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Thread: And's thats the Lego Maniac!: Fairy Tail 109 Review

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    Nuts And's thats the Lego Maniac!: Fairy Tail 109 Review

    And that’s the Lego Maniac!: Fairy Tail: 109 Review

    Hello once again people and welcome once more to my weekly review of Fairy Tail. Surprisingly this week’s chapter came out a lot quicker then normal but hey am not complaining. The sooner the chapter the better at keeping the story moving to us fans ^_^ that said lets move onto the review. Special thanks to Franky House for the English Translated version of this week’s chapter.

    Now where were we?: With most the pageant female FTs now turned to stone. Luxus issues a challenge to the remaining ones that if they can defeat him and his bodyguards, he’ll turn the girls back to normal. However they have to do so in less than 3 hours otherwise the girls will turn to sand. With that the Raijinshu and he disappear into the city prompting the guild to head into the city to find them. However, Luxus had Fried erect barriers around the city with certain rules that must be obeyed otherwise the victim will be trapped in. He manages to keep Markov and oddly enough Natsu at bay with this magic while forcing the fairies to fight one another in sections of the city with only the strongest permitted to leave. Arzak, Jet and Droy found this out first hand when the former was force to beat the latter two to go on. Now with 81 members remaining and the clock ticking, the battle of the guild is underway.


    Fairy Tail 109: Defeat your friends, For your friends. (Or Thinning out the numbers)

    Yep I was right before in guessing there was gonna be a poll between the pageant contestants. Surprisingly even Evergreen is in the running as well despite wreaking the whole thing. Plus the outcome here affect the story at the end of this little arc. Like I said before am rooting for Levi, can’t go wrong with cuteness and brains. Shame I can’t vote being in the states and all, phooey. We really need some kinda international medium with the Jump Magazines outside of volume sets =P.

    Battle on!
    So it seem Arzak wasn’t the only one with the idea of fighting against his fellow fairy as we see the others in the guild duking it out across the town, though am sure with much reluctant on their parts. Then again with lives on the line and magic barriers preventing them from advancing, guess you can’t blame them. They hardly have any other options so what must be must be. Still it was interesting to see their fighting styles in action here and against each other no doubt, not to mention a nice spread of the town.

    Back at the gate, Markov can do nothing but read the report and see his beloved guild fall one member at a time. Wishing for them to stop even though deep in himself he knows they don’t have much choice in the matter. But even so, this is probably painful to him to watch the FT crumble from within.

    He just doesn’t get it…or does he?
    All the while Natsu trying get past the barrier complaining about being unable to join in. Much to the chagrin of Markov who explains the weight of the situation, even so Natsu still think that Luxus wouldn’t go that far. Still believing that Luxus is a member of the guild and that the fighting in town is part of the usual FT shenanigans. Makrov is surprised that Natsu still thinks of Luxus as member. Despite the fact that the act he committed right in front of him. Hmm not like we haven’t seen Natsu naive before, but he really seem slow on the uptake here. Or maybe not, he might know something we don’t. This should be interesting to see if he still keeps the same attitude when he confronts Luxus again.

    Before Markov can respond to Natsu’s statement. Another report come in revealing that only 42 members of the guild are left. Half of what originally went into the city. Heh for a bunch of supposed weaklings in Luxus’s eyes, they certainly work fast. Even so this only work to Luxus’s end and Markov doesn’t like it one bit. Meanwhile with Reedus, he somehow manages get clear of the city and on the verge of reaching the woods till he too runs into a barrier. Well Markov did say the magic would encompass the city so this isn’t surprising. What is though is that Fried makes an appearance before him, re-stating the point of the exercise and in effect his magic. Ouch Reedes ran into a worst case scenario here running into a Ranjinshu. But he not going to back down either. Heh sorry I doubted him in the last chapter. He may not like fighting but if he has to, he'll do it. Thing is can he go against some likely stronger then him?

    Main targets found
    Just as Reedus is about to go against Fried, Gray manages to find Bixlow in a clothing store whose more then eager to throw down. While Elfman happens upon Evergreen in a shopping center, charging headfirst toward her without a second thought. She remind him though of her stone powers and he forced to look down to avoid her gaze, allowing her to knock him aside into a flower display (Another art error here, she seems to have lost a shoe when she landed though I don’t think Hiro meant for that since she still has it one in later panels). She goes into the usual villain banter of flowers as Elfman rises up in his monster form demanding she return his sister and the other to normal. Whats more, he blindfolded himself to be on even ground with her. Rather smart though I wonder when he had time to do so in between transforming. Evergreen doubt he can fight her like that. But he proves her wrong bu swinging in her direction effectively, though she dodges each strike.

    Another fairy down
    Evergreen then figures out he detecting her by smell since his monster form enhances it. But informs him she already his him surrounded him with her fairy dust before causing it to explode. Elfman caught in the blast, blindfold knocked off, and falls forward knocked out as Evergreen land in front of him, going on about statues and beauty before supposedly forcing him to look into her eyes. So from this we can assume that the firepower probably comes from the fan she carries. And from all the leaping she does, how she manages to get it around her victim to use it. We also see she no pushover when it comes to strength either. But her abilities seem rather lax though. Natsu, if he can avoid her gaze, can probably easily get around her by eating the fire the explosions produce and Gray with his ice magic could probably create a mirror to reflect her gaze if that works considering Bixlow doesn’t down him too. We’ll just have to see later who fights her next.

    What to do now?
    With Elfman down, the count of Fairies remaining goes down one more bringing it to 41. The stress on Markov’s face is evident as he watches this grimly, while Natsu still as clueless as ever the main meaning of the fight as he complains he wants to join in. But all around things are getting bleaker by the second.

    And so… : Fairies fighting each other all over town. Half of the fairies are down. Natsu and Markov still stuck with Natsu not realizing the gravity of the situation. Reedus can’t get past the barrier around the town, whats more he confronts Fried. Gray finds and is about to fight Bixlow. Elfman finds and fights Evergreen but is defeated. This leaves 41 Fairies standing.

    Final Call
    Not bad not bad. Another good chapter that still keep the story flowing. Baddies still have the advantage but that could all change next chapter. Curiously Gazellie wasn’t shown in any of the fighting scenes, so is it possible Hiro has something in mind for him. Coming to someone rescue perhaps? We also still haven’t seen Bixlow in action yet nor the extent of Fried’s abilities outside barriers, or where Luxus is at the moment and what he fully scheming. Say the least though, with all the damages happening over town. There going to be repercussions for sure especially with this Fantasia parade which seem like an important deal. Something big going to go down and I for one am looking forward to finding out, stay tuned fellow fairies.
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