirement is satisfied, so I can recommend this manga for everyone.
    The behaviour of certain characters can't be ignored as well. Though in close relationship with the story's flow, the author heavily emphasizes on human psychology and challenges a human trait: lying in the name of personal ambition.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 6
    Somehow I can't be objective in this category. Not even close. I think the art just sucks.
    Certain facial expressions, or more like, portraiting the feelings of a character are done pretty well, and most of the scenes where a panorama is shown, or a location are pretty realistic as well. This somehow adds to the mark, but the characters are the main flaw in my opinion.
    Scenes/panels which show a powerful feeling of a character are a exaggerated, and overall the characters themselves are badly drawn.

    Plot: 10

    This is the category in which I think Liar Game should receive the highest score. Though the flow of the story is a bit shounen-like, the highlights are the different Rounds of the Game.
    Basically Nao Kanzaki is invited into a game where she can win 100 million yen, but she is tricked, because she doesn't really understand the purpose of the game.
    With the help of Akiyama she manages to get through each Round of the game.
    One round consist of characters playing a game with a unique set of rules, but they need to formulate strategies and read their opponents personalities in order to win.
    The most interesting parts are obviously the games, and how will each character handle the game.

    Characters: 8
    The characters range from stupidest support character, to genius main character, and naive and sensible characters.
    The main characters Akiyama, Kanzaki are the driving force of the story. As their antagonists are presented the story and the pshychological battle becomes more intense, for example Yokoya is built in order to completely negate Kanzaki.
    Akiyama is a prodigy of human psychology, can read ones personality pretty quickly, and has the ability to devies long term efficient plans.
    Kanzaki is a naive schoolgirl who worships honesty and kindness, and by that she discovered the true meaning of the Liar Game.
    These two are in close relationship throughout the entire series, complementing each other. Akiyama offers the brains and the ability to survive in the contest, while Kanzaki offers the moral background and support.
    The antagonists are impressive as well. Though their appearance(basically the whole format of the game)is as I said before shounen-like, their personalities offer the best that can be achieved from the seinen part.
    Each players ability to survive in the game are similar to Akiyama, but the personality are in direct contradiction to that of Kanzaki's.
    Lately with the complex interactions of these characters, the story itself is probably reaching it's peak, though that is for U to decide.

    Theme: 8

    I think the theme can be easily recognized as one of the biggest issues of man kind:trust. The game itself is set up in a manner, that induces mistrust between characters, but this is bravely challenged by Kanzaki.

    Originality: 7

    There are many mangas that employ a game or a contest as main plot. Therefore the originality of the manga is not shining, and as expected from a seinen manga, human interactions are the main focus. The characters themselves and the game itself are the truly original elements.

    Overall: 8+

    In spite of many minuses I noticed(objective or not), the story is really entertaining, the clashes between the main characters are a pleasure to witness, so basically it's not a waste of time, in fact I like the manga a lot.

    Sorry if this was a bit chaotic, but I decided in one second to do the review, so there's not much work put into it.
    Anyway...U can rate the review or the manga...knock URselves out

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member AlB's Avatar
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    Re: Liar Game

    wow, thnx for the heads up benelori. I'll be sure to check out the manga

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