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Thread: The Elkin thread

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    The Elkin thread

    Doubt anyone will actually read this, but I suppose this is as much for self-reference as anything else.

    • English (fluent)
    • Chinese (fairly fluent)
    • Japanese (moderate/abysmal... read on and you'll understand)
    • French, German (minimal)

    Translation history

    * For the lazy peeps:
    I'm originally a Chinese-English translator, but I picked up Japanese one fateful day while translating a novel. My Japanese is entirely self-taught, and as such, I'm capable of nothing but reading.

    * The long version:
    I originally started as a Chinese-English translator, seeing as my second tongue is Chinese. What sparked off the whole translation game for me was the anime, Baccano!, and the LJ community.

    After the show ended, I was determined to find out what happens in the novels. As it so happened, people on LJ were also requesting for translations. Knowing Chinese came in handy at this point, since the Chinese seem rather avid about translating just about everything they can get their hands on. So I found the Chinese (fan?) translated novels, and began working on them.

    3 pages in I started running into problems. There were just a few sentences that didn't make sense. I ploughed on regardless, until I hit a section that seemed like half the sentence was missing. At this point, my perfectionist side kicked in, and I decided to give Japanese a shot.

    It was a pain. No, seriously. To give you an idea of how I learnt Japanese: I learnt my kana from the Wikipedia page, learnt my grammar by comparing Chinese translations to Japanese original texts (with a little help from a rather nifty Japanese-Chinese translator), and more or less lived off dictionaries.

    That was December 2007. I've made progress since in the past year and a bit, but my Japanese language foundations remain incredibly shaky. Why? Well, I've yet to pick up any book and such that teach you Japanese. So yeah, don't ask me about verb conjuncations and particles and what have you, because I've never heard of those terms before >.>

    Translations list:

    Spoiler show
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    - Semi-hiatus

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    Re: The Elkin thread

    Kind sir, you are a hero to our people, for doing what very few of us dare to do. You sir, are Spartacus.

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