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Thread: Claymore Chapter 91- Stirrings of Awakening- Review By Super Angillis

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    Claymore Chapter 91- Stirrings of Awakening- Review By Super Angillis

    Claymore Chapter 91- Stirrings of Awakening- Review

    The Cast-

    Claire- Our lead. She may act taciturn and cold, but she truly does care about the lives of others. That makes her actions at the end of the chapter all the more mysterious…

    Riful- The last of the Creatures of the Abyss. Right now she can’t decide if she’s madder at Claire, or Renee…

    Dauf- Riful’s lover and coat rack. Also not too smart. Strong though…

    Renee- The Orgs current number 6 and eye. If she gets out of this alive, she's going to be giving some god some serous thanks.

    Not Just Imagining Things-

    We open with Dauf going into a ruined castle while turning back into his human form. Claire has followed him, and a quick scan with her yoki sensing detects Riful and Renee. She then senses the faint Yoki of the sisters, and realizes that there is something strange about it. And below the sisters stir. Riful notices, but Renee manages to pass it off as nothing. In truth Renee is very alarmed it has begun to awaken faster, and wants to get out of dodge as soon as possible. Then they hear noise from above.

    Well, Claire has successfully followed Dauf back to the hideout. And it looks like she has triggered something in the sisters just by being there. More on that later. Renee sensibly wants to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. But she still needs an opportunity…

    This Call’s For A Certain Finesse… BLEARGAH!

    As it turns out what they hear is Claire. Dauf gets frustrated and turns into his awakened form, causing Riful to go investigate. Renee decides to use this chance to run for it, and has a hidden Yoki suppressant pill to help her out. Above, Claire is doing very well fighting Dauf, and either deflecting his attacks, or turning them back on him. He losses sight of Claire, and Riful comes up and starts to choke him with her hair. One hasty explanation by Dauf later, and Riful is taking off her dress and awakening, looking for some payback for the time Claire ran off on her. Dauf is going to watch over Renee…
    There had been a lot of speculation on how Claire was going to stealthily infiltrate Riful’s lair. Turns out she didn’t even try stealth, but rather started fighting Dauf with all the subtly of Godzilla visiting Tokyo. I’m not sure if she was planning to lure Riful away like this or not. But as we see, even without using her Yoki, Claire can fight Dauf fairly evenly by herself. We also get fan service for lolicons in this chapter as Riful strips off. This is I believe the first time we have ever seen an AB take off their clothes before transforming. Of course this has set off all kinds of speculation as to what it might mean. Aside from making Dauf Blush.

    Run For Your Life Renee!

    Riful orders Dauf to tear off Renee’s limbs after she senses Renee’s Yoki vanish. But it turns out that Renee’s legs are fine, and she outruns Dauf. So Riful decides to chase after Renee instead. Claire realizes that Renee needs to be saved from Riful, but she is overcome by a powerful headache, and finds herself walking to the conjoined Raphaela and Lucelea… And she doesn’t know why.
    Renee manages to get away, but with Riful chasing her she may not get far. Then again Riful may run into Alicia and Beth, so… But Renee probably won’t die as she still has a message to relay to Claire. The interesting thing is that Claire wants to help Renee escape, but somehow ends up in front of the sisters. It seems that they may have drawn her there somehow, possibly because like it, Claire is the fusion of more than one Claymore. Personally I think it may be a case of like calling out to like, and the Sisters wanting Claire to act as a midwife to the birth of whatever they are about to become, acting on some sort of instinct. If so then maybe what will emerge won’t be another destructive monster for the cast to fight.

    Winner of the Month-

    The Sisters, for apparently putting the whammy on Claire.
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    Re: Claymore Chapter 91- Stirrings of Awakening- Review By Super Angillis

    Thanks for the review!!
    Out of all the cliffhangers this one the worst by far..
    The chapter was almost painfully too short as well
    And about the connection between Clare and Raciella, one word: RESONATE.
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