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Thread: Eagle: The making of an Asian-American President by Kawaguchi Kaiji (v11)

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    Eagle: The making of an Asian-American President by Kawaguchi Kaiji (v11)

    Eagle is a story of a Okinawan Newspaper writer who follows an alternate version of the 2000 U.S. Presidential election covering a rather little known half-white Senator who was born on Hawaii trying to get the nomination of the Democratic party and possibly become President. Of course this is an absolutely ridiculous story which could never happen in real life

    Quite frankly, I love this story. It is amazingly written and brings some awesome political drama to the table. It is even more amazing when considering the events of the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

    However, the series has three problems:
    1) It was first published in small volumes of 120 pages which are kind of worthless. Thankfully it was later republished in five big volumes between 400 and 600 pages thick.
    2) Viz Media pretty much screwed the pooch by publishing it flipped. However, it has mostly been a reorganization of the panels as there are clean right-angle panels. However this means that sometimes the order in which to read the speech bubbles is counter-intuitive.
    3) Despite being first published between 1997 and 2001, the series is incredibly hard to find.

    And this is where the reason for this post comes from: I finally was able to obtain a print version of Volume 4 of the thick books via which is a rather unusual place for me to shop since I am from Austria (which means I usually use And while there is Volume 5 offered on both the american and german Amazon, the asking prize is insane: 50€. I also came up empty on other online retailers.

    So if anybody can hook me up with scans of Volume 5 starting with chapter #69, I would deeply appreciate it. I really want to complete reading this series. I would ask if anybody would sell me his or her print copy of Volume if it was available but unfortunately there is no trust established on either side to make such a deal happen. However, if you can point me to an online retailer that offers it for a decent price, please let me know.

    If this should be the wrong forum for such a request or if it should not be allowed to ask for licensed material (even though it is out of print and hard to find), please excuse this thread.
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