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Thread: Strongest Guild outside FT?

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    Strongest Guild outside FT?

    I was wondering, Fairy tail (prior to disbanding) was clearly the strongest guild but which guild is next in the FT world?
    Personally I think its between Crime Sorcière and Sabertooth. Perhaps lamia scale could be in the mix thanks to Jura. Prior to the GMG, sabertooth was top and lamia scale was second but that's probably because Crime Sorcière isn't legal.

    So which is the strongest guild excluding FT?
    Crime Sorcière, Sabertooth or Lamia Scale. Using the status and members right before the timeskip (so CS has oracion seis members, Demon minerva in Sabertooth, but lamia doesn't have wendy etc).

    I'd lean towards Crime Sorcière. Jellal defeated Oracion seis alone and also seemed to be able to defeat jura. That's almost half of Sabertooth's fighting power that he can handle solo.

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    Re: Strongest Guild outside FT?

    Well, FT was the strongest guild by quite a bit as far as we saw. It got two teams with the potential to win the games into the tournament and even then we have to consider they did not have gildarts with them and mistgun was no longer a thing. The best plausible team FT could send would obliterate any team the other guilds could send. Hell, I don't think the best plausible team from all the other guilds combined could beat the best team FT alone could send (gildarts, laxus, erza, mira, natsu/gajeel/grey/...).

    Anyways, I would think the second strongest guild is lamia simply because of jura. We saw him fight orga and as powerful as orga was he didn't last a second. Well, it is true that without jura lamia is somewhat lacking and sabertooth would be superior. They have leon and shelia who seem more than capable but still, thats it. I wouldn't think too much of pegasus considering grey beat half their guild alone. Without ichiya they are hardly anything.

    I am not sure if crime sorcerie counts considering they are a dark guild. And they have skilled members although oracion 6 just might be a tad lacking. Well, most of their members were taken out either by erza, multiple mages or technicalities so perhaps their strength can remain relevant nowadays. Gerard is a gildarts class mage and he seemingly had trouble beating the 6 of them. Of course, having someone like gerard does seem to give them an edge if we consider them. I guess it depends on the extent to which sting and rogue have grown stronger though. Sting seemingly did what natsu had trouble doing even with lightning flame against genma so perhaps sabertooth would be the stronger one in this regard even with gerard in the mix.

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