Blood painted the dirt ground forming a grotesque pattern of lines. A hollow lay downed yet breathing. A lone shinigami stood above it. Tears in his eyes.

"Michishige Kyousuke of the Fourth Division! You are hereby under arrest for reckless endangerment of your comrades, breaking the law and assisting a hollow. Stand down or we will use force!" ordered a shinigami.

Kyousuke shouted back, "I have to save Miharu!"

Another shinigami shouted, "You're not referring to that hollow are you?!"

Some of the shinigamis mumbled among themselves as to whether or not Kyousuke has fallen in love with the hollow or has he gone crazy?

"They would never know. How could they," mumbled Kyousuke as he looked down on the hollow.

Most of people who have died and arrived at Soul Society have forgotten who they were when they were still living in the human world. Though not Kyousuke. His love for his wife has enabled him to remember her. A bond that not even death could break. Love is a powerful thing - a mysterious power. When Kyousuke pledged his undying love to his wife, Miharu, for all eternity, he sought to keep it.

"Huh? Captain Unohara from the fourth division is here?" exclaimed one person.

The shinigamis made way for Captain Unohana to come through.

"Kyousuke! Please don't do this!" shouted Captain Unohana.
"Captain, I'm sorry, but she's my wife!"
"Wife? How could that be?" thought Captain Unohana.

Captain Unohana ordered the other shinigamis not to approach Kyousuke. Disgruntled looks appeared on the shinigamis' faces, but they stayed silent.

The Hollow then spoke, "Shinigami, why have you been helping me?"
"You're my wife," answered Kyousuke.
Amused, the Hollow laughed, "I'm just a hollow. I belong to noone."
Kyousuke retorted, "That's not true! You are my wife. Remember when we were still living in the human world, we were married?!"
"I don't know what you're talking about," spoke the Hollow.

Kyousuke sulked at the Hollows response. Taking advantage, the Hollow stirred up its strength and lounged at Kyousuke taking off an arm. The hollow devoured the arm. Gaining strength, it tried to flee. At this, one shinigami detained the hollow with a kido binding spell and the rest rushed to ran the Hollow through with their zanpakuto. Kyousuke stepped in to cover the hollow and was ran through instead. Coughing blood, he checked on the condition of the Hollow. He smiled. The Hollow looked on with a stupefied look at the shinigami that just saved it.

All the shinigamis backed away looking shocked as they just ran through one of their own. Even if Kyousuke was protecting the Hollow, he was still a shinigami.

The Hollow joked, "So Shinigami, have you fallen in love with me?"
"If I have, will you marry me once more?" answered the Shinigami.
To this the Hollow replied, "if I can take your head off."

A shinigami then bound Kyousuke with a kido.

Kyousuke whispered to the Hollow, "Mihara, I think I've found a way to save you while I was researching."

The hollow wasn't paying attention. It was trying to wrestle free.

"Captain, let me free my wife! Please! Captain Unohana, I beg you!" cried Kyousuke.

Captain Unohana looked down and thought for a moment. She slightly turned her head and with eyes closed, asked that the binding spell be lifted off from Kyousuke. Immediately, Kyousuke was freed. Standing up with sword supporting his weight, Kyousuke positioned himself beside the Hollow. Drips of blood trailed down his side.

"Let me finally save you Mihara," said Kyousuke in a soft voice.

Sticking his zanpakuto into the hole of the hollow, he whispered a series of incantations. Soon the zanpakuto started to emit a glow. The light was building into a blinding light.

"Hey, Shinigami, what are you doing?! If you're going to set me free, set me free. Hey?! You listening shinigami?!" hollered the Hollow.
"What is he doing?" mumbled the shinigamis.

Kyousuke placed his hand upon the mask of the hollow and spoke a few more lines of incantations. A bright light engulfed the hollow and Kyousuke. Everyone covered their eyes. When the light ebbed away, exhuasted, Kyousuke was on both knees. The hollow was nowhere in sight.

A shinigami shouted, "did he set the Hollow free again?"
"Quiet everyone," ordered Captain Unohana.

Another light appeared, but it was softer. And, inside of the light was a figure of a woman. Coming closer to the kneeling Shinigami, she squatted down and said, "thank you, Kyousuke. I knew you would come and save me." The woman then kissed Kyousuke on the forehead and placed her arms around his body. After placing her arms around him, the both of them faded away.

As one of the shinigami was ordering the others to go and look nearby to see if Kyousuke and Mihara had escaped somewhere near, they were stayed by Captain Unohana.

"It's pointless to look for them because you won't find them anywhere," said Captain Unohana calmly as she started to walk away.

A member of the Fourth Division who was present ran up and asked Captain Unohana what happend to Kyousuke and the Hollow. To this, she replied,
"Kyousuke sacrificed his shinigami powers in order to save his wife." Captain Unohana then went on to say, "Though normally a hollow is attracted to large quantities of spiritual energy so it was odd to see a hollow frequenting Soul Society. This particular hollow was attracted to Kyousuke because of their bond of love they had." She then paused and said, "soul mates." Captain Unohana let out a smile and then nodded her head before walking off.

The confused shinigami from the Fourth Division responded, "ehhh ... soul mates? Hollows are capable of love? Wait up Captain, explain that to me once more?!"