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Thread: And thats the Lego Manaic's...: Fairy Tail 110 Review!

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    Nuts And thats the Lego Manaic's...: Fairy Tail 110 Review!

    And thats the Lego Maniac…: Fairy Tail 110 Review!

    Lo all out there once again to my weekly reviews. Certainly been a busy week for the U.S. with the election and the history making that was Obama’s win as the new president (which of course am more then happy for ^_^). But even with that monumental event, life goes on and so do the manga scanlations. Thus onward to the review for this week’s chapter of Fairy Tail, special thanks to INP-Mangaz for their English translated scanlation.

    (Note: If the pics are big, thats because Photobucket is still processing their edits. Please pay them no mind)
    Now where were we?: The Fairy Tail guild, having no choice but to obey the rules of Fried’s barrier magic, begin to fight one another across the city. While Markov and Natsu, also held back by this magic, can do nothing but watch helplessly as the barrier report to them how the fairies are faring. Natsu thinks that Luxus is doing all this just for kicks but Markov knows otherwise. Reedus, one of the few fairies who didn’t want to fight and hid away, is sent by Markov toward the woods to see if Polyusho can cure the girls of Evergreen’s stone magic. However he has the misfortune to run into Fried on the outskirts of the city which is also blocked by a barrier, elsewhere Gray finds Bixlow while Elfman manages to locate Evergreen. Despite his best efforts, Elfman is beaten and joins the fallen fairies bringing the count to 41 left standing.

    Fairy Tail 110: Resign (Or An offer you can’t refuse)

    FT Spotlight: Tono Rabbits
    Hmm a light magic user eh, makes one wonder why his magic wasn’t so useful against Phantom. Guess he still in training given his age. His design also fits him too, he does look pretty schooly. Don’t really have much of a comment on the “legends” of his though. The members probably only say that just to tease him sort of in little brother way, points for liking bananas though. My next to favorite fruit, second only to oranges =D. Yeah am just being silly now, moving on.

    Another hope dashed
    We begin the chapter with the tail end of a fight. Reedus is beaten and sent flying into a building by Fried bringing the count now to 40 members. Well that answers my question whether he would stand a chance or not. I didn’t exactly have high hopes for the Reedus but didn’t expect him to get beaten so quickly either. Oh well, least we get a little more tidbit on Fried’s fighting style since we didn’t see him take part in that raid. (Also my bad last review on saying we haven’t seen Bixlow’s magic yet. We have, just not a full extent of it) Seems he a swordsman and a tough one to fling Reedus like that. Though if there magic involved or natural strength we’ll see later on.

    Here comes the gloating
    Natsu, Markov and Happy see the news of Reedus’s defeat, making Markov tenser then ever. Natsu at first is angry that that Fried knocked him out then shrugs it off as he still think Luxus is bluffing. Luxus suddenly appers before the group via a Psychic projection, smugly asking how Markov feels about the fairies beating one another. Thinking that no one will be able to stop the Ranjishu since Natsu and Erza are currently subdued (heh I was right on the handicap front then). Happy objects to this stating that Gray still in the game and he just as strong as Natsu, much to chagrin of the fire mage. Luxus think otherwise, even calling Gray a “loser, but Markov placing his money on him.

    Ice vs Soul
    Speaking of which, we go to said ice mage as he currently in combat with Bixlow. Managing to avoid his familiars’ laser attacks, freezing them then scoring a physical hit on Bixlow, the first of the fairies to actually do so to one of the Ranjinshu. Just when Gray about to finish Bixlow off with an Ice Hammer, the store mannequins suddenly come to life and stop the attack. Bixlow then explains that his magic is human possession and that he can put the souls of his familiars into whatever object he chooses even if the current ones are destroyed. Which explains why he hide in the department store, he had this planned out from the get go. Silly looking as he is, pretty clever guy.

    After realizing this, Gray opts to freeze Bixlow instead. But the soul mage(?) makes a run for it using the mannequins to block Gray’s attack. Gray follows after him till he loses him in an alley. Or not as Bixlow above him using his legs on the walls to hold him up. Just when Gray notices this, Fried’s magic activates, stating that the person within the barrier can’t use magic till the battles over. Bixlow deliberately lured him there and for a good (if not unfortunate) reason, he can still use his magic from outside the barrier since his is basically remote controlled. The mannequins fire on Gray and it seems like a direct hit. But just a Bixlow claims victory Gray suddenly hops out of the smoke from the attack jumps the walls and socks him in the face.

    Both hit the ground hard, Bixlow surprised that Gray managed to keep going after his attack. However he notices Gray not too far from him, knocked out. Either from the fall or from his earlier wounds, either way since he can’t continue the win goes to Bixlow. After seeing the report on this, Luxus continues to gloat, going on how his bodyguards are unstoppable. Happy tells him that Gazelle is still out there. But Luxus inform that he didn’t participant in the fight. Natsu mentions that he himself is still standing but no soap, how can he fight if he can’t even leave the barrier? Before they argue further, Markov comes to a difficult decision much to the shock of Natsu: he surrenders.

    The True Goal
    However, Luxus, being the usual jerk as always, isn’t content with just the surrender of the game. Oh no, what he wants is what we’ve all pretty much guessed since their last little spat: total control of the Fairy Tail guild. Obviously Markov is taken aback by this while Natsu growls that Luxus is afraid to face him (finally facing reality apparently). With an hour and half remaining for the stoned FT girls before they become sand, only 28 fairies remaining (28?! Sheesh that was quick), most of their heavy hitters down, and very little opinions left. What will Markov do at this critical stage in the conflict?

    And so: Reedus defeated by Fried, Gray fights Bixlow and loses though manages to at least score a few hits on him. Luxus projects to Markov, Natsu and Happy and gloats as the action goes on. Markov decides to surrender to game to him. But Luxus reveals he wants control of the entire guild, otherwise the stoned FT women are finished.

    Final Call : More fights and the plot moves a little. What did it for me was the Gray fight, tons better then the Elfman one as we see Gray has grown a lot since when first saw him in action against the Eisenwald Guild. Even though I had a feeling he was gonna lost this one, at the very least it wasn’t an easy win for Bixlow and that satisfies me. Plus I gotta admit Bixlow pretty entertaining for a baddie, if not the weakest of the group. Seriously he didn’t really win the fight directly and had to use Fried’s barrier to help him (the other two Rajinshu at least fought without any dirty tricks…so far). Plus if he can get hit that easily, a good chance next go around he gonna be taken out first (just a guess). But anywho, question now is now that Gray out of the game, is there any of the fairies that can stand against the Rajinshu? MistGun? Glidartz? Their Luxus’s level and stand a better chance to defeat the foursome should they ever appear. Though that would demean the guild and indeed show the other members’ weakness. Also exactly where the heck is Gazelle? Luxus mentioned he wasn’t fighting so what is he up to? Does he care about the guild or not, he protected Levi and took hits for her. But then again he only joined because FT defeated the Phantoms, now that their facing trouble is he going to jump ship even with a former ally (Lluvia) on the line? And were still no closer to figuring out why Natsu can’t leave the barrier, since this chapter focused on Gray and thus gave no new clues. I suppose next chapter we’ll find out alongside Markov’s answer to Luxus’s proposition. Tis up to Hiro. But overall, another good chapter.
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