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Thread: Claymore Chapter 85 Review By Super Angillis

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    Claymore Chapter 85 Review By Super Angillis

    Hello everyone. Here I am with another Chapter Review for Claymore. I would probably have gotten this up yesterday but, I was hanging out with my friends. Anyways, as always I welcome feedback, so enough talk, here's the review.

    Claymore Chapter 85 Review- Guarding The Brotherhood.

    The Players-
    Claire- Our hero. Currently traveling with Yuma and Cynthia in search of Raki. Instead she ran into Rubel, and is none too happy about it.
    Helen- Former number 22, and the playful one of the Ghosts. Currently traveling with Deneve to visit their hometowns.
    Deneve- Former number 15 and the serous one when paired with Helen. Don’t let this fool you, she may be the worse troublemaker.
    Rubel- MIB, spy and all around magnificent bastard.

    Previously in Claymore…
    Claire and co saved the butts of a group of Claymores, and ran into Rubel. He revealed himself as a spy, and shared some information in the hopes they would get themselves killed. Interesting but really didn’t bring us up anything new. We’ll wait and see if this chapter moves things along more.

    A Smiling Devil-
    We open where we left off with Rubel finishing his conversation with Claire and getting ready to leave. Claire wonders if Rubel worries about them telling the Organization he is a spy. Rubel points out that they won’t go the Organization, and even if they did no one would believe them. He then leaves, but parts with telling Claire that he hopes that if she meets Rafaela the two will be friends, as both served under him. Cynthia wonders what to do, and Yuma doesn’t want to go because it would be suicidal. Claire decides t continue with the original plan. The west is a big place so they shouldn’t run into any trouble (yeah right).

    Well we wrap up with the previous chapters plot. Rubel shows just how smart and devious he is. He knows that the ghosts will never go to the Organization to reveal him, and even if they did, they have no proof and no one would believe the word of deserters. Before he leaves he comments that Claire and Rafaela might be able to become friends. I find this slightly chilling. After all he must have known about Claire and Irene’s relationship, and so far as we know, Rafaela killed Irene. To me this is just a devious twisted thing. But like so much Rubel does, I cannot be sure that it means what I think it does. Claire figures they don’t have much chance of running into Riful in the West, but we all know that they inevitably will. The thing that interests me is Yuma saying going against an Abyssal would be suicide. For some reason this just makes me feel like everyone’s chances of surviving went up.

    Ah, Let Them Die-
    We cut to Helen and Deneve watching a group of Claymores fight an Awakened Being in a lake. The two criticize the Claymores for being lured into a bad situation. Only the single digit has any chance in an awakened being hunt. Deneve feels that the Org lacks manpower and sending numbers in the forties is stupid. Helen reminds Deneve about being saved by a number 47, something she’d rather forget. The two begin to talk about who is stronger, Claire or Miria. I’ll discuss that more in a little bit. Deneve asks Helen if she wants to save the Claymores, but surprisingly Helen doesn’t. Helen starts talking about how they have no reason to save them, and it might be advantageous to let them die. Besides Miria said to keep a low profile. Then Helen says screw orders, and that she’s going. Deneve quickly follows.

    Well the thing that interests me the most in this section is the discussion Helen and Deneve have about who is stronger, Miria or Claire. They agree that is should be Miria, but that Claire has the “Drive” or “Stubborn Refusal To Give Up”. In other words, Claire is a Shonen Manga protagonist. It’s interesting to note that even in the story they are beginning to notice this. The other interesting thing in this section is Helen’s mischievousness. She seemingly acts like she wants to just let the Claymores die, but the whole time has this huge grin, While Deneve just waits for her to get to the point. And then of course she was just Kidding ^-^!

    Eight Is Great-
    Well the two jump off a cliff, and each take an arm off the awakened. But surprisingly when they try to knock the last standing Claymore out, she dodges. Deneve realizes that they are dealing with a pretty decent fighter. But this isn’t time to be talking, what with an pissed off awakened attacking them. Fortunately the Organizations Claymore, grabs Helen and throws her out of the way. She explains that since the two only tried to knock her out, she figures they must not be enemies. She introduces herself as number 8, Dietrich. Helen quickly makes up a story about how they are part of a secret squad for the Organization, and that they aren’t supposed to be seen. Dietrich says she understands, but asks for help. After moving the K.O. d Claymores, the three move to finish the Awakened. Helen takes the lower jaw off, but misses the brain. She’s saved by Dietrich. As Dietrich finishes the Awakened off she apologizes, saying what basically amounts to how she will give a clean death to a former Claymore.

    Well we get to meet number eight, the oddly named Dietrich. She’s quite the contrast to all the other single digits from the new generation we’ve seen thus far. Indeed she seems to be able to fight on a comparable level to the ghosts, and isn’t crazy like Miata. There has been speculation that she might be partially awakened. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with her. I also liked Helens quick thinking. Assuming they don’t run into an MIB this story should hold up. Of course if Helen is a bad liar or Dietrich is clever, she might see through it, but I doubt she’ll press too hard. It’ll be interesting to see if she dies in a few chapters like Flora and Undine, or sticks around.

    In Conclusion-
    Things move a bit more than in the last chapter with this one. We wrap up the conversation with Rubel, and Yuma becomes rightly worried about traveling in the West. Of course we know Claire is wrong about the unlikelihood of running into trouble. Even if they don’t meet up with Riful, Raki is traveling with Priscilla after all. We also get to see Helen and Deneve’s adventures on the road. It seems they won’t have a quit trip either, as they save a group of the organizations Claymores. And the new number 8 Dietrich is interesting. She proves to be rather capable, impressing Helen and Deneve more than the current 3 and 5 did. There has been some speculation that she might be half-awakened. Hopefully we’ll learn more about her in coming chapters. Things are starting to pick up again it seems. We’ll know for sure next time, and see if Miria and Tabitha run into any trouble in Rabona.
    Winner of the Month- Dietrich. She makes a strong debut and shows great capability.
    Loser of the Month- Miria. So much for everyone avoiding trouble. Although she probably knew this would happen.
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