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Thread: And so he arrives [Hasha no Tsurugi ch. 16 page 16]

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    And so he arrives [Hasha no Tsurugi ch. 16 page 16]

    My second try at shading, this time I tried to develop a style of my own, it's not perfect, but again it's still mine. I would have finished this a week ago, but I'm so stacked with homework and studies until next week it's impossible to do so. Any kind of criticism is welcome, hopefully some that's help me improve. ^^ Rofl, while I was at it, I made a new tag to put on my art, total rip of Tsuna's amulet charm. XD
    EDIT: Typo in thread title, I meant to type page 46*.

    Lineart (If anyone can give me tips to improve my lining it would really help ^^):
    Spoiler show

    Spoiler show

    V2 (changed his eye color):
    Spoiler show
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