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Thread: [Inquisitive] Databook 2 - Characters

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    [Inquisitive] Databook 2 - Characters

    Yamanaka Ino
    Hatake Kakashi
    Uzuki Yugao
    Yakushi Kabuto
    Uchiha Itachi
    Haruno Sakura
    Uchiha Sasuke
    The Kyuubi
    Akimichi Chouji
    Maito Gai
    Rock Lee
    Hyuuga Neji
    Umino Iruka
    Inuzuka Hana
    Moderator message by: benelori
    Merged and created index

    Orochimaru pg 57-61

    When on the subject of ambition, no expression is colder and crueler than that of Orochimaru

    (Pic of Oro)
    “This time, I will destroy Leaf Village once and for all.”

    Ninja Registration: 002300
    Birthday: Oct. 27th (51 yr Scorpio)
    Height: 172 cm(he’s tiny ^^), weight: 57.3kg, BT: B
    Personality: ambitious, cruel, egotistic
    Specialties: forbidden Justus including bringing back the dead
    Likes to say: destruction, chaos
    Hobbies: developing new jutsus

    Ninja school graduation: 6yrs
    Chuunin: ?
    Assignment ranking: D:16, C: 332, B: 521, A: 491, S: 108(during Leaf years)

    Giving himself to endless ambition, he is the ‘evil hero’ who tears apart peace and prosperity.
    True immortality lies within me! I am indestructible!

    “The Sannin Three,” “Akatuki,” “Founder of Sound Village,”….like the bodies that keep reincarnating, he has many faces. What lies at the end of his ambitions?
    When that question is answered, terror and chaos will descend upon the world!

    pg 58
    To possess the way of the world, a villain who mocks death.

    Even a fight with his former teacher, the third, this is only a boring past time for Orochimaru. To hurt his teacher, he readies the cruelest stage by bringing back the souls of the dead.

    Human beings are an existence that are bound to chains known as ‘Time.’ To become the first to break this chain, Orochimaru devotes himself to developing jutsus and in the end creates the forbidden jutsu, “the immortality reincarnation”-moving his soul to a vessel and living forever. Is this an act that deviates from the path of a human or an act that is possible only for a god?

    Pg 59
    The punishment given by the blade of death to the arms that killed their teacher

    Evil God
    For one who uses bodies of the dead, who eats their souls and has broken the codes of life, the thing that Orochimaru fears is his own death. This is because he has yet unfulfilled desires, and the only one who can them away is death.

    Through the spirit summoned by the 3rd, Orochimaru’s soul is seized. The spirit then proceeds to swallow his soul in front of his eyes. As one who made a mockery of lives, with a scream that resounds at the point of death, Orochimaru experiences the terror of his own passing by.

    Point of Death
    The deciding factor for life and death in the fight between the Sandaime and Orochimaru is ‘age.’ If only the third were 10 years younger, the outcome could have been different. But the Sandaime laid down the severest, and what could be seen as the severest punishment on Orochimaru who was ambitious to possess all the jutsus in the world.

    The blade that severed the spirit of both arms. All the jutsus by their owner are taken away.
    (Pic of Oro hanging his arms)

    Pg 60

    The Evil Plot that hatches before Tsunade. With tempting words, he seeks power.

    (Pic of Oro and Kabu on Snake)
    With a great sound, the Tanzaku wall is destroyed. With the sun behind them, Oro and Kabuto appear in front of Tsunade.


    Oro appears in front of Tsunade, one of the three great sannins. To restore his lost arms and jutsus, he uses tempting words by bringing up painful memories of the past. In Oro’s dictionary, the word 'manipulation' is complimentary.

    The one who controls jutsus
    The world has thousands of jutsus. For Orochimaru who wishes to possess all of them and become the ultimate existence, to be a ninja means 'one who controls jutsus.' This is why he likes those who have talent in jutsus and wishes to possess their bodies. But all in all, they are only pieces that are used to further his ambition, and once they lose their purpose, no matter how great they were, like one would flip over a hand, he discards them.

    (Pic of Oro)
    The reason Sasuke came into his eye is his great ability of the sharingan.

    “Kuk kuk, is it because he reminds you of you in the past? He cannot win against Sasuke who was born with the genius of the Sharingan.”
    (Pic of Oro)

    (Pic of Oro's backside)
    “To think he would be so strong. If the Akatuki should take him things could get tiresome…” (To kill him…)
    Oro senses Naruto’s power. He tries to kill him before he can grow into his full potential.

    Pg 61
    Without the vessel of his desire, he continues on with his new life!!!

    Pic of Sasuke's eye-With repeated despair, he realizes his weakness and desires for strength.

    (Pic of the Sound Four)-The four elite who worship dark charisma. The four head towards the Leaf.

    If a ninja’s potential lies within jutsus, then those who are of the bloodline are truly blessed with talent. What Orochimaru needs is one of these rare body vessels. Sasuke of the Uchiha bloodline. He is the ‘future vessel’ of Orochimaru’s desire.

    (Pic of Wounded Oro)
    With a body that is wounded by the jutsu of the Third, Oro rests his body that cannot be healed.


    Before Sasuke’s arrival, Orochimaru’s vessel is Genyumaru. The next body transfer is only possible after three years. Now waiting for his rebirth in his ‘dream vessel’ as Sasuke, he must withstand the conflict between the body and the soul.

    Pic of Genyumaru
    With forceful pressure, he scrutinizes Genyumaru's 'vessel.'
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    Databook 2 - Jiraiya

    Jiraiya pg 92-96

    pg 92
    The important thing is a ‘never give up’ attitude!

    Pg 93
    The Toad Sannin who enjoys worldly pleasures and rushes through the night! To go with a protégée(student) is the true ninja’s path (of flowers).

    After ‘destroy Konoha’ Jiraya focuses on rebuilding his village along with his role as the spy of and gatherer of information on the enemy. His attempts to find Tsunade and train Naruto reflect the strong will to protect the village his teacher left.
    It seems that despite his busy schedule, he still has time for his true ‘vocation’ of writing and gathering ‘information.’ Not forgetting to enjoy life despite times of chaos is possible only for this rare and extraordinary character.

    Before returning to the Village, he gathered information on Orochimaru.

    He not only focuses on the mysterious Akatuki but also pours energy into training Naruto.

    Ninja Registration: 002301
    Birthday: Nov. 11th (51 Scorpio)
    Height: 191.2 cm, weight: 87.5 kg, B/T: B
    Personality: perverted, free(as in licentious, prodigal….)
    Dislikes: Kiwi, Gratang(Italian food)
    Likes to say: free (as in free way of life)
    Likes: gathering information(looking into stuff ^^)

    Ninja Academy Graduation: 6
    Chunnin: ?
    Assignment ranking: D:58, C:345, B:684, A:614, S:138

    Despite being over 50, he has full virility, wine, women… Everything is a source of energy.

    Pg 94
    When crisis hits Konoha, he seamlessly takes action!

    Relationship with the 3rd

    The 3rd is not only the ruling Hokage of the village but also at the same time a teacher to Jiraya. Because of the teacher and student relationship, a special connection exists between them. To his teacher who met a heroic death during his fight with Orochimaru, what might have been his(Jiraya’s) last words?

    Finding Tsunade

    The one Jiraya recommended for Hokage was one of the three sannins, Tsunade. What the village needs is her brightness and outstanding medical jutsus. That is why he self volunteered to take the cumbersome task of finding the missing Tsunade.

    Request to be inaugurated to the position of the 5th

    The one who was chosen was none other than Jiraya. But he refuses. This is not because he wishes to run from the responsibility. Rather it is because he knows best the one who will lead the village to flourish better than he can.

    Pg 95
    The thing he discovered in Naruto Uzumaki!?

    Latent power
    One of the reasons he took Naruto on the journey is the power of the Kyubbi. This is because the sealed Kyubbi inside Naruto is a target of the Akatuki. One cannot expect Konoha, which is still recovering from the aftermath of ‘destroy Konoha,’ to fight against the Akatuki. This is why Jiraya imposes on himself the duty of protecting Naruto.

    The attack of the Akatuki was what he predicted? In front of Itachi and Kisame, he shows his unwavering confidence and ability.

    The mind that withstands!

    The meaning of being a true ninja-He would clash against Oro’s way of finding power through forbidden jutsus. Spartan training and brutal combat, and the ‘power’ to withstand the sadness of losing those special to you-Jiraya finds evident 'talents of a ninja' in Naruto.

    It is not about talent in jutsus! It is the ‘never give up,’ mindset that makes way for true power!

    Pg 96
    The Road of the teacher and student continues on till tomorrow!

    On discovering there is a hiatus in activity of the Akatuki, Jiraya proceeds to train Naruto. He will make him into a ninja who can fend for himself. There is unfamiliar sincerity in Jiraya’s eyes as he speaks of this.

    When the mind cannot be communicated and hope cannot be realized, Jiraya thinks it’s best to just forget. But for Naruto, it is better to be a fool than give up on his dreams. He says he will always pursue his dreams. As long as there is a glimmer of possibility, one should move on. There is no way Jiraya can win against Naruto’s will.

    The Requirements
    “Don’t go after Sasuke,” is one of Jiraya’s requirements to Naruto as he looks over his training. For Naruto who went after Sasuke for his sake and got hurt, this is a heartless condition. But Jiraya severely emphasizes his requirement. It is as though he is wary of his former self going after Orochimaru out of his belief in friendship.
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    Databook 2 - Tsunade

    Tsunade (pg 104-109)

    Pg 104

    This can’t be happening…

    Brash, free spirited, monstrous strength, no one can stop princess Tsunade. She is the legendary ninja who has touched upon the very limits of medicine.

    As one of the legendary three sannins, tales of her heroism echo on the battlefield and her efforts in expanding the medical field have made numerous accomplishments. The name Tsunade that is imbued with legendary magnificence is a ninja of the Leaf. She is the idol of many kunoichis. But she, the object of this admiration, is one of those rare individuals who is not limited by being a woman ninja nor by any other constraints of a ninja. Her personality is precipitous and free, more stubborn than a man's as well as showy, not to mention a gambling addict. If her admirers should hear about her life as a gambler, perhaps their idolatry will fade away in an instant.

    As the grand daughter of the First Hokage, her name is the frequent subject of news.

    (Pic of Jiraya talking)
    “During that terrifying period of the ninja wars, we were able to declare the Leaf’s victory. The combat then and medical jutsus are yet to be matched. Also, as the grand daughter of the First and the one who inherited the most traditional blood in the Leaf…”

    But behind that flashy personality, an almost diffident(shy) friendliness is hidden. There is none who can match her love for her village and for those who are special to her. This gap between her outer and inner self is the secret to her charm that can never wilt!

    Even though she is always impetuous(brash), her truly terrifying moment is when she has anger deep inside her. Her expression and glow of her eyes right before her eruption have the intensity to make anyone afraid.

    Ninja Registration: 002302
    Birthday: Aug. 2nd (51 Leo)
    Height: 163.1 cm, weight: 48.9 kg, b/t: B
    Personality: Brash, gambling addict
    Likes: Chicken breast, alcohol
    Dislikes: raw liver
    Wants to fight: Naruto Uzumaki
    Favorite saying: Get rich quick!
    Hobbies: gambling

    Graduation ninja academy: 6 yrs
    Chunnin: ?
    Assignment ranking: D:40, C:236, B: 467, A: 418, S: 95

    Pg 106
    (Just about her passion for gambling. Not really worth knowing)

    Her exceptional bad luck! But her once in a while winnings, could they be indicators of an ominous future?
    (Pic of toad, snake and slug on the gambling slot machine.)

    (Pic of Shizune smiling with Tonton)-her special existence to Tsunade is beyond that of a servant.

    For the naturally brash and free style Tsunade, she cannot do without the rational and organized Shizune. On days Tsunade is drowning in gambling, wine and sadness, her(Shizune’s) understanding and devotion have supported her throughout.

    Pg 107

    She never thought of him as a companion even during the period of the Three Sannins. His evil eyes which never change through time are not what Tsunade likes. But the offer that he proffers weakens her. Without putting down a decision she is lead into an evil plan.

    He lures her with the mentioning of ‘her most precious ones.” Towards the raging Tsunade, he continues to talk. “I can bring back your beloved brother and love.”

    Unlike Orochimaru, she knows Jiraya well. So when he requests with sincerity in his eyes her acceptance to be inaugurated as the 5th Hokage, she recognizes the danger her village is in but….

    Uzumaki Naruto
    Rudeness, simplicity, ‘dreams’-all that Naruto has used to be by Tsunade’s side. And everything she lost in the war. And once again, she sees them. The image of her loved ones show up clearly in her mind.

    pg 108

    The past hidden within

    (Pic of Naruto receiving necklace)
    Passing on the Hokage’s necklace is an act of her strong love.

    In the violence of the war, many ninjas lost their lives and many sorrows mounted in this world of fighting.

    The scars from the war
    The soft kiss on the forehead, as if she were blessing the future

    The one she loved the most in this period of war…. Her brother Nawaki and Dan were both lost to her. A pain that seems to crush her half of her body, a phobia of warm blood and an emptiness that cannot be filled take root in her mind.

    It was because she loved them more than anyone else that the pain of loss is so great. And the will that is left behind….

    The heart that does not weaken

    What Tsunade wanted back in her heart... the dreams of the ones she loved most. These do not fade in her heart but continue to shine. Always she looked upon these dreams in her heart hoping they would come true as well as her love that never grows less.

    Pg 109

    The final bet
    A will lives on through the one who inherits it. Nawaki’s and Dan’s dreams are alive burns brightly in the dreams of one boy whose eyes resembles theirs . Tsunade leaves her necklace to Naruto believing one day, he will make those dreams come true.

    The 5th Hokage
    Her fate(mission) burns more brightly in her chest after the fight. Her role is to protect Naruto who has inherited the dreams of her loved ones. That is why she must protect the largest tree known as Konoha. That is why the new ninja path as the 5th Hokage is engraved in her heart.

    The will that was glowing in the darkness of her sorrow is given fuel by one Naruto Uzumaki and enflames once more her life’s purpose. Her life’s mission is to protect Naruto and the Leaf Village as long as she is titled, Hokage. Tsunade’s vows to devote all of herself including her own life in order to fulfill her mission, are channeled into strength which uphold her. She who was adulated as the Three Sannins, the strongest ninja who put fear into the hearts of enemies far away, is once more revived!
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    Databook 2 - Yamanaka Ino

    pg 161

    Yamanaka Ino <Genin>

    A stubborn yet bright personality, a beautiful and witty flower that blooms in Leaf Village

    Her stubborn personality reflects her belief in herself. She possesses a wit and sense that are above those of others and a leadership persona in all her surroundings. At times of emergencies, she puts her teammates first!

    Ninja registration: 012604
    Birthday: Sept. 23rd (13 Scorpio)
    Height: 151. 2cm, weight: 38.5kg, bloodtype: b
    Personality: bratty, outgoing
    likes: cherry tomatoes, pudding
    dislikes: sushi
    likes to say: language pertaining to flowers (flowery language)
    hobbies: shopping

    Graduated ninja school: 12
    Chunnin: -
    Assignments: D:8, C:3, B:0, A:0, S:0

    She is the first one to run to an injured Chouji.


    By Clarity142
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    Databook 2 - Hatake Kakashi

    All commentary by Inquisitive

    Hatake Kakashi (jounin): I think many have waited for this translation. Pgs. 122-128

    Pg 122

    “To him, Sasuke is a friend and rival. He is someone that he always wants to be equal to”
    He has a knack for reading into his follower’s minds. This is not because of the Sharingan but rather something he gained through experience.

    “Don’t worry! He will return to his old self!”

    pg 123
    Much time has passed since Kakashi has walked the Ninja way. But the way has not always been filled with glory. The scar on his left eye is a heavy chain that burdens him. But he still leads with an easygoing attitude. And he teaches though action that the way of Ninja is filled with hope.

    “Why do such a childish thing.” So the encounter with Itachi was…
    Kakashi gets a glimpse into the dark mind of Sasuke. Unsure thoughts of sympathy and uneasiness wrestle in his heart.

    (Pic of smiling Kakashi)
    “They’re already dead.”
    Kakashi shows that when one suffers, one should smile.

    Ninja registration: 009720
    Birthday: Sept 15 (27 Virgo)
    Height: 181cm , weight: 67.5kg, bloodtype: 0
    Personality: easy going, laidback and calm
    Likes to eat: boiled mackerel, eggplant
    Dislikes to eat: fried food, sweets
    Wants to fight: the 4th Hokage
    Hobbies: u know

    Assignments: D: 197, C: 189, B: 414, A: 277, S: 39

    In the strict world of Ninja, he acts and lives in his particular way, but the reason he seems to live in his own free way, is that he believes in this world of Ninja more than anyone.

    In contrast to his laidback and fearless attitude, he knows how to acutely read people’s minds. This is something all top ninjas must do.
    “Wait! You said you were Gaara, right?”

    pg 124
    “Sasuke. Forget about revenge.”
    From experience, Kakashi warns Sasuke and his words pierce Sasuke’s heart.

    Kakashi warns Sasuke against revenge. He does not want to see his acquaintances get hurt. His words carry sincerity. Copy Ninja Kakashi, who is feared from even afar, is someone who thinks more for his companions than anyone.

    “Isn’t this a little too large scale for a scuffle? What are you doing on the hospital roof?"
    There seems to be sadness in his usual poker face.

    In front of Naruto and Sasuke’s great fight, Kakashi is helpless. But as if he knows the outcome, he remains calm. He knows that in the way of Ninja, there exist conflicts.

    <Hope for the future>
    Betrayal of the village by Sasuke, the loss of a friend for Naruto, Kakashi completely understands their feelings. And for now, he remains an observer, trusting that in the future there will be a ray of hope.

    Pg 125.
    Although he has many attack skills, his greatest weapon is the Sharingan which many still fear. In front of Akatsuki, Kakashi shows his great copy jutsus and proves his abilities once again.

    “Who’d have thought someone other than Itachi san would have that eye… the name is undoubtedly Copy Ninja Kakashi.”
    Although the copy jutsu should have been well used by now(banal), it seems it has become even stronger. Perhaps because he is a genius…..

    A basic of combat, Kakashi’s speed is in the top class among the jounins. The precision that comes with the speed of a whirlwind is thanks to the Sharingan.

    Pg 126 (This part is about Kakashi’s past)
    The heavy door of time opened with regret and childhood strife.

    The source of the legend is the fight at the Kanabi Bridge.

    During the third great Ninja War, let’s take a look at Kakashi’s journey. For Kakashi, this fight was the source of his self development. He gained new ideals and pain that are almost too hard for just one person to bear.

    Yondaime, “From today, Kakashi is the same ranking jounin as I am, thus for efficiency, we will divide into me and team Kakashi since there is a lack of man power in Leaf Village.”
    His first assignment as jounin will be strongly imprinted in his memory.

    Kakashi,“You mean the bridge, right? So it’s a sneak infiltration mission.”
    Even then he was bright, quick to understand. There is no doubt that this young jounin’s future was looked upon with anticipation.

    This mission tested Kakashi’s ability as leader. Because of his father’s death, he was obsessed with following the rules. This would later come back to haunt him as the seeds of regret.
    Kakashi,“We’ll deal with Rin later. The enemy won’t kill her right away. Plus she’s a medic….”

    Kakashi’s choice was the mission over saving a comrade. He ignores Obito’s pleas.
    Kakashi, “Emotions don’t help. All ninja’s need are tools to make the mission successful.”

    For the first time, with the plight of being a leader, he experiences the deep sufferings of a ninja. To save a friend or carry on the mission….For just a fledgling like Kakashi, this is too cruel a choice.

    “I’m..I’m trash that tried to leave you.”
    He hates himself for his decision. Without this incident, there would be no Kakashi as we know today.

    Kakashi’s combat skills were remarkable from the beginning. Dealing with enemies with his father’s inheritance in his hand, he is reminiscent of his father Sakumo. The legend of White Fang is revived through his son.

    Using his small body, he moves in battle. As a ninja, he is self conscious of the need to protect Konoha.

    His signature jutsu, Chidori, is perfected through this fight. It is also evidence of his friendship with his dead friend.

    Pg 128
    Sharingan, an inheritance from his friend!

    In Kakashi’s left eye, the blood type inheritance, the Sharingan, shines. It is the last gift of his self sacrificing friend. Obito’s Sharingan still protects Kakashi and through Kakashi, it will always protect the people of Konoha.

    Obito who gives his left eye to Kakashi. His will to always protect others becomes Kakashi’s own.

    Legend of White Fang

    In front of his skills, it is said that even the three sannins’ names would have been overshadowed. In Kakashi flows the blood of a great hero.

    Kakashi’s father, Hatake Sakumo was known as White Fang. He left countless legends. Through the hands of his son, the source of his nickname, the white chakra sword, defeats the Leaf’s enemies after his death. Also, Sakumo’s legend does not stop with only honors on the battlefield. Always concerned with the mission and his companions, his way of life that left a mark on the Ninja’s way of life for the future progeny, is still approached with awe.


    Everything about Part I of Naruto

    1. What was the theme for Part I?
    Hmmm… the theme for part one… It’s hard to say in a few words. To entertain my readers, and for the development of characters for each scene change, I tried to draw many themes.

    If there is one encompassing theme, I would have to say it’s “people accepting other people.” At first, being the receptacle of the Kyuubi, Naruto is ostracized but he tries hard to get people to accept him. And people do…Naruto’s jutsus and effort all develop over time but the biggest change in part one is that he has people who do accept him.

    So in the end, part one is about ‘Naruto who wants to be accepted’ and ‘those who do accept him.’ But in final, people don’t accept Naruto just because he developed. The only part that Naruto develops is in series one. This is where the uncontrollable prankster opens his eyes to the ninja way. His development was reached at this stage. Then the reason that people accept Naruto is because it is the village people themselves who have developed.

    What’s your favorite part in Part I?
    I have a few. They are mostly in the early parts. I liked the stories in series two. I really like the Wave country arc with Linari and Zabuza and Haku. Afterwards, I like the Gaara story. Especially for the part about his past, I had a lot to fix. I wanted to draw precisely his past and his state of mind. For someone who doesn’t really fix things, this just shows how much I liked that scene.

    What’s the theme for Part II?

    I want to continue “people accepting other people,” theme. I also want to put in ‘romance’ that I wasn’t able to in part one (laughs). It seems difficult though.(laughs). Anyway, I won’t give up and my goal is to give it all so please keep cheering for Naruto.

    Questions that bothered readers answered by Kishi!
    Q1. How many bowls of Ramen did Naruto get off from Iruka sensei?
    A. Once a week so 50 a year. Since he eats two at a time, that makes 100?

    Q2. How much money did Naruto have at the fair?
    Considering Jiraya’s spending habits, I would predict about 30000 Yen.

    Q3. Why is the pattern of the owner seal different for people?
    Because it’d be boring if they were the same.

    Q4. How many love letters did Sasuke get in Ninja Academy?
    The amount the most popular boy in school would get.

    Q5. Out of Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten, who is your type?
    Tenten because I like her design.

    Q6. What treasure does Sakura have?
    Probably a picture of Sasuke.

    Q7. How much does Tsunade owe?
    About a million Yen.

    Q8. How much does Jirayi have in savings?
    About how much Tsunade owes.

    Q9. Gai and Kakashi’s bet, who will win?
    I wish Gai would.

    Q10. Has Shika ever lost a match?
    Maybe to his father?
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    Databook 2 - Uzuki Yugao

    Uzuki Yugao (ANBU)

    pg 53

    A Kunoichi who runs in the darkness, longs for the moonlight

    Sadness that covers the beautiful face of Yugao.
    The death of her lover Hayate. Resolved to the way of Ninja, nonetheless, the pain of her heart does not cease. But she has no time to mourn as battles come to her. Battles that took away her beloved.

    Ninja Registration: 012161
    Birthday: Nov. 3 (22 Scorpio)
    Height: 169.2 cm, weight: 50.5kg, blood type: A
    Personality: Stubborn
    Hobbies: moon gazing

    1. 2.

    1. Databook II Page 53 RAW Cleaned by Shannaro, Untranslated
    2. Databook II Page 53 Cleaned by Shannaro, Translated by Inquisitive, Typeset by MnK

    - GK
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    Databook 2 - Yakushi Kabuto

    Yakushi Kabuto pg 157-159

    pg 157

    Right arm of Orochimaru, Merciless behind the scenes, tactician.

    “Kuk kuk, scared of me?”

    ‘Destroying Konoha,' as a motivation, Kabuto returns to Sound Country where he is always by Oro’s side, self sacrificing and devoted. Although outwardly it looks as though his goals and actions are the same as his master’s, his true nature is not yet revealed. Even his medical skills are imbued in darkness and Kabuto’s goals may be even deeper darkness.

    Ninja Registration: 012140
    Birthday: Feb 29th (20 Pisces)
    Height: 176.2 cm weight: 65kg bloodtype: AB
    Personality: calculating, cold
    Likes: boiled mackeral, boiled sea bream
    Dislikes: raw meat
    Talents: Suture Jutsus, other medical jutsus
    Likes to say: Endless changes

    Graduated Ninja Academy: 10
    Chunnin: -
    Assignment ranking: D: 163, C: 28, B:0, A: 0, S:0 (During Leaf years)

    Watching the Third’s curse wreak suffering on Orochimaru, he hardly feigns worry. Is it trust that makes him that way?

    (Pic of Kabuto talking)
    Kabuto, “I made this potion myself so the pain will go away a little.”
    Oro, “I don’t need a useless potion like that…”

    Pg 158
    With an evil order, he navigates effortlessly in the darkness.
    Horrible shadow of a snake

    Working as a Sound Country spy for the peaceful Konoha, through his actions, the ‘poison’ spreads secretly but surely through the village. Gathering information, inside operations, secret pacts with the Sand, finally a great upheaval is brought upon Konoha through these acts.

    (Pic of Kabuto holding a kunai)
    Having the intelligence to know what Oro’s intentions and the ability to carry them into immediate action make him seem like another Orochimaru.

    Afterwards, under Oro, by carrying out his orders faithfully, he fully utilizes his skills as the shadow that reflects his master’s wishes.

    One who hides in the darkness

    Through trust and loyalty, Kabuto and Oro are connected. But between the two, one cannot say a relationship exists. Oro uses him only for his own purposes. But Kabuto has no reason to blindly follow Oro. In the abysmal darkness, is there something that only the two are aware?

    (Pic of Kabuto smirking)
    “Even you’re here. But that’s that Naruto..”
    Even in unexpected situations, his smug look is ever present.

    Pg 159

    Dark Medical Jutsu
    Is it for Oro or for himself….Kabuto, whatever the reason desires strength as a ninja, and he uses his medical talents as a blade to defeat enemies.

    (Pic of Kabuto and Tsunade)
    Tsunade, “Chakra scalpel, why didn’t you aim for the artery? "
    Kabuto, “I cut lightly the bicep bracchi muscle and the thigh tendon. Now you won’t be able to use that monster strength.”
    It is possible only to threaten even the greatest medical ninja Tsunade through great medical skills coupled with a dark mind.

    (Pic of an attacking Kabuto)
    Kabuto, “I told you you’d die if you keep being stubborn.”
    The cruelty and insanity which have nested in his mind show up as hate as he attacks Naruto.

    (Pic of Kabuto with focus on eyes)
    “Guess I’ll have to use Kimimaru…”
    Very good at understanding the situation and analyzing data. Choices made through these skills are without flaw.

    An ability that is shoulder to shoulder to his medical skill is reading people’s minds. Through expressions and words and actions, he can accurately pierce through the psyche. This ability can also be used as a weapon to use people and mock them.

    (Pic of Kabuto in darkness)
    “Because that’s the way to repay Orochimaru.”
    Through the words of Kabuto, Kimimaru’s mind which had lost the will to live is turned to evil action. It doesn’t matter to Kabuto though, if Kimimaru loses his life.
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    Databook 2 - Uchiha Itachi

    Uchiha Itachi (pg 36-41)

    To take Naruto is an order laid down to us by Akatuki

    pg 37

    Abandoning his clan and village, the genius ninja who works behind the scenes of chaos.

    Uchiha Itachi: the genius descendent of the Leaf’s elite Uchihas, and the one to bring their downfall. This is something everyone know but his true intentions and his deeds thereafter is known to almost none.

    (Pic of Itachi)
    “Asuma san, Kurenai san, please don’t interfere with my work. I don’t want to kill you.”
    Although it seems like he does not want to fight, behind his words is absolute confidence.

    Itachi appears in the village to fulfill the orders as the member of the organization that moves behind chaos. As the one who holds the tangled strings of relationships that connect the past and future, when he moves, the wheels of destiny turns.

    Ninja Registration: 012110
    Birthday: June 9th (18 Gemini)
    Height: 175. 2cm , weight: 57.1 kg, bloodtype: AB
    Personality: smart and cold
    Specialties: Tchkuyumi, Amateras, Mangekyou Sharingan, fire jutsu

    Graduated Ninja Academy: 7
    Assignment ranking: D: 53, C;152, B:134, A:0, S:1

    He knows what he wants and does whatever it takes to achieve his goals. For now, achieving the Akatuki’s great ambition takes precedence over fighting.

    Pg 38

    Days bearing the Uchiha name, where have all the memories gone?

    For Sasuke, Itachi was a brother but also someone to measure up to and climb over.

    “Ha ha, that’s my son. To have reached this level only after half a year as a chunnin”-Itachi’s father.
    Leader of the clan, Hugaku has absolute trust in his son.

    Even as a member of the elite clan, Itachi was someone special. He always exceeded his father’s expectations, his brother’s idolatry.

    “I’m going to Sasuke’s induction (to ninja school) ceremony tomorrow.”-Itachi
    He puts his brother before the mission and shows the image of the perfect brother.

    Uchiha Shisui’s secret death

    After Itachi’s ‘change’, the suicide of Shisui who was watching Itachi. His death brings on more rift between Sasuke and the clan.
    “Really, that’s too bad. I haven’t been able to meet him in a while.”-Itachi

    pg 39

    The rift that cannot be closed, and the night of death that descends

    The relationship through inheritance of blood, people call this blood connection. But for someone who wants to reach greater heights, the name Uchiha is only a burden. Foolish customs that limit his own ‘dish,’ and when confronting the higher authorities who want the clan to flourish, the rift is permanent.

    ‘The Clan,’ and his ambition, the two cannot coexist.

    The dilemma to rid himself of the boundaries of blood and reach greater heights ends the clan’s history. The madness reaches its peak on the night of the full moon and Itachi fills his dish with his clan’s blood.

    “So one day, come to me with my eyes,” –Itachi to Sasuke.
    With these words, Itachi leaves.

    Pg. 40

    Customs and rules that limit his dish…. He kills his clan. But after he leaves his village, he goes to Akatuki. For someone who severed all human ties in order to reach the heights, what is he doing in a new organization?

    The Order of Akatuki
    The order laid down to Itach is to get Naruto’s Kyuubi. For an exiled criminal who is rejected everywhere, he returns to the village to only fulfill orders.

    Forehead protector:
    Itachi's has a huge scratch across, as if emphasizing he has abandoned his village.

    pg 41

    Mangekyou Sharingan:
    The reason that Uchiha is called elite is because of the Sharingan. Itachi, who by the age of eight achieves the Sharingan, awakens this legendary ability, the Mangkeyou, which only a few done in the past.

    The bladelike eyeball shape foretells death for the opponent.

    A glimpse of ablities
    By the age of seven, he graduated Ninja Academy at the top of his class. By 13, he became the captain of ANBU. It is hard to name all his achievements.
    But it is hard to say that just these reflect Itachi's abilties. His true potential can ony be recognized by those in his level.
    (Picture of Kakashi)
    Kakashi, "That's incredible speed. I couldn't even follow his hand seals with my eyes. Also, to use the kunai in his right hand as bait and then attack my legs with water jutsu..."

    Shadows of Ambition
    After appearing in Leaf Village, he again disappears with his great ambitions.
    What are the Akatuki's goal and the truth behind the 'Uchiha clan' and the 'Sharingan?
    Hiding in the darkness, with those eyes that read the world, he waits for the right time.

    1. 2.
    3. 4.

    1. Databook II Page 36-37 RAW Cleaned by Shannaro, Untranslated
    2. Databook II Page 36-37 Cleaned by Shannaro, Translated by Inquisitive, Typeset by Spunkey
    3. Databook II Page 38-39 RAW Cleaned by Shannaro, Untranslated
    4. Databook II Page 38-39 Cleaned by Shannaro, Translated by Inquisitive, Typeset by Spunkey
    5. Databook II Page 40-41 RAW Cleaned by Shannaro, Untranslated

    - GK
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    Databook 2 - Sakura Haruno

    Sakura Haruno pg 130-135

    pg 130

    Next time, I’ll go too!
    No matter how many times she’s hurt, she gets up. The unbreakable girl who grows every day.

    pg 131

    Ninja Registration: 012601
    Birthday: March 28th (13 Capricorn)
    Height:150.1 cm, weight: 35.9kg, Bloodtype: o
    Personality: Perfect student, bratty(does things her own way)
    Likes: shaved ice with fruit, green plum pickles
    Dislikes: spicy food
    Likes to say: courage
    Hobbies: quizzes, writing diary

    Graduated ninja academy: 12
    Chunnin: _
    Assignment ranking: D: 7, C: 1, B:0, A:1, S:0

    People say that becoming an adult means more worries. Sakura too, is no exception as she worries and sheds tears at every stage. But her strength is her ability to find hope despite odds. With the pride of being a ninja deep in her heart she does not wither but faces all challenges.

    (Pic of Sakura giving apples to Sasuke)
    Even with concern in her heart, she acts bright and happy.

    (Pic of Sakura and Sasuke)
    “Sasuke! You’re doing it again. You don’t have to be shy. For certain, Naruto has grown stronger but that sand guy…”
    Sasuke, “It’s true."
    Her passion for Sasuke is unchanging. In front of Sasuke, her personality changes but his apathy is constant.

    (Pic of Sakura with fish)
    As Tsunade’s student, she develops a new ability called medical jutsu. In the battle field she was unnoticeable, but she is endlessly heading towards becoming the greatest of female ninjas.

    A strong ‘other Sakura’! In front of Sasuke, the difference between their actions make it impossible for them to be the same two people. Is this a part of her charm?

    (Pic of Sakura with scary face)

    pg 132

    Fighting Spirit!

    A spirit that doesn’t back down but fights back! To protect what is precious to her!!(Pic of Sakura over Sasuke)

    “First we have to get out of here. Somehow I must get Sasuke to Kakashi sensei.”
    Emergency where Sasuke is down. There is no emergency greater than this! But she tries to calmly make decisions.

    One can see her strong spirit during missions. She erases fears of the opponent, doesn’t back down, and bravely and boldly fights back.

    What moves Sakura is her strong belief in becoming the greatest of female ninjas. She suppresses her fear which is about to explode and fights. Is this not true courage?

    (Pic of Sakura crushed against tree)
    A female is likely to be the enemies’ target on the battlefield. Despite this, jumping into this world is courage itself.

    (Pic of Sakura fighting)
    Towards a great enemy, she doesn’t take step back. This is to not shame her way of ninja.

    pg 133


    With the growth of her two teammates, Naruto and Sasuke, their relationship also worsens. The conflict between the two ninja, this is sacred ground that no one can cross. Sakura can only believe… the happy days of the three.

    Acknowledging Naruto’s power, Sasuke see red! As it is being crushed, her heart cries out.


    She feels uncertain whether the three can get together again as a team. Her suffering will help a reliable and strong mind bloom.

    (Pic of Sakura between Naruto and Sasuke)
    “Sa, Sasuke, why are you doing this? Naruto, say something”
    She tries to get involved but there is no room for her. In front of their heated glares, she does not exist.

    *Finally the conflicts brews before her. Sakura does all that she can but to no avail. She wishes for things to go back to as they were but....

    At Kakashi's words that everything will return back to as they were, she nods her head. That thoughtful consideration helps bring reassurance to her mind at least for a little while.

    pg 134

    A parting with a loved one that tears at her heart

    (Pic of Sakura)
    “How is it you never say anything, why do you always say nothing to me…”

    Sasuke left the Leaf Village. Sakura’s heart did not reach him. Naturally lonely and peace loving, for Sakura, the loss of one teammate causes her great pain.
    Thus, if that person is someone she loves, the pain is greater. So she shouts out her love which goes unheeded, squeezing the words out of her throat. It’s as if this is her imprisoning destiny.
    “Sasuke, I like you so much I don’t know what to do!”


    Totally unreliable and full of baseless confidence is Naruto. But this Naruto becomes to Sakura someone she can rely on the most. The moment she acknowledges this, one can say her true development began.

    A companion is always by your side. It is because she knows this that she can get up again from swamps of despair.

    pg 135

    The girl who travels a new path, her eyes only gazing at the future.


    After realizing Sasuke is someplace unreachable, Sakura takes a look back at herself, as a friend and as a ninja. And she realizes this is not the end but rather the beginning.

    A Sakura who pretends to be strong in front of Naruto. This is probably her bright attitude.
    (Pic of smiling Sakura)
    “Why are you apologizing?”

    A new beginning
    Sakura who swears to begin anew. This is her resolution to bring back Sasuke by her own self. No matter how hard the journey, Sakura will never give up…because to her this is the ninja’s way.

    (Pic of Naruto in bandages)
    “Sakura, I’ll keep my promise. Because this is a once in a life time promise.”
    Naruto’s words are always filled with hope. Sakura always finds hope in his words and moves ahead.

    (Pic of Sakura)
    “Take me as your student!”
    In Sakura’s eyes there is passion. To become the person she does not even know, the girl chooses the last possibility.

    1. 2.

    3. 4.

    1. Databook II Page 130-131 RAW Cleaned by Shannaro, Untranslated
    2. Databook II Page 130-131 Cleaned by Shannaro, Translated by Inquisitive, Typeset by Gxzero
    3. Databook II Page 132-133 RAW Cleaned by Shannaro, Untranslated
    4. Databook II Page 134-135 RAW Cleaned by Shannaro, Untranslated

    - GK
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    Databook 2 - Uchiha Sasuke

    All commentary by Inquisitive

    Phew! Translation is hard work. I mean it.

    Uchiha Sasuke pg 44-51

    For me, there is my own path

    The mind that desires revenge sweeps down to darkness

    The genius that inherited the Uchiha blood, the elite who was the top graduate of his school, countless words of praise, eyed with anticipation and jealousy…Also, the warmth supplied by his companions, despite the blinding brightness giving off of these, there is a shadow in Sasuke’s mind that cannot be erased.

    Chidori to fell Itachi-the white light glows against a face filled with hate.
    (Pic of Sasuke with glowing face)
    “Only to kill you….as you said, to blame and hate you and…”

    The shadow of revenge caused by Itachi. The shadow becomes darkness, and the mind surrounded by darkness denies the light. Unless that darkness disappears, there will be no days full of light to visit Sasuke.

    The cutting glare he gives to the Sound that attack him. He doesn’t lose his composure but unlike him, he is emotional. Is it because of the intense confusion in his mind?

    “If you keep at it, I won’t let you off anymore. I’m feeling very annoyed right now.”
    (Pic of Sasuke talking to the Sound)

    Ninja registration: 012606
    Birthday: July 23rd (13 Leo)
    Height: 153.2 cm, weigth: 43.5kg, B/T:AB
    Personality: cool, full of himself(confident)
    Likes: tomatoes, tuna rice balls
    Dislikes: Nato( fertilized beans that really do taste yucky! I have them at home!), sweet things
    Likes to say: power
    Hobbies: lessons, walking

    Pg 46
    A place found in the battlefield

    Sasuke fights with the Sand’s Gaara during the “destroy Konoha” fight. Sasuke fights above par against the attacks. The Uchiha gift, the Sharingan and Chidori are evoked forth in splendor.

    The third Chidori
    A third Chidori means death. Then why does he go against the forbidden number? It is not to survive. The Chidori used to protect his ninja way shines beautifully. At the same time, his body cries out as it reaches its limit…

    Pic of a spotty (owner seal infested) Sasuke)
    The attack that cut through the freaky sand. The price is the taking over of the owner seal.

    Sasuke, who only had power for revenge, becomes stronger because of his companions. His true place would have been a future among them.

    “I once lost everything. I don’t want to see my special companions die again in front of my eyes.”
    The young lion opens his eyes with the lives of his companions in his hands.

    pg 47


    To find that Itachi is interested only in Naruto surprises Sasuke. This seems to state that the value of his existence falls below Naruto’s. Thoughts of denial give birth to jealousy.

    His weakness. The eyes of his brother in this thoughts make him feel this acutely.

    The blade of reality that cuts into his heart

    Hopeless gap

    The reunion with Itachi opens Sasuke’s eyes to reality and brings on devastating conclusions. The Chidori he trained for so meticulously barely scratches him. The incredible gap between skills renders him useless. Disappointment in himself fills him. And despair descends upon the bright future with his companions…..

    “It hasn’t lessened even a little , what is this difference? The same as then…”
    (Pic of Sasuke throwing up blood after attack on Itachi)

    pg 48
    The power deprived lion suffers and grieves!

    For Sasuke, Kakashi is the teacher of Ninjas. But he knows that even more than that, Kakashi thinks of him as would a parent. That is why his admonitions fall more heavily on his ears but yet…

    (Pic of Kakashi)
    “Sasuke, Give up on revenge.”

    IT’s not as though he does not understand his teacher. That is why he feels anguish.
    (Pic of Sasuke in thought)

    The temptation of the Sound
    The evil teeth that sinks into the anguished and despairing mind of Sasuke. “Orochimaru can give you power…” with just these words, Sasuke sees hope even though this might be temptation into darkness that cannot see light.

    (Pic of Oro’s eyes)
    The Oro’s eyes that appear before Sasuke. It seems to pierce through him and tempt him.

    Pg 49
    Towards darkness… The one to appear before him is Sakura. She confesses to him as he tries to leave without looking behind him. She confesses with a blindingly uncompromising mind that does not want to lose him. The one that filled his lonely existence was Sakura. But he cannot let her in. He leaves with just one word of thanks.

    The days when the light shone
    In Sasuke room there is a picture…there are companions, a teacher and he who is not alone. This symbolizes the young(genin) days he spent at the Leaf. He lays flat this picture the day he leaves. Quietly, but for sure, he is saying goodbye to those days.

    (Pic picture frame)
    This was just a simple picture but it was still something special to Sasuke.

    (Pic of Sasuke’s back)
    I’ve walked the path with companions. Now I walk the lonely path of revenge.

    Sakura who needed him to the very last. His words were real.
    “Thank you…”

    pg 50
    Severing all ties, leaving behind his companions towards the path of revenge

    Dreams with friends
    Friendship and love, a future filled with warmth. But as long as he is there, he cannot make his dream come true. This is why he throws away a future with his friends. To make dreams of revenge a reality…

    Power needed to make his dream come true. To fell a brother who dirtied his past with blood and filled his future with despair.

    (A young Sasuke riding a piggy back on young Itachi’s back)
    My dream is in the past, it exists only there.

    His brother who was everything…and the one who took away everything.

    Itachi who pokes at Sasuke’s forehead. That gesture shows clearly the relationship between the siblings.)
    (Pic of young Itachi poking forehead of young Sasuke)
    “Forgive me Sasuke, next time.”

    Even within the ‘strongest’ Uchiha, Itachi is still the stronger. That brother is the object of idolatry for Sasuke as well as that of jealousy. With his brother as his goal, he develops step by step. Because of his brother’s great existence, his father did not look at his own existence. Anyway, his brother exists and so does he. Itachi was everything his world for Sasuke.

    The day Itachi killed his family and the clan a bloody shadow settles in his mind. As long as his brother’s existence does not disappear nor will this shadow.

    (Pic of dead parents and Sasuke)
    The sadness of watching his mother and father killed in front of his eyes, no one can fathom its enormity.

    pg 51

    At the ends of fate, the attack that is let out at the finality!

    The release of power

    One reason that Sasuke went to Orochimara is the owner seal. The incredible power that comes with physical pain. Even knowing the dangers of this, Sasuke feels exhilaration. At the Valley of the End, he lets go of the power of the seal and reaches stage two. The destructive power that flows through his whole self satiates his ambitions.

    The rising Chidori
    The 'blade' given to him by Kakashi to protect those special to him. A darkness imfusd Chidori lets out not light, but darkness, not chirping but a roar. Ironically, it is used to sever all ties with his companions as well as that with Naruto.

    The Chidori become the wings that help Sasuke fly towards darkness.
    (Pic of stage two Sasuke with black Chidori)

    Toward endless darkness
    The village, companions, Naruto, by his own hand he severs all chains and heads towards his goals. In the darkness, his new ninja way begins.
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    Databook 2 - The Kyuubi

    THE KYUUBI pg 82-83

    “Little boy.. You really are weak!”

    The trapped owner of the sinister red chakra that lends to the boy in which it is imprisoned strength!!

    Long ago, at the change of century, the legendary youma, the Kyuubi, appeared and caused great destruction. Because this strength was uncontrollable, the Kyubbi was a (curse, disaster, chaos…<take your pick> and feared it.

    (Pic of Chakra imprisoning seal)
    Naruto “To me… enough to protect everyone.”
    ‘I want to protect those special to me’…it(Kyuubi) responds to Naruto’s great passion.

    Entrapped in Naruto’s body, the Kyuubi lends him power. Could this be just a past time of a prisoner, but what if it is not? One thing for sure is that Naruto and the Kyubbi are on good terms.

    (Pic of prison bars)
    “It’s dark, dark.”
    When Naruto’s life force is depleted, in response, the Kyuubi’s power is also in danger.

    (Pic of growling Naruto)
    Because of enhanced chakra control, Naruto can on the spur of the moment use the red chakra.

    (Bottom pic of prison bars)
    Kyuubi, “And for the fourth hokage who imprisoned me in your body,”
    In the dark prison, it lends Naruto strength even without his asking. It seems by its actions and words that it is enjoying itself.

    1. 2.

    1. Databook II Page 82-83 RAW Cleaned by Shannaro, Untranslated
    2. Databook II Page 82-83 Cleaned by Shannaro, Translated by Inquisitive, Typeset by MnK

    - GK
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    Databook 2 - Akimichi Chouji

    Akimichi Chouji pg 16-18

    Can’t give up this last piece to anyone!!

    In his heart, warmth, in his stomach food! The young ‘butterfly????’ that flits round Leaf Village. <don’t’ ask!>

    He searches for the sources of life, food, and uses its for strength. Eating is destiny for the Akimichi clan. The destiny of a full stomach does not allow Chouji to be thin. Chouji knows that someone is calling him ‘fatty.’ But he still eats. With that large(kind) mind of his, he forgive and chews.

    (Pic of Chouji stuffing his face)
    Eating is replenishing his chakra. Even before combat he eats.

    Shikamaru is the first one to acknowledge Chouji’s heart and become his friend. They still show their friendship and are on the same team.

    (Pic of young Chouji and Shika)
    Chouji, “Special seat?”
    Shika, “I like to lie here and watch the clouds.”

    Ninja Registration: 012625
    Birthday: May first (13 Taurus)
    Height: 156.3 cm, weight: 69.3 kg, bloodtype: B
    Personality: gourmet, optimist
    Likes: roasted ribs, biscuits
    Dislike: inedible stuff
    Wants to fight: If food is compensation, anyone is ok!
    Likes to say: Meat!
    Hobbies: buying treats

    Ninja Academy graduation: 12
    Chunnin: -
    Assignment ranking: D:8, C:3, B:0, A:1, S:0

    Why do they keep on eating? Because there is food! For the Akimichi clan, food is everything!

    Pg 18.
    The gentle expression-Inside resides fiery friendship!!

    (Pic of angry Chouji)
    “Everyone be quiet!”
    Shika’s plans which fool not only the enemy but also his own side, are recognized immediately only by Chouji and supported.

    Trust in his friend
    Friendship with Shikamaru which stemmed from childhood is the most precious treasure to Chouji. Is it because two were friends for such a long time that they work well together? Even without an explaination, Chouji immediately recognized Shikamaru’s plans and moves to fulfill them.

    (Pic of the three medicine balls)
    The Akimichi clan’s greatest nostrum, the three medicine balls imbued with great energy. Once consumed, explosive power is gained but there are severe side effects. The use of these medicine balls by the self abasing Chouji is evidence of his commitment to his friends.

    In stage two, he single handedly block the enemy. The ultimate strength of the Akimichi clan is shown here!
    (Pic of Chouji blocking a fist)
    “It’s no use.”

    Mocking himself and his friends cannot be forgiven! He puts into his mouth the red medicine ball which will surely kill him. The great mass of chakra which changes him physically flows from his entire body.

    This is not an exaggeration. The strength that erupts from one who has risked his life brings out confidence.
    (Pic of determined Chouji)
    “I’m 100 times stronger than before!!”
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    Databook 2 - Gaara

    Gaara pg 62-66

    A huge debt must be paid to Leaf Village

    The unparalleled power of the Sand, that power is unleashed and fells enemies

    Having no human-like feelings, he repeatedly kills as he wishes. Born as the result of an experiment with the Sand’s reincarnation trapped in him, he has walked the way of the evil monster, one experiencing solitude and suffering. But fighting Sasuke, Lee during the chunnin exams and watching Naruto’s way of fighting, there is change in his mindset. Killing others is not the only way of proving one’s existence. Facing others, making relationships, gaining acceptance…These might be the way of truly proving one’s existence.

    (Pic of Gaara talking)
    “I can do anything if there is sand.”
    Absolute confidence, is this the pride of having lived with sand?

    After, “Destroying the Leaf”, he rushes to help the Leaf that has forged a friendship with the Sand. Is this because of orders or some other emotion? Gaara’s desire to be a different existence, one that is not the perfect killer but rather something else…

    Registration Number: 56-001
    Birthday: Feb 19th (13 Capricorn)
    Height: 148.1 cm, weight: 40.2 kg, bloodtype: AB
    Personality: cold, egotistic
    Likes: gizzards, roasted ribs
    Dislikes: anko sticks, marrons glaces
    Likes to say: self love
    Hobbies: combat

    Nina school graduation: 12
    Chunnin: -
    Assignments: D: ?, C: 9, B:1, A: 1, S:1

    (Pic of Lee and Gaara)
    Protecting a wounded Lee he fights the opponent. This is unthinkable behavior from the old Gaara.

    Pg 64
    Shukaku, the sand reincarnation that invades the mind and body

    When his emotions are inflamed, the Shukaku opens its eyes! The annoyance of witnessing the Leafs risking their lives to save their companions. The expectance for Sasuke who like himself, is possessed with hate, the confusion that comes with Naruto who brings such passion to the challenge…All these are contributors to the opening of the forbidden gate.

    (Pic of Gaara holding his head)
    The consuming ache in his head is a sign of the formation of the Shukaku. With strength comes a price.

    (Pic of Shukaku)
    In front of Naruto appears the full reincarnation of the Shukaku. It surpasses all imagination.

    Complete form
    A fully possessed Gaara leaves him unrecognizable. The Shukaku envelops its vessel and turns into a giant ichibi(raccoon). And when the vessel Gaara is asleep, it completely possesses his person and unleashes its true power. The sand reincarnation, the Shukaku, is terror itself!

    Pg 65
    A childhood starved for love, knowing love, losing that love!

    Unable to control the Sand’s power, he repeatedly hurts people. Because of this, he himself as well as his family fear him and he spends days filled with loneliness.

    (Rest is about his uncle Yashimaru, who he thought loved him, but ended up trying to assassinate him under orders of the Kazekage, his father.) This is is why he tattoos ‘love,’ on his forehead meaning to love only himself.

    Pg 66
    A truly strong person, and the meaning of being strong!

    To realize his own way of living, he cannot lose to Naruto!
    (Pic of ichibi Shukaku)
    “I fight for myself!"

    Fight with Naruto
    Gaara believed that only those who fought for themselves were the strong. But during the fight with Naruto who fights to protect others, he finds himself in a hard battle. How could this boy be so strong….
    One answer appears in his head. That is love. From some place deep in his memory he remembers Yashimaru’s words. What is the meaning of being strong…The fight with Naruto brings on a ray of light.

    (Pic of Yashimaru and Gaara’s tattoo)
    “A love that makes you want to give everything to that special person close to you, a heart that watches over that person,”
    Naruto’s fight to save others, he remembers the definiton of ‘love’ Yashimaru taught him.

    To repay that debt, Gaara appears in front of Kimimaru and Lee’s combat. Is the debt that Gaara talks about an act of redemption for his involvement in ‘destroying the Leaf,’ or a repayment to Naruto for teaching him something special?

    (Pic of Gaara)
    For me…..
    Gaara thinks. One day, will something that he really wants to protect appear? Like it has for Naruto Uzumaki…
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    Databook 2 - Maito Gai

    All commentary by Inquisitive

    I must say, I really see Gai in a different light after this translation. He's a cool dude. Also, don't read my , 'passionately,' as anything that has to do with love. It means 'living to the fullest!'
    I made my own comments in purple!

    Maito Gai pg 153-155

    pg 153
    The Leaf’s richest(as in the richness in food) ninja who brings on storms with his hotblooded training!

    Always with passion, always one who mightily achieves the way of the ninja. There is no ninja that is as true as one who puts his life at risk on this pathway. Live with full passion this one life given! Who can put down(as in talk in bad terms) his life that has been lived that way?

    I will die with you!

    One who never slacks off on his self-development. In front of him, small combat skills and skills of cunning(derisive in tone as in using one’s head to get out of doing something unpleasant) are completely meaningless.
    (Pic of Gai walking on his hands)

    Ninja Registration: 010252
    Birthday: Jan 1st. (27 Capricorn)
    Height: 184cm , weight: 76kg, B/T: B
    Personality: Hotblooded, romantic
    Likes: really hot curry, curry U-dong
    Dislikes (food): There’s no such thing!
    Wants to fight: Kakashi!
    Likes to say: The flower of our youth
    Hobbies: repeat running, hitting the mitt(?!)

    Academy graduation: 7yrs
    Chunnin: 11yrs
    Assignment ranking: D: 86, C: 269, B: 210, A: 177, S: 20

    Pg 154
    A man among men who lives in the battle field

    Gai’s core strength is in taijutsus. One gets a glimpse through Lee’s skills his sensei’s great talent. With only his body strengthened by training, he faces the enemy. This is no more than the true Gai way.

    Pic of Gai on water (Combat with Itachi)
    His bodily movement is way above that of Lee. This is in one word the fruits of ‘effort.’

    Even Itachi Uchiha retreats in front of Gai’s combat skills (don’t read into this too deeply. There are no implications that Gai is ‘stronger’ than Itachi. Just maybe in Taijutsu but just maybe) (Pic of Itachi and Kisame)
    Itachi, “Don’t underestimate him.”

    It might be that the reason behind his self rivalry with Kakashi is to further develop himself. People achieve rapid growth through the establishment of a rival. Gai, who puts his life at risk for everything he does, has chosen the highest ‘mountain to overcome’ imaginable.

    (Pic of ‘passionate Gai)
    I’ll never lose! If I should, then I’ll go around the Leaf 500 times on my hands! That’s a promise.”

    This vision that he has passed down to Lee (self rules) also endlessly develops the body through restrictions placed on the self.
    "As long as I have said things in my ‘nice guy’ pose, I must keep to my promise or die!"

    A promise must be kept to the death. This is one of his ‘self rules.’

    A sparring with Kakashi is what makes his flesh and bone. The result of this growth is seen in places such as this! (Pic of Gai facing Kisame and Itachi)
    Gai, “In case of a fight with Kakashi, I have thought up of a counter plan against the Sharingan.”

    Pg 155
    The view of a life lived with passion, for his beloved student](In Asia, teachers can call their students ‘beloved’ without being pedophilic ^^), he will risk his life.

    When Lee is handed the ‘impossibility of recovery,’ sentence, more than his student, Gai is deeply wounded.
    “If I had known, it would have been better not knowing.” (Pic of Gai and Tsunade)


    Gai will always keep his promise. With no shaking of his resolve, he will give courage to himself and others. In a world that believes there is no absolute thing, a decision that shines with absoluteness. This is Gai’s promise!

    A smile that comes with his promise to throw away his life in order to keep his promise. His heart is wide and deep.
    (Pic of Gai smiling and giving a thumbs up)
    “The moment I met you my ninja way was to bring you up to be a great ninja. That’s a promise!”

    The dream he sees in Lee

    With a burning flame in his heart, he brings up Lee. His passion is caught on by Lee and encourages his growth. One cannot say their student and teacher relationship is a simple one. Their influence on each other, support of each other and way of living passionately seems to make them a pair of identical beings.

    The moment that Lee surpasses his teacher might be the moment Gai reaches the end of his Ninja way!!
    “Lee, let’s rest a bit.”
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    Databook 2 - Rock Lee

    Rock Lee (pg165-167)

    pg 165

    “The Green Beast ” of passion who risks his life to fulfill the way of the Ninja!

    A phoenix burns itself in flames of fire and is resurrected in a new body. Lee also bets his life to have major surgery and gains new power. There was no terror or self interest, only dazzlingly bright ‘dreams.’

    Everything for my dreams!

    Ninja registration number: 012651
    Birthday: Nov. 27 (14 Sagittarius)
    Height: 162.1 cm, weight: 47.5 kg, B/T: A
    Personality: passionate, training fanatic
    Likes: moderate curry, curry filef
    Dislikes: nothing!
    Wants to fight: Uchiha Sasuke, Hyuuga Neji, Gaara, Naruto
    Hobbies: striving

    Ninja Academy Graduation: 12
    Chunnin: -
    Assignment Ranking: D: 22, C:12, B:0, A:0, S:0

    “That’s because I’m not sharp enough. Don’t talk about our sensei that way. He’s not a busybody.”
    (Pic of yelling Lee)

    His passionately burning spirit is similar to his teacher’s. It seems that respect for his teacher takes a large place in Lee’s mind.

    Pg 166
    An incredible twist of fate that befalls the ‘genius of effort.”'


    The moment arrived without notice....“Give up being a njnja.” For Lee, this is the same as a death sentence. His spirit wanes. For the first time since birth, he questions the way of the ninja. For Lee, as well as all other ninjas, the way is everything. That is why he can risk his life. This is inviolable territory and the noble destiny of a ninja.

    ‘If you try, your dreams will come true.’ For Lee who believed this, he finds it hard to accept the probability ratio.

    “There’s only maybe a 50% success rate for the operation. If it fails, he dies! ”
    (Pic of Lee in the dark)


    “If you die, I will follow.” At Gai’s words, all doubts vanish. How can there be a way of ninja without risk to the life? In his mind’s eye, this image is reawakened-the image of his young self, raising his right arm and swearing(making a declaration) in front of Gai.

    “Do the operation.”
    (Pic of Gai’s head from behind and Lee in tears.)

    “That’s my dream.”

    A ninja must risk his life in the way of the ninja. Gai’s words are inscribed deeply in his mind. With doubt vanished, his smile returns. He is just happy to believe in himself once more.

    Pg 167
    The fighter phoenix that is reborn in splendor!!

    “This guy, I will defeat. That’s a promise.”
    (Pic of Lee doing a thumbs up)
    He takes the ‘nice guy pose’ passed down from his teacher. His shining passion is brought back to the fighting field.

    A Single Weapon

    Lee returns to show that one can be a great ninja with just taijutsu. That is why he fights with just one weapon, believing that taijutsu will dominate any combat.

    Against the most formidable opponent, Kimimaro, he challenges him with taijutsu. To win over those who are stronger, that is the reason Lee lives!

    Another secret weapon?

    An unexpected ‘quirk’ that Lee shows after surviving the swamps of death. That is Suiken(drunken fighting). With liquor in his body and dead drunk, he uses his specialty, taijutsu, with his fighter instincts and flexible movements.

    Even while he looks ‘wobbly’ while drunk, he is the master of ‘drunken fighting.’ With unpredictable movements, he overwhelms Kimimaro.
    (Pic of drunken Lee)

    1. 2. 3. 4.

    1. Databook II Page 165 RAW Cleaned by Shannaro, Untranslated
    2. Databook II Page 165 Cleaned by Shannaro, Translated by Inquisitive, Typeset by Spunkey
    3. Databook II Page 166-167 RAW Cleaned by Shannaro, Untranslated
    4. Databook II Page 166-167 Cleaned by Shannaro, Translated by Inquisitive, Typeset by Spunkey

    - GK
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