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Thread: Minato's and Kushina's Early Life

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    Minato's and Kushina's Early Life

    "Um...Kamikaze-kun, I want to tell you something really important?" said Kushina.

    Minato was sitting upon a stomp. He turned his head to see who was talking to him. Seeing that it was Kushina, he then reposition himself so that he was facing Kushina.

    Blushing, Kushina started to say, "I lo, I lo, lo."

    Minato crossed his arms and tilted his head to his left trying to think what Kushina might be trying to say.

    "Look, this is really hard for me to say," said Kushina while looking at the green grass.

    Yawning Minato got up from his seat. He walked pass Kushina without even looking at her. Kushina's eyes followed Minato's feet and then trail upwards to finally Minato's back as he walked pass her.

    Stopping, Minato turned his head to the right-hand side and said, "don't worry. I know full well what you want to say."

    Shocked, Kushina said, "Really? But listen to me, it's really important okay? You're the first person that I'm going to say this to."

    Looking towards the sky, Minato stated, "if you have something really important to say then just shout it from your heart."

    At that moment, Kushina thought that Minato was kind of cool.

    "Alright," said Kushina to herself, "here I go." Staring at the ground again and clenching her fists tightly, Kushina shouted, "I LOST so there!"

    "Ah hahaha!" yelled Minato with both arms flying high the in sky.

    Enraged, Kushina yelled profanity at Minato and started to chase him. Minato started to run in circles yelling how great of a ninja he was and how he beat the manly Kushina.

    Minato then ran to a nearby bush and shouted, "Jiraiya-sensei did you hear?! Kushina conceded to me!"

    Kushina stopped dead in her tracks and her jaw dropped. She felt utterly humiliated.

    Jiraiya came out of the bush and said, "looks like I've won the bet Tsunade."

    Tsunade came out of the bush next to Jiraiya looking dismayed. Ticked off, Tsunade made up an excuse trying to leave the scene without paying Jiraiya. Kushina's jaw dropped even more.

    "Tsunade-sensei too?" shrieked Kushina.

    Just when things couldn't get any worse, Orochimaru eerily came out of the bush, between Jiraiya and Tsunade, freaking out everyone.

    "Orochimaru-sensei too?" shrieked Kushina again.

    "Ah, what a waste of time this was," said Orochimaru. He stepped out and started to walk away.

    Kushina let out her warcry and tried to rain down death and destruction upon Minato. Laughing and evading Kushina's attacks, Minato ran around yelling how great of a ninja he was. Jiraiya laughed out loud watching Minato and Kushina. Taking this opportunity to escape, Tsunade tried to tip-toed away, but she stopped in her track. Orochimaru eerily rose up from the bush in front of Tsunade.

    "Stop doing that Orochimaru!" shouted Tsunade.

    Orochimaru let out a dark chuckle then said, "I forgot something. Pay up Tsunade."

    Tsunade started to sulk. Jiraiya laughed. Minato continued evading Kushina's attacks. The end.
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    (Please read from right to left.)

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    Re: Minato's and Kushina's Early Life

    That was cute...a little odd in places, but that's okay too. Nice idea :P

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    Re: Minato's and Kushina's Early Life

    hauhauhua nice... ideas...

    I think you must be a very happy person...

    loved the part about Kushina "let out her warcry and tried to rain down death and destruction upon Minato"...
    that was epic.... I could see in my head.... XD....

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