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Thread: Tsubasa Shunraiki/xxxHoic Shunmuki

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    Re: Tsubasa Shunraiki/xxxHoic Shunmuki

    There probably won't be another tsubasa OAD until the series is over... They left off shunraiki with them going to Clow, so... yeah.

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    Re: Tsubasa Shunraiki/xxxHoic Shunmuki

    Just finished watching Shunraiki, i think it has the best fight scenes ever made for TRC. Though most of the arcs were quite compressed, i think some of the important details were not missed. I love the crossover scenes between xxxHolic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle characters, though i wish they extended a bit for the Celes arc even it was a flashback but I guess the 3 arcs (Infinity, Celes, Nihon) are quite long to put up altogether in a two-part OAV.
    Even it might not be possible, I'm hoping that the last part battle for return to the Clow country would still be shown. (..or it will be just left to read the manga to know what will happen at the end...)

    Shunraiki I part 1, part 2, part 3
    Shunraiki II part 1, part 2, part 3

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