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Thread: Love Hina

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    Love Hina

    Title: Love Hina
    Genres:Comedy, Drama, Harem
    Author:Ken Akamatsu
    Artist:Ken Akamatsu
    Start Date:October 21, 1998
    End Date:October 31, 2001
    Number of chapters at review:118
    Number of chapters read by reviewer:118

    General Overview:
    Set in present day japan, the story takes place around the very clumsy character Keitaro Urashima. The plot revolves around his childhood promise made with a girl to enter Tokyo University together. Keitaro has attempted to enter Tokyo U twice and on his second failure was kicked out of his house. Forced to live at his grandmothers Inn which has been turned into a Girl's Dormitory to the unknowing Keitaro;He is beseeched with the foreign world of girls. Keitaro's adventure along with a promosing original cast of characters is filled with many beatings, much humor, and a little bit of romance.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)


    The art while not being a completely original design does not distract the reader from plot.


    The plot brings out many emotions and will leave you satisfied at the end. Many surprises await that are not easily for seen along with new characters. Love Hina provided the perfect amount of humor and romance to keep both sexs' satisfied.


    Unfogettable would be an understatement for the characters in Love Hina. At first characters seem cliqued until the personalities really develop and readers will find that getting attatched is not uncommon.


    "Success is only limited to your effort" seems to be the primary theme for Love Hina


    Although Everything is not completely original, this manga was the keystone for many great harems afterwards.

    Overall: 8

    This is definitely worth the time to read. Unforgettable cast and moments will leave you asking for more.
    If you are totally against fan service it is probably not the manga for you.

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    Re: Love Hina

    This manga is awesome! I dont really agree with a 8. It definitely deserves a 10!!

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