( 別天地 )

Chapter 9 - Light & Darkness

Scene starts with Tachiro standing up

Tachiro ( thought ) : So...theres 3 of them now.

Tachiro: How unexpected...

Hitsuga standing on the branch

Hitsuga : I was just passing by and thought I will teach you a lesson .

Tachiro: ...

Scene changes to Gatchi

Gatchi ( thought ) : How ...? her kigai grown suddenly.

Hisashi ( thought ) : We have to finish him fast . If we let him live longer , it will get more dangerous .

Miyuki : ...

Gatchi : ...

Gatchi : Kouen !!!

Red flames covers Gatchi .

Miyuki is runs straight into Gatchi .

Miyuki : Howaido-atemi !!!

Miyuki fist starts lightning with white energy

Gatchi ( thought ) : ...come closer...

Miyuki attacks demon but Gatchi blocks her lightning fist and grabs her arm .

Gatchi : Hehehehe...

Miyuki : !!!

Gatchi spreads red flame and covers Miyuki .

Miyuki : Ugh...

Myuki falls on her kness

Gatchi : To bad I wont have a chance to taste your soul ... it will burn to nothing .

Gatchi : !!!

Hisashi appears behind Gatchi

Hisashi : Akari !!!

Gatchi : Damn rat ! ...Ughhhh!!!!

Hisashi punches demon with his right hand and pushes him away from Miyuki .

Hisashi : Miyuki !!!

Miyuki is covered in flames

Miyuki hears whispering in her mind

Whisper : ...dont try to stop the flame... Try to control it ...

Miyuki : Ahhh...

Miyuki stands up , flame is burning around her body ,but it seem it doesnt affect her .

Red flame gathers on Miyuki hands after she lifts them

Gatchi ( thought ) : She is supposed to be dead right now !!!

Miyuki : Kikenshingou...

Red flames turns into red light

Gatchi: !!! Enough of this !!!

Gatchi appears in front of Miyuki , rising his arm to hit

Gatchi: !!!??? Whaaa...

Gatchi stops

Myuiki have touched Gatchi with red light before he attacked

Red flames covering Gatchis body turns into red light

Gatchi: Gwaaah !!!!!!

Red light and Gatchi dissapears

Hisashi : I can feel him !!!

Right after this smaller demon appears behind Miyuki

Gatchi: Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!

Gatchi attacks Myuki with black spear made of his own arm

Hisashi : Noooo!

Hisashi protects Miyuki by taking hit

Hisashi : Agh... !

Hisashi throws Gatchi away

Black spear is left thrusted in Hisashi

Hisashi : Uhh!!

Hisashi pulls out the spear

Miyuki is looking to the ground and not moving

Scene changes to Hitsuga

Big part of forest is destroyed

Hitsuga looks worn-out

Tachiro is tired , his left arm is gone

They are looking at each other

Tachiro : Hehe... I could have never expected that I will get so much enjoyment.

Hitsuga : How nice to know your enjoying your last minutes.

Tachiro Kuragari...

Area around them covers in darkness

Scene changes to Gatchi

Gatchi ( thought ): I have no use of this body , its too weak .

Gatchi : was fun dogs...hehe,dont worry... I will end this fast.

Gatchi : See you ! Kaijin...

Hisashi : !!!

Miyuki : !!!

Huge explosion blast covers the street destroying few buildings .

Hisashi and Miyuki are pushed away by explosion blast

Scene changes to Tachiro

Tachiro lie on ground stabbed with 6 spear shaped ice sticks

Tachiro Cough ! Cough ! It seems we both failed ...

Hitsuga ( thought ): they won...

Tachiro slowly turns into black dust

Hitsuga starts running to find Hisashi and Miyuki

Scene changes to Miyuki

Miyuki ( terrified ) : hhh... Whaa... what happened ?!!!

Hisashi : I think we just owned one demon . Dont you remember ?

Miyuki : ...umm no, I remember weird whispering in my head ... nothing more

Hisashi : O.o ! Oh ... that doesnt surprise me much after all this .

Hitsuga appears in front of them

Hitsuga : Hello ^^ I'm Hitsuga . Let me...

Hisashi : Ahhhhh!!! What the heeeellll !!!

Miyuki : Ummm???

Hitsuga : Finnally I found you !!! ^^ Can we go, have some tea with cookies now ? I'm really tired ^^

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