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Thread: Mirai Nikki

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    Mirai Nikki

    Title: Mirai Nikki
    Genres: Action Psychological Shounen Romance Supernatural
    Author: ESUNO Sakae
    Artist: ESUNO Sakae
    Publication: 2006
    Start Date: 2006
    End Date: Ongoing
    Number of chapters at review: 32
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 32

    General Overview: Amano Yukiteru isn't your average high school student. No, he doesn't have any powers special abilities. He's not even smart or courageous, but if there's one thing he does perfectly, it's that he can watch by the sidelines. His normal day-to-day activities include..well observation observation observation. He would note every single event he witnessed in his cellphone or "diary". So why make a manga about some lame kid? Well this lame kid had one hell of an imagination.

    After school Yukiteru comes back to his home, and quickly surrounds himself in his own little world. He has his "friend" Deus Ex, ruler of time and space. But little did he know his "imagination" was far beyond his comprehension. Deus Ex, had given him a cellphone which depicts the future, and apparently he isn't the only one who's gotten one either. Now the last one ALIVE is the winner of Deus Ex's "game" and is to be the next "God".

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 7

    The art gives something to be longed for in slower parts, but when the action and suspense kick up, the facial features and intense character detail is simply amazing. Lack of fluid background detail also brings down this grade.

    Plot: 7.5

    Though we have seen killer sociopaths before in a series like Death Note, and last-man-stands like Battle Royale, this series just keeps you thinking. And when you think you've got it, Deus screws you over. The fact that not one person has the same future telling abilities is also a plus making you say "how the hell are they gonna survive with just that"

    Characters: 8

    They piss you off. They simply piss you off. Don't get me wrong, it's in a good way. They make you have emotions for every single action they make. There are characters that'll make you say "don't die" and others that make you say "go to hell". Then there are those lovable psychos that run around in this series and basically haunt over the plot like a ghost. There are also some unrealistic characters in this series, and if it weren't for these few characters, this category could've had gotten a nice round 10.

    Theme: 8

    We have already seen several basic themes on humanistic personality when faced with an unbelievable power, adversity, or psychopathic killers, but Mirai Nikki is something intense. It shows the evils of human characteristics at "dead end" situations, and shows both the good, the bad, and the "***** you're crazy". At the end of some chapters you think "Oh man, if I were him I would've killed him/her..."

    Originality: 6.5

    This is basically a twist of maybe Death Note + Battle Royale. But there are certain characters [insert names here] that will just ooze with originality. They will drive you insane.

    Overall: 7.5

    While I wish to give this a higher grade, I've read better. It hooks you on every single page, but you probably will also READ BETTER. This series is great, and unless another group picks it up there will be no ending in the scanlation world, so read this in your spare time. Awesome manga.

    Spoiler: Manga images taken from early chapters to avoid spoilers, generally the art improves show

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    Re: Mirai Nikki

    i've had this in my to read list for a while, just haven't gotten round to it
    might have to move it up the list

    cheers for the review

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