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Thread: And that the Lego Maniac's...:One Piece 522 and 523 Double Header Review!

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    Nuts And that the Lego Maniac's...:One Piece 522 and 523 Double Header Review!

    And that's the Lego Maniac’s….: One Piece 522 & 523 Double Header Review!

    Yesh, indeed it is. Welcome to my fourth and fifth review of the One Piece series and weekly chapters. Sorry for missing last week’s chapter, you know how it is when you get busy and all such is the thing called Life. But on the good news though is that because of this delay I’ve decided to do not just this week chapter, but last weeks as well! Double the reviewness, yay! So lets go all out! Comment and critiques are welcome so don't be shy. Special shout out to Binktopia and Franky House for their English scanalations.
    Now where were we?...:

    CP9 Mini-arc: A task force of marines and government agents arrive at the CP9 homeland with the intention of capturing them.

    Main: After the battle against Marigold and Sandersonia, Hancock offered Luffy the choice of either leaving the island or having her revive Margaret and her friends. Much to her shock, Luffy non-hesitantly picks the girls allowing them to be turned back to normal. Hes then taken the Kuja castle where Hancock reveals the mark on her back is a mark of her once being a slave. After some prodding from the Elder Nyon, she reveals her past as well as the origins of the Sunny Pirates. After hearing this Luffy forgives her for her earlier actions which prompts her to give him a boat to leave Amazon Lily.


    CP9 Look In: Welcome to the jungle and the Bandaged Idiot:
    Word certainly travels fast on the island as the former agents meet the capture force head on. Considering this is there homeland, their not going to allow the like of the marines, even if they were former allies, to desecrate it. I still think this may be all a big misunderstanding but then again am not Oda. For all I know this could get very ugly. Meanwhile, we're finally shown whats happened with the CP9 former leader Spandam which ,to no surprise, he now stuck in the intensive care barely able to move. Doesn’t look like his sores went down either since the Enies Lobby fiasco, course considering he got crushed with an elephant, slapped silly AND had his spine broken wasn't expecting him to look like Cinderella wither. Hmm a den den mushi for him? Heh wonder if he’ll plead with the CP9 to come back.

    One Piece 522: A Fatal Disease (Or Revelations x Love)

    Life of the party
    So we begin this chapter with Hancock promising Luffy they’ll head for the Shabody in the morning. For the time being Luffy does what he always does after a major battle, party the night away and engorges himself on food. However he finds hes having a tough time trying to enjoy eating with all the women trying to touch and pull him (one of the Kujas even charging money to do so XD). Eventually it gets too much for Luffy and he forced to run for it, at least this time their not trying to kill him.


    Luffy manages to lose the Kuja thanks to Margaret, whose now very grateful to Luffy for going to great length to save her and her friends back in the arena which she takes the time to thank him for. The two hop the rooftops to avoid Luffy's new adoring fans, with her leading Luffy to safety who somehow manages to carry a boatload of meat he snagged while escaping. Exactly how he did that AND managed to get away is beyond me but meh he Luffy, so the impossible pretty much a norm with him.

    News to me
    The two arrive at Nyon’s home which is placed on the side of the mountain (and my guess probably behind the castle too which would explain how she able to break in so easily). After Margaret tell Nyon of Luffy’s plight, she gladly let him stay and has Margaret make him so tea as he eats. Luffy notices that she reading a newspaper and the two strikes up a conversation which takes up most of the chapter and reveals some revelations to Luffy. The first to come is of Hancock’s warlord status to Luffy which he indeed freaks out at. Considering his history with warlords, that’s not surprising. He must be relieved that she on his side now otherwise…well that a moot point. Anyway Nyon goes on about the deal the government have with the island and Hancock's previous pirate bounty (80,000,000 Beri, right on par with Robins') as well as she was picked as a warlord for being a Kuja as well as the fact Hancock could very well lose it due to her disobedience to the WG (given her past though one can’t blame her). Next news (and subsequent freak out) is of the the upcoming battle with the Whitebeard pirates. Even Luffy, whose prone to recklessness, finds that a little crazy. However it’s the reason why that drops the bombshell on him.

    My Brother’s Keeper
    Once Nyon reveals that Ace is due to be executed, Luffy quickly panics and reveals his relationship with him. He quickly ask where the execution will take place and how long to get there. Both answers which are neither good news as the date is too soon and the distance too far, especially if he wishes to find his crew. When the subject of the marine’s ship is brought up, Nyon reveals they can get their quicker through the Gate of Justice due to the lack of whirlpool it creates. Otherwise with it closed the current of the whirlpool would sweep them pass the gate and they would have to take a long way. Ah so that explains it, it to keep innocent ships out of their domain. Luffy pulls out Ace’s biblicard and see that it nearly burned away, before going over his choices. Leave Ace be like he planned to and continue on his own adventure to look for his crew or go save one of his family members. After a difficult thought with his crew in mind, he apologizes to them and ultimately decides to go after his brother.

    Change of plans
    Nyon warns him of the monumental dangers he throwing himself into but Luffy being Luffy doesn’t care and just worries on getting there. Thus Nyon informs of the warlord call that Momonga arrived for and that Luffy's best bet to reach Ace is to convince Hancock to take the WG’s order. Luffy quickly set off to do so. However once the two reach the castle, Enishida meets them out front and presents more bad news. Hancock’s suddenly fallen ill!

    Down with the sickness
    The two enter her bedroom to indeed find Hancock deathly ill and that the doctor, Belladonna, is stumped to whats causing it. Nyon comes over and mentions the trip tomorrow only to find it increases her pain, confirming something with the elder Nyon as she tells the bunch it was this exact sickness why she fled the country in the first place. She informs that Luffy is there and ,despite Marigold and Sandersonia’s protest, Hancock agrees to hear him out. Luffy then explains whats going on and begs Hancock to take the WG’s order so he can get to his location. The other Boas quickly turn hostile thinking Luffy taking advantage of her, even demanding that Hancock turn him to stone. Hancock however, agrees to help him. Her much shocked family members can only freak out as Nyon mentions a saying from Luffy home waters “ Love…is like a hurricane.” Kekeke how true that is neh?

    One Piece 523: Hell (Or The Wheels Begin to Turn)

    Heading out
    The chapter opens with Nyon explaining to a confused Hancock of her love sickness and how it killed the other empresses since they tried to suppress rather admit to it. (I would comment on this but the female audience out there might kill me. So… –zips mouth-) She informs the Empress that by going with Luffy she’ll avoid her death as well as save her island along with getting Luffy where he needs to go. She then questions the same thing that Kureha once queried, exactly what kinda star was Luffy born under. Some time later the sea king ship is set and all the Kujas come to say their goodbyes. Luffy especially thanking Margaret, Sweet Pea and Aphelandra for saving him and even commenting that he’ll bring his crew next time (which should be interesting ^_^ Am sure Sanji would just love it). Hancock then appears and in a usual repeat of what happen when she was introduced, she kicks some animals out of her way. Showing her usual demeanor once again and charming the audience. As Luffy apologizes for the sudden departure, Hancock lowers her head to keep from showing weakness (especially in front of the other Kujas). Margaret corrects him in calling her Hebi-sama but surprisingly Hancock request she call him by her given name (though he get this wrong once it mentioned XD). The Kujas all wish then off. Luffy even having left something of a mark on a few of them (Much to Kikiyou’s dismay) before they head out.

    Into the Lion’s Dean
    Hancock then meets with Momonga now wearing a long dress and restates what she told him on the den den mushi earlier. Momonga reveals he cleared it with his officials to go to Impel Down though it’ll be a brief trip. Hancock’s crew wish her (and silently Luffy) luck before she tells them to take care of the island. She then fulfills Momonga’s request to restore his crew who orders the ship to be moved. As Hancock goes on, we see that the long dress is used to hide Luffy whose clinging to her backside, successful in boarding the marine ship and on his way to Impel Down.

    Busy little marines
    Its then we go to the Marine’s HQ as Sengoku is informed on Hancock’s cooperation. This is somewhat good news on the marine commander though the last warlord, Jinbel, seem to have caused a riot and was sent to prison to “cool off” (oooh déjà vu neh?). More officials come in and report that Kizaru captured 500 pirates during the Sabody Incident (Hmm a good guess who was among those numbers). Another one mention that Garp left for Impel Down much to Sengoku's annoyance. If that wasn’t frustrating enough another marine brings news on Whitebread’s actions. At first Sengoku thinks it’s a field report but as it turns out all 23 of their marine ships were taken out in an instant much to the commander’s shock. The marine goes on to say that more pirate crews in the New World were moving but not sure if they were joining Whitebeard or acting of their own accord. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Sengoku has the marines notified to keep an eye on Ace.

    Family visit
    Meanwhile in Impel Down, Garp is lead to Ace’s prison where we see he worse for wear and bound in chains (seastone no less). He does, however, respond to Garp’s call showing he alive. So yep he not out of it yet fan boys and girls!

    And the others…
    Finally were shown where three of the SH have landed, Nami on a Sky Island called “Weatheria” still a bit shaken after the Kuma incident, a wizard like chap tries to cheer her up with a rope trick that can change the winds by how it untied (can we say upgrade XD?). Franky meanwhile landed on a Winter Island where he nearly blasted by some mechanical dog before his owner tells him to stop. After checking he alright and trying to get Franky to wear pants which he leads them into his usual "SUPA" dance. The cyborg informed he on Karakui Island, a birthplace of a genius and a Future Kingdom of Barjima. Lastly we peek in on Sanji as he landed on a Isle of dream called Momoiro Island which is said that every person there has the heart of a maiden. However for Sanji this is the opposite of that statement as we find that all the residents are a bit…”confused”. And if that was bad enough they’ll all smitten with him as well XD. Yup welcome to hell, love cook.

    And so…: Luffy now really popular with the ladies on the island, finds out about Ace, Hancock Warlord’s status, and the upcoming battle with Whitebeard. Decides to save Ace. Hancock falls ill to love sickness but in this state agrees to help Luffy reach Impel Down. The two leave Amazon Lily and board the marine ship with Luffy being snuck aboard. Whitebeard begins to make his move against the marines as do other pirates. Ace being visited by Garp. Nami on a weather island, Franky on advanced winter island and Sanji in the worse possibly place he can be. The wheels are slowly turning my friends.

    WHEW That was a workout out but am done, now to break it down
    522: Another information chapter but a hugely important one as Luffy finally finds out what going on with the world and his brother. Could’ve went either way on his deciding how to handle Ace. But am kinda glad he did choose to save him. He may respect his brother’s wishes but doesn’t want to lose a family member too which is indeed something I would’ve have chosen as well. The love sickness thing, wow. Our first glimpse of love within the series (not counting Sanji’s love bouts). Interesting angle on the story and how it’ll get Luffy where he needs to go. Plus hey, Hancock actually does look cute when she means it.

    523: And we finally head out, so long Amazon Lily and with it, the idea that Margaret will join the SH. Oh wells, but now we have a new one that Hancock may join. Considering that she head over heels for Luffy, it may be possible but we’ll see later on down the line. The marines look in was good too and we get more info on what going on, even a glimpse at the last warlord and his personality. So far though it doesn’t seem be in the marine's favor outside of holding Ace. They may have brought the thunder on their heads for capturing him. Course Oda had to tease us with the Garp/Ace bit but it was good to see him again after such a long time. And were finally given glimpses of the other SH. I doubt Oda gonna focus on all of them separately more like a run through of what their up to and how they’ll leave the island slightly stronger then they once were. Then again am not Oda so I have no idea what to expect. But thats half the fun of reading this wonderful manga. ^_^

    So good and good on both chapter, with that my review catch up is done. Till next review all, stay cool.
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