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Thread: 7th Period is a Secret

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    7th Period is a Secret

    Title: 7th Period is a Secret
    Genres: Shojo, Romance, School life
    Author: Kozue Chiba
    Artist:Kozue Chiba
    Publication: Shogakukan's Sho-Comi
    Start Date:2007
    End Date:2007
    Number of chapters at review:3
    Number of chapters read by reviewer:3

    General Overview: A geek at heart, Shun decided to change into a brighter, less gloomy person when her family transferred to another school. Now fitting in quite well, she receives a shock to her system when her young teacher seems to see straight through her. The volume release also had two one-shots in it to fill space, but they're not included in this review as they are completely unrelated.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Reminiscent of Ouran (amongst other Shojo series), the art could very well seem cookie cutter if it weren't for how crisp and warming most panels seem throughout the 3 chapters. The expressions capture the moments perfectly and at any one point you can look at the characters, including minor ones, and they'll be quite easily identifiable. A great attempt at breathing life into that somewhat standard Shojo art, executed better than most.

    Focusing almost exclusively... No, I shall correct myself: Focusing EXCLUSIVELY on the two protagonists of the story, the story's pace manages to delve deep into Shun's feelings and still manage to go through events without feeling rushed in it's three swift chapters. The only thing keeping the plot from achieving a 9.5, or even a perfect 10 is the subject matter itself. Student x Teacher stories never sit well with me, or my friends when i run the stories I've read by them. The difference with this is admittedly that the relationship isn't the focus as much as the special bond the two characters manage to build out of getting to know each other, breaking the mold of most unusual perversions the subject matter usually brings up.

    Realistically there are two characters. Everyone else is fluff around the edges and if you do hear their names you don't care enough to remember them. But it's not that bad, as the two characters we do get are wonderfully crafted and pique your interest, even if there is under 100 pages to pitch these characters to you.

    "A perfect 10?! Madness!", I hear you cry. After all, the theme here is surely the morals of loving a teacher right? Wrong. The heavy laid theme pouring itself all over the manga till you're coated in a sweet, loving, caressing layer of themed goodness is the importance of not only being yourself despite how you may be received, but also having that special person there for you to not just help you, but to know you completely without even trying. To have someone who you can always turn to. I'm sure most of you can understand the importance of that, whether it is a best friend or partner who you find is needed for you to be comfortable in your own skin. The approach taken to this theme in 7th Period is heartwarming and hits close to everyone's hearts surely, leaving you with that connected feeling to the subject matter that themes can occasionally bring out in you. A perfect aspect of the manga and no mistake.

    I'm not going to lie, I haven't really read all that much student x teacher storylines and i don't intend to. But as a shojo manga this feels so spectacularly original in how it approaches it's subject matter and theme that you can't help but feel there is nothing like it, especially in a short series. In fact, it's unheard of in just 90-100 pages!

    Overall: 9
    This is perhaps the short shojo manga to end all short shojo manga. It knows what it's doing from start to finish, and pulls at the heartstrings so competently you can't help feeling completely satisfied by the time you get to that last page. If you haven't read this go do it now! Don't even bother reading this sentence, just go and read it!

    If you don't know where to go to read it then keep reading, at least up until this link:

    Spoiler: preview images show

    Note: Two out so fast! I'm doing good. Now here's the same stuff from the end of the Cowa! review. Next is Abara, which I have to finish reading:
    Spoiler: Current and Upcoming Reviews show

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    Re: 7th Period is a Secret

    I've been meaning to say this for a while, but thank you for covering these mangas. I made an attempt at doing some shojo and josei reviews, but I ran into problems because in general I despise 99% of the junk that's put under those labels Anyway, it's great to have a more objective viewpoint on them, and I look forward to reading more of your reviews =)

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