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Thread: Bettenchi - Chapter 3

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    Bettenchi - Chapter 3


    ( 別天地 )

    Chapter 3 - Demon

    The fear they never felt before...

    Creature : That Spirit of yours , it pisses me off !!! Just give up brat !!!

    Creature trys to take out his spirit by his hands even harder

    Hisashi : ...tch

    Something happens , the light from Hisashis chest is coming out

    Creature ( thinking ) : My hand... his spirit energy pushing it away...

    Miyuki isnt able to see them through the light that covered the creature and Hisashi.

    Suddenly , dark silhouette flys away from light and hits into nearest building

    Creature : AAAaaahhhh !!!

    Miyuki ( confused ) : W..w..h...a...t...?

    The light is going out slowly

    Miyuki : Hisashi !!!

    Hisashi is standing , hes not hurt .

    Hisashi ( shocked ) : I'm fine Miyuki...but what was that about ...?

    Miyuki : Lets go home...

    Hisashi : Yeah...what was that thing anyway...

    Something moves in the ruins of building wall

    Creature : I'm a Demon you scum !!! How can you possibly have that much power in your puny spirit ?

    Demon runs straight to Miyuki

    Demon: ...I guess I will have take your little friends spirit !!!

    Miyuki trys to run , but its too late

    Hisashi : Miyuki !!!

    Hisashi is runing near them

    Demon grabs Miyuki with one hand , but weird whispering voice apears

    Miyuki : Seishou-houmen...

    Necklace is lighting
    Miyuki is standing calm and smiling at the Demon

    Miyuki :
    Howaido-atemi !!!

    Demon ( shocked ) : You cant...

    Miyukis fist is lighting with white energy

    Demon: Sh...i... ...

    Demon trys to step back , but Miyukis fist hits his left chest side blowing Demon away

    Demon falls on the ground

    Demon: tch...tch...but ....your just a human !!! How can you ...

    Demon stands up , but it seems Miyukis blow annihilated his left side of chest and left arm

    Hisashi is standing few metres away from Miyuki watching unbelievable events

    Demon: tch... you will regret this...

    Demon opens his mouth wide

    Bachiatari Seirei-dageki...

    Demon shoots dark/red energy ball from his mouth

    Demons strike is coming straight to Miyuki and Hisashi

    Miyuki is standing still and smiling

    Miyuki :
    Howaido-atemi !!!

    Miyukis repels Demons attack with her right hand pushing dark ball away, Demons attack coming back to him in higher speed

    Demon: Huh... this is my own energy , I can stop it no matter what !

    Demon raises his hand and stops the attack

    Demon: Huh ?

    In a big surprise red/black energy ball turns white and explodes

    Hisashi : ...

    Dust cloud rises after explosion

    Miyuki and Hasashi is coming closer explosion center

    Demon is still breathing

    Demon: tch...tch....tch...You are just a fu***** humans !!! ...tch... hehehahah ... I'm not the first and not the last Demon you seee....tch...theres more...stronger Demons....tch uh
    It seems I have succeeded... anyway...

    And the Demon vanishes leaving a black spot on the ground

    Miyuki falls on the ground unconscious

    Hisashi : ...ah !!! I caught you...

    Hisashi ( worried ) : I hope you are ok...

    Hisashi takes Miyuki on his hands and walks away - heading for his home

    Next time : Chapter 4 - Waking up!!!

    Chapter 4
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