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Thread: Claymore 86 & 87 review by natli

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    Claymore 86 & 87 review by natli

    CHAPTER 86 & 87
    Thanks to cnet for translation!

    Last time real life reared its ugly head and I couldn't write a review, so this time it's a double issue I can't say that the situation is much better now, but this time I found one day when I can sit down and write something. Unfortunately, this time it's without pictures, because I simply don't have time to edit them ^^' and it's a pity with all those facial expressions that Isley's been making...


    Last month...I mean two months ago, I wrote that Dee seems to have a sense of honour, but it turns out she can give Raki a run for his money in the 'noble idiot' category. She'd rather die than tell a lie, but at the same time she feels gratitude towards her saviours and initially offers that she will let them kill her...and is actually suprised that they refuse. Her second plan (the girl thinks fast) is that they kidnap her, so that she would not need to report at all. I understood that she decided to get kidnapped permanently... in other words one more ally for the ghosts. She convinces the ghosts by presenting herself as a source of information. Thus, she gets reluctantly kidnapped and follows Helen and Deneve into a meeting with Demons and Isley. I have to add that she really disarmed me with her comment: "What a bunch of reckless fools..." Don't worry Dee, with your attitude you'll fit right in!

    Helen & Deneve

    I have a feeling that Deneve's cool exterior is just a facade. In reality she is as reckless as Helen. I can understand the decision to help the present generation claymores with the awakened being. But to follow Helen into that town just to see Isley... Despite that, they're amazing together. Even though they sometimes misunderstand each other (Deneve thinking that Helen would run from Isley) they are always in sync with their actions and words. Turning to the fight scene, it was really awesome how Helen used her extended arm. Deneve proved that slicing her in half doesn't really impress her. Isley may win, but he's in for one hell of a ride...


    ...alright, fanservice is one thing, but this made me gag. Not only because of the visuals. Those Demons have pieces of leather sewn into their skin in "strategic places." So they, or their creators must have felt the need to dress themselves... somehow. But wouldn't it be easier to find some old shirt than to put two straps of leather to create panties... yeah, fanservice, I know. I won't join into the discussion about what they are. For now it is crucial to gather all the little bits of info Yagi graced us with.

    -their eyes and mouths are sewn shut so that they...won't eat and see? Galatea blinded herself to make her senses sharper, so the latter one makes some sense. But how do they survive? Maybe they can drink, but you can't survive on water alone. Moreover, when they began, it looked like they had a healthy appetite for...something (alright, Isley, it's probably you). Seriously though, it's important to note that somebody didn't want them to eat at all.

    -they're dressed in scraps of cloth and leather. The Organization is in the habit of creting sexy outfits, but they look like uniforms and are generaly whole. And why are the pieces sewn into them...mind-boggling.

    -they're bigger than Claymores, who themselves are usually quite tall.

    -they're not youma nor awakened beings, and are called 'exterminators'. Whose exterminators? This implies that somebody must have sent them. They don't operate alone.

    -they depend on their sense of smell. There is a lot of speculation if they are connected with Miata, and I also think that this similarity is not just a coincidence. But what exactly is the relation here? Moreover, if they can't sense youki (we still don't know that) it would mean that they are completely unrelated to the 'claymore experiment'.

    -they can be the one's responsible for the destruction of towns (it's still a bit unclear).


    Those seven years didn't serve him well. He still has great shoes... but I digress. He's personality comletely changed. He lost his confidence, calm smile and smooth talk. Not to mention, it looks like he's on the run and hiding. What made him hide in a town full of people? If the Demons are really after him, and they can't sense youki, they might get confused in a crowd. So he can use villagers as a living human shield. Quite cowardly, no? Unless, he has really good reasons.

    The fight with Deneve would be completely unbelivable (Helen winning with Isley, come on) but for her running inner commentary, which made me realise she's not winning at all. But it's still suspicious that Isley looks so haggard and... tired? I'm eagerly waiting for his story

    This review was less speculation and more free commentary, but I hope that you liked it. See you next month (hopefully)!
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