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Thread: Claymore Chapter 87 Review by Super Angillis

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    Claymore Chapter 87 Review by Super Angillis

    Claymore Chapter 87- Return of the Exterminators.

    The Cast-
    Claire- Our lead Character. Not in this chapter.
    Helen- The Boisterous and exciting former number 22. She’s gotten herself into it now. Loves Apples, at least according to the fandom.
    Deneve- Helen’s best friend, who wields two swords, regenerates very well, and was once ranked number 14. She’s looking good this chapter.
    Isley- One of the three Creatures of the Abyss. His behavior is a little odd. Not so odd that Helen and Deneve aren’t screwed though.
    The Demons- Go read the Chapter. Seriously, you need to see pictures of these things to fully grasp the situation. Freaky.

    Zombie Claymore Strippers-
    We open with Dietrich hiding behind a tree as the Demons pass. As to what the demons are, they seem to be abnormally tall women with their eyes and mouth’s sewn shut, and whose attire consists of leather strips stitched to their flesh. Freaky. One of the Demons finds Dee, though and sniffs at her, before moving on. Dee can’t believe the Demons are back so soon, and that another town is going to disappear.
    Well we get a good view of the Demons right off the bat this chapter, but it only raises more questions. No one anticipated this. Not only are their multiple demons, but they are very strange. The fact that their eyes and mouth’s are sewn shut is very disturbing, and it seems that they primarily rely on there scent of smell. Dietrich is lucky that she didn’t smell interesting to them. I figure that the next month is going to be chock full of speculation on these things. On another note, I nicknamed them Zombie Claymore Strippers, or ZCS for short, on the Animesuki forums. I did not expect others to use it, but please feel free to do so.

    Behold the power of the Apple diet-
    In town the villagers decide to get the hell out of town. Probably because Helen and Isley are leveling the place. Helen has done pretty well thus far, sneaking around using buildings, and sniping at Isley using her stretchy arms. She even manages to take out most of his torso with an attack. But it’s Helen who’s worried, as she realizes that Isley keeps getting stronger, and regenerating from her attacks. She apologizes to Miria for letting her curiosity get her and Deneve killed as Isley lashes out…
    Well this was a great fight sequence. Helen does rather well here, landing many hits. She even displays the ability to perform the drill sword while her arm is stretched, a very useful trick. And it’s clear Isley is frustrated at not being able to finish her off. The problem is that Isley is regenerating from the hits, so Helen can’t do any lasting damage. I’m a bit surprised, as I always figured from his abilities Isley would be an offensive type. Either I was wrong, or it’s just easier for him to heal in his human form. It also seems to me as though Isley is trying to finish this fight with the least amount of his power as necessary. This is interesting, and he could have probably killed Helen by now if he were to use more of it from the get go. Just why is Isley holding back so much?

    Deneve Does Fan service-
    Helen gets saved by Deneve, who has regenerated. Although she’s missing a good chunk of her shirt. Helen is surprised to see Deneve alive and about, so Deneve explains that she had to cross her limit in order to regenerate. Since she’s releasing Yoki she can’t run, so she’ll buy Helen time to escape. The two of them have a little argument about how neither could run if it meant leaving the other to die, and Helen releases Her Yoki as well. Deneve muses that since it started with the two of them, it won’t be bad if it ends with the two of them as they prepare to face Isley. Little do they know that they are about to get company in the form of the Demons….
    I just love Helen and Deneve’s characterization in this part. You really get a sense of their friendship, and bond. Neither can leave the other to die, but both want the other to escape. It also seems that now Deneve will be providing some fan service due to the missing part of her outfit. It’s actually kind of refreshing to see someone’s clothes get damaged in a fight in a way that that doesn’t conviently cover everything up, yet at the same time isn’t being used as a joke about how something’s hanging out. With there Yoki released we will finally see some ghosts fight at full power, for the first time since the time skip. Of course the ZCS are about to show up, and the seem to be drooling in anticipation…
    In conclusion- This chapter was very action heavy. It was good to see Helen put up such a great fight. The Demons form was revealed, but only raised more questions. Can’t wait for next month.
    Winner of the Month- Tie. Both Deneve and Helen did great, so I have to award them joint custody of the winner of the month award.

    What does it mean? It means your about to get your butt kicked!

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    Re: Claymore Chapter 87 Review by Super Angillis

    Good review!

    I just hope the next chapter would explain fully the history of the ZCS, it should be interesting, since people shouldn't grow into that size in matter of months or weeks, probably another hidden village or so.....

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