( 別天地 )

Chapter 5 - Entering the past

--To understand the present , we need to know the past--

I was there... I saw it all...

Our land was covered in shadows

No one could escape them

Our last hope was to fight them back

The night, the sky is dark , rain drops falling from the heaven

The moon is shining brightly , giving us our hope

All our land covered in red

Everyone is fighting

We are giving all our strength and will to fight them

But it looks like theres no end to this

They are coming one after another , burning us to ashes

Fear and hate is ...

--Half paper is teared off--


Another day of fighting

Our village was destroyed a month ago

We are moving to Katshu - our new home and shelter

As expected ...

Rain and night approaching to this territory


And they are here

Another endless fight begun

It seems we still had light on our side

We are winning



Our leader Ashumi Akari fights no matter what , giving will to our souls


Theres only 8 left of us


Hundreds of night the creatures


The sun is shining brightly , giving us new day

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