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Thread: Fated Punishment (how will the other Homunculus die?)

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    Re: Fated Punishment (how will the other Homunculus die?)

    Quote Originally Posted by RBomber View Post
    Sloth: killed by Alex L. Armstong, the least menacing guy in military (despite his buff), in the sake for protecting his big sister. This is can be implied as "Sloth" being removed by "Will", since this guy has turned, from passive non-suppoter for decadence into active supporter who aims to reform the decadence.

    Gluttony: "Eaten" by Pride, which is ironic; His power and trait is "Gluttony", yet he destroyed by another "gluttony".

    Envy: Destroyed by humans he despised much, not once, but twice. ALso, it worth mentioned that he pretty much creating all his problem for himself, Mustang and Marcoh wouldn't hurt him that much if he hadn't been cocky and/or pointlessly killing without remorse. Similar with the vein, that all of Great Sins, envy is the one that the most self-destructing. And his real form implies that he might have been jealous for human.

    Lust: Destroyed by Mustang, in the name of protecting his comrades. ALo can be seen as allegory; lust will destroying itself.
    Could we really consider gluttony to be really dead? The way pride phrased things, it seems as if he could at any time release that part of the system or whole.... IMHO the good old gluttony we all know and love is actually alive inside of pride....

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    Re: Fated Punishment (how will the other Homunculus die?)

    Sloth is dead, I guess. Ch 93 showing his body disintegrate after "Mr. Clean" clean him up.

    About Pride, I think we can agree that Pride really "eating" Gluttony. I am not talking about his shadow power.

    Gluttony, I guess, is really dead for the time being, except Father can resurrect him....

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