Un hola muy fuerte a todo el mundo: 'A warm greeting to everyone' in spanish

Hey nice to meet everyone, my name's Andy and I'm the official translator of Frikitsuki Scanlation Group. I'll introduce the group first then me. Frikitsuki Group was formed by a bunch of anime/manga fans in Costa Rica with one common thinking: 'there are way too many mangas not translated to spanish, and there are even more latin american fans that knows no enlgish' under this circumstances we formed Frikitsuki Scanlation Group with 2 purposes:
a) To translate a bunch of mangas to spanish.
b) Make a full coverage of anime/manga and japanese pop culture related activities such as festivals, cosplay conventions, etc.

We are fresh out of the can, we began with our activities about 3 - 4 months ago, with our first scanlation project: Zombie Powder by Kubo Tite, Bleach's author and an activity called Cosplay Party at CRC capital downtown. Now we are making our move on our next scanlation project: Black Lagoon, which it's a shame, just the first volume is translated to spanish, this is a long story made short (not much tough)

As for me, my name's André, I'm beginning my twenties, single since I got dumped 2 months ago I'm studying business administration and majoring on finances, I'm christian not protestant, catholic, mormon or any that mumbo jumbo, I follow the Shepard not the herd, also as you may have guessed I'm Costa Rican (Costa Rica is in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama) I've lived all my life here, I talk spanish, french, english (not really good at grammar by the way in the case you noticed 1 or 2 mistakes ) and understand a little japanese, got a couple of times to the US to different states tough and tend to travel to Panama every no and then. Feel free to ask anything within what the forums allows LOL see ya!