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Thread: List your 5 preconceptions about Naruto's future.

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    Re: List your 5 preconceptions about Naruto's future.

    • Naruto becomes Hokage
    • Sasuke dies sacraficing himself
    • Madara Uchiha is a body hopper
    • I swear that is Obito's body he is in at the moment
    • Naruto ends up with Hinata
    • Sakura is a life long platonic friend to Naruto
    • Kakashi dies
    • The Kyuubi is released before the end of the series
    • Kabutomaru helps to save the day in one way or another

    I do not know what in the world to think about the Kushina situation...but I will say I am leaning towards death in child birth or something like that...though I do wonder who took care of Naruto until he was old enough to live by himself.

    I think I played it pretty safe except for the Madara thing.
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