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Thread: Miscellaneous Databook III Translations

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    Miscellaneous Databook III Translations

    More Naruto Databook III Translations.

    Deidara Profiles
    Quote Originally Posted by Translated by chocy (
    Page 104


    Art is a bang!

    Page 105:
    Main title: The artist who strives to attain instances of flawless art.

    Picture Caption: This genius was the one who invented a form of art that can fly.

    Top block of text: Deidara – the artist who uses his [hands] to make clay models that can explode. To him, true beauty is the instance of an explosion; it is the [pinnacle of art] to strive for. Hailing from the Hidden Rock Village (Iwagakure), Deidara was often highly praised and greatly admired as a clay artist. Even so, Deidara had a great desire to take his art to even greater heights. Hence, he worked hard to hone his art by practicing and producing more artworks.

    Middle block of text: Before long, Deidara had an immense thirst to learn a form of art which was prohibited in his village. It is a form of [Art that requires the kneading of chakra into clay].He broke the law and attained the means of creating that form of art. He then made an explosion with his “exploding clay”. At last, he can finally create the kind of [Art] that he had longed for. (Further explanation for clarity: Exploding clay is formed by infusing Chakra and clay together. In order to do that, Deidara needed to perform a forbidden jutsu on himself to get those additional mouths, which can infuse chakra together with clay. The jutsu probably gives him the ability to mix Chakra and clay together in his own mouth (the one on his face) too. So yeah, Deidara performed the forbidden jutsu on himself, and then attained the ability to create exploding clay, which made it possible for him to create explosions through his clay creations.)

    Lowest block of text: This is Deidara’s own definition of [Art]. Also, ever since his early days as an artist, it is in Deidara’s nature to be impulsive; impulse governs his behavior. (i.e. he often acts on impulse, doesn’t usually plan ahead. E.g. He didn’t really plan out how he was going to fight Gaara. This also means that he often improvises on the spot.)

    Ninja Registration Number: IW-08721
    Birthday: 5th May (19 years old. Taurus)
    Height: 166.0cm
    Weight: 50.8kg
    Blood Type: AB
    Personality: Prideful, belligerent/warlike
    Favorite food: Oden no Bakudan. Bakudan is boiled egg wrapped in imitation fish meat (i.e. fish cake). Pictures of Bakudan here
    Food that he dislikes the most: Maze Gohan i.e. mixed rice. Pictures of Maze Gohan here
    Person he wants to fight the most: Uchiha Itachi
    Favourite phrase: Art is a bang.
    Hobbies: Creating things and then blowing them up.

    Ninja School Graduation Age: Unknown
    Age where he became a Chuunin: Unknown
    Missions he has completed:
    D rank: 4
    C rank: 27
    B rank: 35
    A rank: 13
    S rank: 3

    Page 106
    Main title:
    To get back the self respect that he lost, he put his life on the line to defeat the Sharingan…

    Black Box on top:
    Title: The artist who lost his pride before Itachi
    Picture caption: Itachi’s appearance, this surely is true art…
    Text: “Exploding clay” user Deidara was forced to experience bitterness for the first time when he fought against…Uchiha Itachi. Up until that day, those who had witnessed his art were either afraid by it, awed by it, despaired by it, or cried at the sight of it. His art is suppose to be perfect…but the Sharingan came along and challenged it. The Sharingan manipulated Deidara’s mind and made him feel fascinated by another form of art, which is something he would never do under normal circumstances.

    Bottom half of the page:
    Title: The curse of the Sharingan

    Picture caption on top: Those red eyes that can see through everything pierced through Deidara’s defeated mind.

    Picture caption below: Seeing his flawless art getting beaten before his very own eyes, Deidara blew up in anger. (pun not intended)

    Text on top: “Envy” and “humiliation”, feelings that Deidara had never felt before, were firmly planted in him after he experienced Itachi’s Sharingan. Soon after, these feelings turned into burning hatred, which greatly impacted Deidara’s way of thinking…

    Text below: He vowed to break the curse of the Sharingan through his Art, with his trump card being his left eye, concealed under his eye-scope. Since then, Deidara has been waiting for a good opportunity to get his revenge.

    Page 107:
    Main Title: The process of art is aimed towards the instance of a climax

    Top half:
    Title: Analysis
    Picture caption: (picture is from here) Deidara assesses the enemy right from the moment that they meet. He observes the enemy calmly and is very objective in his judgment.

    Text: Carving, painting, molding…there are many ways to create art. Likewise, Deidara has several methods of creating his Art. At the start of every battle, Deidara immediately analyzes the surrounding environment and his opponent’s fighting style. This is crucial for Deidara in selecting the right method to attack. Deidara is tenaciously devoted to his Art. He likes tough and challenging battles, because they give him good opportunities show the beauty of his Art.

    Bottom half of the page:
    Title: Setsuteingu (I seriously don’t know what this is maybe it has something to do with ambushing)

    Picture caption: Preparing the stage is his junior’s(i.e. Tobi’s) duty, while Deidara himself takes to the skies to show his Art!!

    Text: When it comes to ambush attacks, a very delicate set up is required. If done right, it can take the beauty of art to a higher level. Deidara definitely spares no effort when it comes to ambushing. Sometimes he hides clay bombs underground, sometimes he takes to the skies, sometimes he cooperates with a partner…in all instances, he carries out thorough and careful Setsuteingu.

    Bottom Text: Moreover, attacking from both the sky and the ground will corner the opponent little by little. This way, Deidara’s explosions will definitely lead him to a flawless victory.

    Page 108
    Main title: His existence was sublimated in a blinding flash…!!

    Top half of the page:
    Title: View on Art

    Topmost Picture Caption: Deidara respects fellow artists. He thinks that collaborating with other artists will bring fresh impetus to his art. (i.e. He thinks that by cooperating with fellow artists, they can take art to greater heights)

    Middle Picture Caption:The journey to attaining true art was a struggle for Deidara. Those who challenged Deidara’s definition of art were of no match for him. (My elaboration: Deidara had to go through a lot of trouble to be able to finally create exploding clay. As mentioned earlier, he broke several laws in Rock village by attaining and performing a forbidden jutsu to get his additional mouths. The picture above is Deidara, slightly before fighting Itachi. It means that prior to his fight with Itachi, all of Deidara’s previous opponents, mainly those who challenged his definition of art, were of no match to him.)

    Bottom Picture Captioneidara has an unwavering determination with regard to his Art. Repeated repudiations of his art made him erupt with rage. (i.e. the fact that Sasuke overcame all of Deidara’s art made him so angry that he lost his sanity.)

    Text: Deidara bases his actions on his view of art. Deidara believes that [one’s own work is the best]. He decided to stay in Akatsuki because the organization shares this mantra too. (My elaboration: Dei thinks that being in Akatsuki gives him more freedom than staying in Iwagakure. As in the organization wouldn’t force him to learn a new technique, or force him to discard an old one. The organization believes in giving its members the freedom to hone their own skills.)

    Text: Each member of Akatsuki has their own unique talents. For Deidara, his unique talent is his flawless art. Furthermore, Akatsuki’s goal of collecting Bijuu gives Deidara more opportunities to fight strong opponents. The reward of gaining more battle experience also served as a great impetus for Deidara to stay in Akatsuki. Deidara is proud to be in the “artist group” of Akatsuki.

    Bottom half of the page:
    Title: Ultimate Art

    Picture Caption: He bravely spread open both hands to show his [Ultimate Art]; true perfection.

    Text: The “Sharingan”, which is unique to the “Uchiha” clan, disregarded Deidara’s art. Seeing his art being disregarded like that shattered Deidara’s heart to pieces. He felt that his reputation had just been dealt with a strong blow. Being the proud artist that he was, he would never admit defeat to the Sharingan. His final move was an act of impulse. He was determined to prove that his art was superior to the Sharingan. Now, having changed into the [Incarnation of Art], when Deidara looked back and evaluated the significance of his life, he realized that there was nothing. On the other hand, to be sublimed into a flash of light was like holding one’s own works in his arms, and being admired and praised by everyone. (Me: At least we know that he died somewhat happy…)

    Text: That is because when everyone sees a tall tower of light against the sky, the horror that they feel will be forever be engraved in their minds.

    Page 244
    Secret Ninjutsu: Exploding Clay
    Rank not indicated
    Type: all (offense, defence, complementary, short, mid and long range)
    User: Deidara

    Main title: The joy of destroying enemies by explosions! Perfect art is the interweaving of molding and destroying pretty clay models.

    Top Picture caption: Deidara has a mouth on both his right and left hands. He usually uses his left hand mouth though. (Me: Does this mean that he is left handed??)

    Bottom Picture Caption: Deidara can control when to set off the explosion.

    Text: Art – is when an object gets sublimated in an instant…it is a “bang”! The combination of that view with Ninjutsu gives birth to “exploding clay”. Deidara has several mouths (the word used means several and plural. We know that he has 4 mouths from the manga) that chew and mix his chakra together with his clay to create exploding clay. Deidara uses the exploding clay to create a variety of models. He then yells “Katsu” to create a gigantic explosion from these clay objects. The clay models make attacking on land, sea and air possible because Deidara can direct them like a remote control by using his Chakra. The destructiveness of Deidara’s exploding clay is dependent on the level of chakra that was mixed into the clay. (C1 to C4 refer to the levels of chakra that Deidara uses to infuse with his clay)

    Page 245
    Main Title: Destructiveness of “exploding clay” varies in accordance to the level of Chakra used!!

    The explosive power of this type of exploding clay is small. Hence, it is chiefly used in covert actions such as surprise attacks. The design of the bombs tends to take the shape of a beetle. (Me: I always thought that they were spiders…)

    Deidara rides on the back of a huge dragon made from exploding clay. The target is pursued with guided missiles, which are vomited out from the dragon’s mouth. Cooperation with a partner, who will set up land mines beforehand, will allow this move to leave a maximum impact.

    Picture caption: Deidara boasted that the explosive power of the C3 was so formidable that he managed to annihilate his hometown by it. (里 means hometown and village. I am more inclined to believing that it refers to hometown here. I will check this out again once I get the Chinese databook. Or hopefully someone else who is better in Japanese can translate this bit for us).

    Text: This move consists of a huge clay model falling from the sky onto the target. Although it looks simple, it boasts the largest explosive power. (Me: Largest in comparison to C1 to C4. CO definitely causes a bigger explosion that C3) This exploding clay model, which follows the design of a doll, takes the scale and the beauty of an explosion to its utmost limit, and eliminates all that is considered as useless.

    Picture caption: When the clay figure explodes, tiny bombs scatter and spread over a wide range.

    Text: The exploding clay takes the form of Deidara’s own appearance. When the huge Deidara-like form explodes, ultra-small bombs are scattered over a wide range. These nano-sized bombs cannot be seen by an ordinary person’s eyes. Once inhaled in, the bombs will go to every passage in the target’s body. Countless tiny explosions occur at the cellular level inside the body, causing destruction from the inside. It is only at the point of death that the target realizes that he has been attacked.

    Page 262:
    Secret Ninjutsu: CO
    Rank: Not given
    Type of jutsu: Offense type.
    Range: From short to long.
    User: Deidara
    Title: An amazing explosion at the cost of the user’s life!

    First Picture caption: The chest mouth can mix a large amount of Chakra with clay because it is directly connected to the heart.

    Second Picture caption: Deidara sacrificed his life to become a great explosion that pierced the heavens and carved a mark on earth.

    Text: The “CO”. This ninjutsu boasts the highest level of destruction from Deidara’s “exploding clay”. It is his “Ultimate Art”, and also a demonstration of his self-worth. The art he creates with his chest mouth differs from the kind created by his hand mouths. In this jutsu, chakra is taken directly from the central part of Deidara’s chakra system and kneaded with clay in his chest mouth. This process continues without stopping until the moment of the explosion. (My elaboration: The chakra system consists of channels that connect to the vital points in one’s body. I think that after chakra was kneaded into clay to make it explosive, the resultant explosive clay was absorbed into Deidara’s chakra system. That’s why his veins, which I think are actually his chakra channels, started to show.) In short, the explosion happens from inside Deidara’s body. This ninjutsu showcases the brilliance of his life’s work, and it also sublimates his being along with the surroundings.

    Page 292

    Top half of the page:
    Jutsu name: tsuchi ton - tsuchi ryuu kakure no jutsu i.e. Earth escape. Mole bury no jutsu. (okay, I suck at this)
    C rank ninjutsu. Complementary type of jutsu.
    Users: Deidara/Tobi

    Title: Hidden underground but yet able to move around freely, this truly is an top escape jutsu!!

    Picture Caption: By perceiving the magnetic forces underground, the user does not lose sight of his position.

    Text: Chakra is used to change the soil into fine sand grains. The user then proceeds to dig a tunnel underground like a mole. As the user is able to move around when underground, this jutsu is good for launching surprise attacks. Moreover, the user can dig deep underground and quickly escape to a place that is out of the opponent’s reach.

    Bottom half of the page:
    Secret Ninjutsu
    Jutsu name: Clay bunshin
    Rank not indicated.
    Complementary type of jutsu.
    User: Deidara

    Title: To deceive and capture the enemy with an earth dummy! There is no escape from its stickiness!

    Picture caption: The moment from which Sasuke’s hand goes through Deidara’s body, the latter takes the form of a earth dummy! The clay hardness changes. It twines around the opponent’s arm and locks him in place.

    Text: Among all the other “bushin jutsus” out there, this is the only one that does the dual role of allowing the user to both escape from, and capture the opponent. This highly convenient jutsu is unique only to Deidara. When the clay bunshin receives an attack, it catches and traps the enemy. If Deidara mixes “exploding clay” into the clay bunshin, it is possible to make it explode with the enemy still caught with it!! (Me: Remember back then when Deidara's clay bushin exploded in front of Kakashi, Gai and the others? That one was made with exploding clay. The one that trapped Sasuke was probably not made with exploding clay)
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    Re: Miscellaneous Databook III Translations

    Some more from the people at NF.

    Kabuto's Profile Translated by Nehanshouja (

    Spoiler: Kabuto's Profile Translated by Nehanshouja ( show

    Frog Transformation Jutsu Translated by Nehanshouja (

    Spoiler: Frog Transformation Jutsu Translated by Nehanshouja ( show

    Pain's Profile Translated by Nihongaeri (

    Spoiler: Pain's Profile Translated by Nihongaeri ( show

    Yamata no Jutsu Translated by Kumanri (

    Spoiler: Yamata no Jutsu Translated by Kumanri ( show
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    Check out now! Kekkaishi is one of the best Shōnen manga out there!!

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    Re: Miscellaneous Databook III Translations

    Credit goes to Maracunator from Narutoforums.
    Quote Quote:

    Caption: "Wha... What should I do? In my heart, I'm not ready yet..."

    Side text: "Conquering her bashful self, [she'll be] the first, white flower* of the new season/year, blossoming delicately."

    Main paragraph:
    A legitimate child of the Hyuuga's Main family, Konoha's distinguished family. Such majestic position felt as a heavy responsibility to her, and her reduced potentiality contracted her into a introverted girl, her relation with her friends and mentor moved her into a comfortable growth to adulthood. Her objective, is the one who in spite of the state of things got strong and changed her, separated from her somewhere in Earth making the effort to train, the person she yearns for. Naruto is the one who gave Hinata such things as "potentiality" and "self-confidence". That Naruto who's come back after 3 years approximately. Hinata's potentiality will surely show how it's spread further.

    Byakugan caption text:
    The power of "Byakugan" which ranks equally with Neji's. A potential with no place for doubts!

    Searching caption:
    Bearing in mind her personal advantage and abilities, through the most beneficial shape she contributes with the team.
    (note: not quite sure here, got a bit confused with the proper use for the "katachi" [形] kanji).

    383 relief caption:
    While it's said she's become more Shinobi-like, her tenderness to worry about a friend is occasional.

    297 caption:
    Ironically, Hinata's timidness reaches its peak in front of Naruto, the one who changed her.

    As for her personal data:

    Ninja Registration ID: 012612
    Birthday: December 27th
    Height: 160.0 centimeters
    Weight: 45 Kg.
    Blood type: A
    Personality: shy, introverted
    Favorite food: soft bean-jam, cinnamon rolls
    Disliked food: crab, lobster
    Person she wants to fight: Hyuuga Neji, Hyuuga Hiashi
    Favorite word: self-confidence
    Hobby: Pressing flowers

    Age of graduation at the academy: 12
    Age of Chuunin promotion: 14
    -S rank: 0
    -A rank: 1
    -B rank: 8
    -C rank: 14
    -D rank: 10

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    Re: Miscellaneous Databook III Translations

    Im sorry I'm new, but is there any translations on kakashi from the data book III

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    Re: Miscellaneous Databook III Translations

    Quote Quote:
    Entry 2:
    Pain Rikudou (The Sex Paths of Pain)

    "The man who is at the peak of his success, and the man who has just failed are in exactly the same position. Each must decide what he will do next."

    Jigoro Kano

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