( 別天地 )

Chapter 8 - Encounter

Two demons are searching for their targets

Village is in big danger

Scene shows Hisashi and Miyuki siting over the table and drinking tea

Miyuki : Hmmmff....

Hisashi : Whats wrong ?

Miyuki : Nothing, I just cant forget that story...I keep thinking of it .

Hisashi takes a cookie

Hisashi : Hmm...mmm . These cookies are so tasty !

Takes another one

Hisashi : Mmmm...mmmm

Miyuki : Glad, you like it.

Hisashi : Can I ask you ?

Miyuki : Uh! Sure .

Hisashi ( serious ) : Where did you get that necklace ?

Miyuki ( sad ) : ...I found it in Ashumi Tomb...that day...

Hisashi : Did you notice anything weird about it ?

Miyuki : No... why you ask that?

Hisashi : Well I dont know , Ashumi Tomb ... Ashumi name in fairy-tale , necklace from that place, and all that crap happening !

Miyuki : Uh ! You mean my necky...

Scene changes to Gatchi

Gatchi: Oh screw this !!! This searching makes me sick ...

Jumps few metres more

Gatchi: Arrrghhh!!! Theres no kigai sense in this dump place .

Gatchi(laughs) : ...I guess I will have some fun , lets use old way of searching

Gatchi jumps on the midle of the street

Villagers are shocked and scared , some are running away , others are standing with fear in their faces .

Gatchi(smiling) : Hello ants !!! And GoodBye !!!

Gatchi grabs few villagers and takes their soul away , eating them .

Gatchi: Phew...

Gatchi rises his hand and starts screaming

Gatchi: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!

Area around him starts shaking

Gatchi: Come out !!! So I can eat your soul !!!

Gatchi: Where are you bastards ?!!!

Scene changes to Miyuki and Hisashi

Miyuki : !!!

Hisashi : !!!

Miyuki ( frightened ) : I feel cold ...

Hisashi : Its close... We have to get out of here !!!

Hisashi grabs Miyuki and runs away to the exit door

They run in the street , away from demon

Miyuki ( frightened )

Gatchi notices them

Gatchi ( thinking ) : ..boy and a girl ,huh?

Gatchi: Hahahahah !!! There you are little ants !!!

Gatchi runs towards them

Gatchi: Dont run !!! I wont hurt you...

Hisashi ( thinking ) : No...hes too fast !!!

Hisashi : Damn it ! We wont make it !

Demon outruns them

Gatchi: Say Hello to Gatchi !!!

Hisashi and Miyuki stops because theres nowhere to run .

Hisashi : Sh...i...* !!!

Gatchi attacks Hisashi first

Gatchi: Hmh !!!

Gatchi hits Hisashi pushing him away

Hisashi : Uh !!!!!!

Hisashi craches into a building

Miyuki ( scared ) :

Gatchi: Your turn...

Gatchi: Yamanekosougi !!!

Red flames appears in demons claws

Miyuki : ...

Miyuki gets direct hit !!!

Miyuki : Unhhh !!!

Miyuki lie on the ground

Scene changes to Tachiro

Tachiro felt Gatchis kigai

Tachiro: !!!

Tachiro ( thinking ) : Gatchi...your so troublesome .

Tachiro turns around

Scene changes to Gatchi

Gatchi: So ? Thats all ? Not a big deal afterall ...

Gatchi starts turning around

Hisashi : Its stupid to think that your enemy is finished just after one hit ...

Gatchi: Ahahah ! I see you got some strength ! Worm ...

Hisashi is walking slowly towards Gatchi

Hisashi : Intresting to see a demon walking at this time...

Gatchi: ??? What ?

Hisashi approaching

Hisashi : Sun is no problem to you ...anymore ...demons ?

Gatchi: Phew... No more worm , theres no difference day or night to me .

Hisashi : Lets see if I can be a problem to you

Scene changes to Tachiro watching the battle from behind

Tachiro ( thinking ) : Our sources are right , one of them spreads high kigai .

Scene changes to Hisashi and Gatchi

Hisashi : Akari !!!

Gatchi: O.o Huh !!??

Hisashi punches demon

Gatchi: Uhhhh... thats nice , but not enough to hurt me .

Gatchi attacks Hisashi with his right hand

Hisashi blocks his attack with his left hand

Gatchi trys to hit with his left hand

But both attacks got blocked

Gatchi: Arghh...

Hisashi : Heh !

Hisashi gets out and hits demon stomach with Akari

Gatchi: !!!

Gatchi got pushed few metres away

Gatchi: Uh !!! I thought its same attack ...

Scene changes to Tachiro

Tachiro ( thinking ) : I told you...stupid

Scene changes to Miyuki

Miyuki rises from dusty road

She looks around and notices Hisashi fighting with demon

Miyuki : Hi...shi ?

Demon grabs Hisashis neck lifting him up

Gatchi: Damn you worm ! You are really strong one , hahahah !!!

Gatchi: But sorry , its time to take out your soul !!!

Demon hits Hisashi with claws to his chest ,trying to throw his soul out

Miyuki : Noooo!!!!

Miyuki : Seishou-houmen...

Necklace started lightning

Miyuki : Time to wanish freak !!!!

Miyuki : Kieru !!!

Gatchi: !!!

Hisashi : Time to move !!!

Hisashi pushes demon with his legs and frees , moving away from demon.

Miyuki holds out her right arm , its shaning with bright yellow light .

Gatchi: O.o

Miyuki shoots yellow ball shaped light

Area around it shakes , building windows breaks from its energy

It successfully hits demon

Gatchi: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

Hisashi : !!!

Miyuki : Its not finished yet.

Gatchi: No its not...

Gatshi comes out from dust cloud

Gatchi: Lets have some fun !!!

Gatchi is hurt , but it seems that its no a problem for him to move .

Scene changes to Tachiro observing the fight on the tree in the forest

Tachiro: How ...intresting...

Suddenly someone appears behind him !!!

Hitsuga : Wont you join them ?

Tachiro: !!!

Hitsuga strikes demon with his right leg !!!

Tachiro: Ugghh ...

Tachiro flys down the tree hiting the ground !!!

Scene ends with Hitsuga standing on the tree branch

[CENTER]Next time : Chapter 9 - Hitsuga vs Tachiro , Hisashi & Miyuki vs Gatchi !!!


Name : Hisashi Takari
Gender : Male
Age: 19

Eye : Blue
Hair : Brown

Weight : 80 kg
Height : 1.82 cm

Personallity :
Happy, careful character . Likes Miyuki . Came to Ashumi village 2 years after accident in Ashumi Tomb . Lives alone .

Drawing :