( 別天地 )

Chapter 7 - Stranger

Miyuki and Hisashi have finished translating and reading the text

Hisashi ( confused ) : So , I'm supposed to believe this fairy-tale ?

Miyuki : O.o You mean you refuse to believe ? Did you forget what happened that night !!!!???

Hisashi : >.< But this story sounds so unreal ... demons invading earth, 1000 year ago .
It sounds like a book I was reading when I was 10 ( laughs )

Miyuki : Maybe it does ... I dont know what to think

Hisashi : Me neither, only one thing changed after I read this ...

Miyuki : Hmmm ? What ?

Hisashi : I'm confused more than before

Miyuki ( laughing ) : =D I thought you will say something like that !!!

Hisashi : -.- pff...

Scene changes to the village part in south west

Villagers spots Hitsuga

Villager : Hey !!! Hes wounded !

Some villager runs near Hitsuga

Other villager: need some help ?

Villager : O.o Stupid !!! Look at him , how can he possibly be ok ?

Other villager: Lets take him to my house .

Hitsuga ( with exhausted voice ) : ...I have to...find...

Other villager: Dont talk buddy , you need some rest .

Villagers carry him to the nearest house

Scene changes to Ashumi Tomb ruins area

Black narrow entrance appears in the air

Two demons comes out of it

1st Demon: Ummm... Can you smell that ?

2nd Demon: What , Gatchi ?

Gatchi: Earth smell !

2nd Demon: All I can smell, is you STUPIDITY .

Gatchi: ¬.¬ It seems you havent changed since our last meeting, Tachiro.

Tachiro ( serious ) :Leave your nonsense for later , dont forget for what we came here .

Gatchi: Oh cmon ! Dont be so serious , thats only two targets ,a boy and a girl .

Tachiro ( serious ) :Yes, both with high kigai

Gatchi: Hah! Thats nothing serious for us !

Tachiro ( serious ) : If our source is right , you will be an easy target for them

Gatchi ( !!! ) : What the hell Tachiro !!! Dont go on me !!!

Tachiro : Just hide your stupidity and you may stay alive long enough.

Gatchi: Tch...

Tachiro : You search in right side , I will go for left side .

Demons split up with task to find their targets

Scene changes to Hitsuga sleeping

His wound is taken care

Suddenly , his ring on left hand finger cracks

White/blue energy surrounds Hitsuga's body

After few moments it dissapears

Hitsuga wakes up

Hitsuga : So you decided that its time to go...

Few seconds silence

Hitsuga : Farewell...

Hitsuga removes a bandage from his wounded arm

Wound is gone

Hitsuga ( thinking ) : Time to go.

Hitsuga leaves villagers house

Next time : Chapter 8 - Encounter !!!

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