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Thread: The Mainland and its ongoing 100 years war?

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    Re: The Mainland

    The situation is probably pretty stable on the Mainland, if only because if there was pressure to speed up claymore development, there would be a lot of talk about the organization picking up more girls then they used to, maybe even forcefully to get sufficient test subjects.

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    Re: The Mainland

    That may be the case, but at the same time, Rubel implies that the DoD are aware of the experiments to develop a controllable and extremely powerful awakened being. If they weren't able to counter the suicide awakenings and the experiments that have been conducted thus far, there would be a lot more pressure on his front (the only pressure came with the discovery of partially awakened beings, who could have all the advantages of the awakened beings without the latter's disadvantages or the disadvantages of the soul link). At this point, Rubel's and the DoD's strategy is to get the other faction to simply resign due to the failures of the organization. This implies that the suicide awakenings and the twins are not enough, or are at least too limited in practicality, for the organization's factions to effectively counter the DoD's forces. Ultimately, the DoD believe that they will win the war, provided mass produced, partially awakened beings don't become the organization's next project. This kind of confidence would be supported by conquering various territories under the other faction's control, while the latter's confidence could be supported even if they lost land, because they believe they are covertly developing forces that will eventually win the war for them. In other words, the other faction's strategy wouldn't really be affected by losses in territory on the continent since the territory that will produce their advantage is on a different continent.

    Of course, at the same time, I've made the claim that, if the organization is controlling the "exterminators," Rubel, and thus the DoD, know nothing about them. There's no telling how this would affect the war until we see them fight Isley. If they kick Isley's ass, they could be effectively deployed on the mainland without the DoD having any information on them. In fact, the entire twins project could be an attempt to distract the DoD from the "exterminators," or the "exterminators" could serve as the troops that defend the controller. This would certainly shatter whatever strategies the DoD have in place to counter an invasion by the twins.

    p.s. You don't think they have enough subjects? Whenever a girl is orphaned by a yoma attack, the organization pretty much has the right to "adopt" her. Given how many claymores they've created in the past, their supply is more than sufficient for whatever training/hybridization programs they have in place, except in the case of twins, which are quite rare in pre-modern societies.
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    Re: The truth about the 100 years war?

    i think the war is going to spill over to their island, because that is where they make the claymore swords and the giant dragons will get killed by that new giant abyssal one

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    Re: The truth about the 100 years war?

    while we don't know if any of this is truthful, as it is coming from Rubel, and Miria's own investigation merely resulted in her unable to find a metal/mineral hard enough to be made into the swords on the island.

    However, (I just somewhat recently, re-read it and realized I made a mistake in the above comment), Miria also states that she has checked/investigated everything that Rubel told her (that she could check/investigate) and found it all to be accurate. Unfortunately, we don't know what was everything that Rubel told her, which she had checked/investigated and found to be accurate.

    here's what the manga has given us: (see below)

    this is taken directly from the (translated) manga and pieced together + my own commentary where needed.

    “The Continent”:

    “Over one hundred years ago, on a mysterious continent, (HK: containing a mineral so hard that it can never be broken and can cut through anything with enough force), there were never ending battles going on between different countries and people, all for territorial reasons. This continent was not in a state of peace. Than, at about one hundred years ago, the war split into two sides, and began the battle for supremacy.

    One side can be considered as the Dragon’s Kins. They’re said to have non-human comrades that have extremely tough skin, and they quickly took control of the battle.

    The other side quickly tried to invent new weapons to fight against their enemies. Soon after, the research gave birth to a new weapon, and that is, a weapon that allows a human to turn into a monster. But, because these weapons are too powerful, they often wiped out their own army. So, the research has been left on a small island away from the greater continent. This is the laboratory for awakened beings.

    (HK: But, before we discuss about this island....)

    They are first thrown onto that battlefield as special soldiers. Soldiers, whose abilities are superhuman in every respect. But, use of their true power is restricted to when they encounter the draconic tribe at the heart of the enemy forces. It is what we call energy release. However, unlike for women, control over this is next to impossible for the men. Almost all warriors go berserk then and there.

    The awakened beings’ qualities are a factor too, but basically, that’s how in that place, monsters able to fight the draconic tribe on equal footing are born. Of course, they can’t return to being human. And, because their way of thinking greatly changes with the awakening, it is impossible for them to continue being soldiers as well.

    In practice, there are basically none who return to their own troops. Which, is because they simply keep battling the hostile draconic tribe until their lives are consumed. But, actually, they aren’t even suppose to return. They are mere weapons, made to fight to the death. Of course, all of this is not without risk. There are cases where they awaken right next to their own troops or return from hostile territory when injured, only to attack their former allies. That is what this research is for. They are continuing experiments to create controllable awakened beings in these lands.”

    -Norihiro Yagi’s Claymore manga

    “The Island”:

    “Experiments to create controllable awakened beings. Alicia and Beth. They have succeeded in awakening and returning to the human form. We have heard about the completion of Alicia and Beth. But, the facts that they needed something as special as twins to succeed, and that the one keeping consciousness, can be easily targeted if found out, are weak points. This might be a milestone for their research, but it is still far from the kind of perfected warrior that could be used in the actual war.” -Norihiro Yagi’s Claymore manga

    But, let me first go back to the arrival of these ten foreigners to our peaceful island and tell the long and tragic story of how they created Alicia and Beth on this small island used as their laboratory for the creation of controllable awakened beings. This begins the dark history of our once peaceful island.

    The ten foreigners’ ship arrives across the sea far from the east of some unknown and mysterious continent upon our small peaceful island’s eastern most coast in Staff, city of the far east. The people of Staff mysteriously disappear and are never heard from again shortly thereafter. These ten foreigners make their headquarters there, as it is perfect for them with its rocky and barren landscape with many caves and caverns in the outcrops and underground to do their experiments in secrecy. Unknown to us, the native human inhabitants of this small island, they were creating yomas. These ten foreigners quickly become known as the Organization due to their well organized structure and leadership of their actions.

    “In the Organization’s archives, the most suspicious is that there is a report of a village southwest of the Organization headquarters. People within this well hidden village has said that those villagers had a shocked look on their faces when they saw us. It is as if they didn’t know that yoma existed.” -Norihiro Yagi’s Claymore manga

    There were ~10 of these foreigners, and were all wearing some form of black clothes. So, they become known as the Black Coats of the Organization. These Black Coats looked human, but something wasn’t quite right about them, inhuman, in fact. (Even to this day, which is quite some time later, ~100 years later, from this moment in the past that we are currently discussing, the original ~10 Black coats that arrived from across the sea still have shown no signs of aging). They spoke of an upper class predator called a yoma that ate humans but the human villagers didn’t know what they were talking about. These Black Coats asked for and gladly took any orphan boys. We gladly gave the orphans away to them as well.

    The hundreds of years of peace had ended with the arrival of the Organization, their secret experiments, and the yoma. Our small island was now infested with yoma.

    “Soon and quickly, the older generation, whom knew the truth that the yoma came with the arrival of the Organization, of our native human inhabitants had died off or were killed off by the yoma. The younger generation didn’t know better and believed that the superior yoma had always been on this island as predators to us inferior humans.” -loosely paraphrasing Norihiro Yagi’s Claymore manga

    Unknown to the native human inhabitants of the island, the Organization was continuing its research now on this small island into the creation of a controllable weapon against the other side, the kins whom had enlisted the dragons’ help against the side of the Organization, back on their home continent far across the sea to the east. Deep inside the caves and caverns of the outcrops and even underground of their headquarters in Staff, the city of the far east, they created their (normal) yomas, male Claymores, male Awakened Beings, male Abyssal One (Isley), female Claymores, female Awakened Beings, female Abyssal Ones, Priscilla, female Half Awakens, female Abyss Feeders/Eaters, and now the Destroyer!

    my own theories:

    1. Rubel is the REAL LEADER of the Organization! He made up all the "dung" about him being a "spy" of this "other side with dragons" on this "mysterious continent across the sea/ocean" to play the Claymores/Ghosts for fools and get trusted by them, so he can more easily manipulate and control them into doing what he wants.

    *Rubel wasn't executed when he was "caught" lying by (Rubel's PUPPET fake) leader Rimuto (whom is "dancing" to Rubel's "strings", Rubel told Rimuto to "catch" him of lying in order to keep his identity as the real leader of the Organization secret from the rest of the Organization "Rabble") about the Ophelia+Clare+female AB incident

    *Rubel informed Rafaela that he saved her from being executed, since the rest of the Organization "rabble" wanted to blame some one for the embarrasing incident of the failed Luciela+Rafaela+Soul Link attempt which resulted in half of the entire Claymore force killed (including the trainees) and their headquarters in near ruins, instead negotiating she be "banished/exiled" instead. Using information about Luciela's location as blackmail to keep her very obedient as his personal secret Assassin.

    When Rubel wanted to find missing/AWOL Clare, after Galatea lied about Clare (and Jean) surviving Dauf and Riful, whom did he use? Rafaela! Rafaela tracked down Clare (and Jean) for him, and was there to "encourage" Clare (and Jean) to go to Pieta if Rubel's blackmail of info about Raki being in the north as well, didn't work on Clare, but it did, and Clare was smart enough to heed Rafaela's "encouragement" as well.

    *Rubel pretends he is "being a good spy" and keeping the secret of Half Awakens' existence from the Organization. HAH! Rubel is the CENSORED LEADER of the Organization, and Clare has no CENSORED idea that she is becoming the Organization's "dream come true", a controllable awakened being ultimate weapon, whom only obeys Rubel himself! Clare is becoming into being Rubel's very own ultimate weapon (as if Miria, Galatea, and Rafaela aren't enough for him, lol), and she doesn't even know it! Rubel scares me! If I had a choice between Priscilla and Rubel, I'd take my chances with Priscilla, lol.

    *Rubel also negotiates Galatea from being executed after she was caught lying about Clare (and Jean) surviving their encounter with Dauf and Riful by (fake) leader Rimuto, convincing the rest of the Organization "rabble" that Galatea is too useful, and they don't yet have a replacement for her. Rubel "bags" the GOD EYE Galatea into his "pocket". She foolishly trusts him, just like Miria.

    *Rubel "informs" Miria with "fake information" that bolsters her conspiracy theories, distrust, and hostility towards the Organization (due to what happened with her friend Hilda, she had sworn revenge on the Organization), knowing it would have this very effect, and result in him being trusted by Miria. Rubel just "bagged" the #1 in leadership, team coordination, and strategist into his "pocket", Miria!

    *Rubel allows Galatea to watch Alicia+Beth+Soul Link in action against the incoming 11 ABs of Isley attacking the Organization's headquarters. He "informs/explains to" Galatea about Alicia+Beth+Soul Link, knowing it would push Galatea into going AWOL, and getting her to trust him, just like Miria. Galatea asks about a similar incident with the Soul Link with a rank 1 from a much earlier time that she came across while doing her own snooping around the Organization (Miria wasn't the only one bothered by the Organization). But, Rubel wasn't about to tell Galatea that 2 ranks below her, the rank 5 Rafaela, was the rank 2 younger sister of AO Luciela! No, No. Rafaela is Rubel's own "RIGHT HAND", his personal enforcer, or rather his Assassin. Rafaela whom according to Rubel himself had power as a Claymore equal to her Awakened AO sister Luciela! Rafaela was extremely powerful, and the oldest surviving Claymore. Rafaela hunted down rank 2 Quick Sword Irene without a single moment of worry. Irene and her Quick Sword was nothing compared to Rafaela. Rafaela was more powerful then AO Luciela! Rafaela (when Rubel used her to track them down and send them off to Pieta) saw Clare's demonstration of being able to control her Quick Sword to Jean, and wasn't in the slightest bit impressed. She should have yawned, lol.

    *Rubel created Clare, his own personal ULTIMATE WEAPON. He was the one Clare "happened" to find and demand he put Teresa's flesh into her body in order to become a Claymore. Rubel intentionally pushed Clare and set her up into dangerous situtations or missions which would force her to become more and more powerful. When, Clare was a trainee, whom stepped in and put a stop to the sparring between trainee Clare and the other trainee Claymore? Rubel. He didn't want his precious Clare to get any more injured. Rubel goaded Clare about Priscilla, saying, ~"Our current ranks 1 (Alicia) and 2 (beth) are quite powerful. Every generation has its heroes. Too bad it isn't you!", and then Rubel assigns her to kill a troublesome Ophelia and a former single digit female AB (rank 5/6 Elda from Teresa's "Era"?) at the same time. He of course doesn't tell Clare, that Awakened-HATING Ophelia will immediately smell her Half Awakened scent, and go hostile on her, forcing her to "conveniently" kill the "troublesome/psycho" Ophelia. Well, Rubel saw that he had mistaken Clare's power, and she was going to get killed by Ophelia! I wouldn't put it past Rubel to actually know where Irene was hiding, and to have gone to her and asked her to save Clare from Ophelia, by using the blackmail that she'd recognize Teresa's scent if she did (and then recognize that Clare is the little human girl whom was with Teresa and took in her flesh becoming the Claymore she is now). Though, this doesn't work out too well, as Rubel has quite a while ago, already assigned Rafaela to find and assassinate Irene for him.

    *Rubel uses Clare to retrieve or "awaken" the half merged bodies of Rafaela+Luciela from Riful for him. To Rubel's delight, Clare does exactly this for him, resulting in her "Awakening" the Destroyer, and gaining more "power" from Rafaela transfering her mind into Clare's head and possibly from the Destroyer itself too. Rubel rubs his hands together in glee, "Yes, make my ultimate weapon Clare more powerful! muhahahaha! Also, now I can send Dae and the retrieval unit to fetch flesh from the Destroyer, for further experiments! Muhahahaha!"

    *Rubel is seen NO WHERE near Teresa, for good reason... Rubel is NOT stupid. NO NO. He wants to stay far far far far away from Teresa. Rubel knows better then to try to mess with/try to manipulate/control Teresa. Notice how Rubel finally shows up in the "Teresa arc" of the manga ONLY AFTER Teresa is dead and Clare is looking for the Organization with Teresa's decapitated head in her arms, lol!

    *okay... i'm getting tired... so i'm going to stop with with my Rubel LEADER theory.

    2. my sword theory:

    I think the swords actually are NOT made out of a metal/mineral, nor come from this possibly fake rumor Rubel has spread of a "mysterious continent". This would explain why Miria hasn't found this metal/mineral on the island.

    I believe that the swords are actually made from the awakened beings. maybe their skin/hides or their claws/nails/horns/teeth/bones. Miria was looking for the wrong materials to make the swords!
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