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Thread: Unsolved Mysteries in DGM So Far

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    Re: Unsolved Mysteries in DGM So Far

    Well from
    You see Lullubell showing up at Clouds location so she could be her target.
    The noah asigned to Tiedoll is dead, so Fiddler could be standing in there as you see his pupil Chaoji and Lavi calls Marie.
    And Tryde shows up for Sokalo so he could be his target. With Jasdebi's target missing they are free to help out.
    Only on the 14th squad the noah realy send overpower.
    The group is Allen, Kanda 3 3rds and Link. And they send 4 noah of wich 3 on Allen 1 on Kanda. Its almost 1 on 1, and seeing those 3rd are no match. Link wont do any better then the 3rds, its basicaly 4 noah for 2 exorsists.
    As with the other groups.
    Fiddler faces off vs 4 ( if Tiedoll is there 5) exorsists.
    Lullubell faces 3 exorsists and a 3rd.
    Tryde and Jasdebi face 3 exorsists and a 3rd.

    Does this mean Tryde and Jasdebi are considerd weak as noah?
    And Fiddler must be realy strong if he faces the bookman and Tiedolls boys.
    The strongest team must be Tykki,Sheryl and Mercym cause they are send after Allen. Pure overkill ^^

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    Re: Unsolved Mysteries in DGM So Far

    Oooh, that could be it. Good thinking!

    The pair up between Tryde and Jasdevi vs the Exorcists seems fair. One of them is Sokalo after all and Miranda's Time Record would be good support. Krory's also gotten a lot stronger since the Ark arc and we haven't really seen him in action yet. So 3 Noahs sounds like a good enough match.

    It's Lulubell's fight that seems a bit one sided. One Noah vs a Crystal type and a General (plus one newbie Exorcist that won't be of much use since his power lvl is a Lvl 2 Akuma's at best. It'd be interesting to see what happens when he tries to posess a Noah... which is probably not a good idea since the Noah genes could devour his soul or something.)

    Fiddler vs the Bookmen and Tiedoll's 2 desciples... Hmm... I have to admit that Bookman and Lavi aren't really that strong at all but Lavi still has more seals to unlock. Chaoji might actually be decent in this fight and Marie should be OK in battle again if he's there. These people are like the average level for Exorcists. :/ It looks like an even battle.

    But yeah, Allen's group is definitely overkill. Wisely might join them after he's done too.
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    Re: Unsolved Mysteries in DGM So Far

    i don't know if this has been mentioned before (i'll too lazy to go through 6 pages) but in one of the chapters around the time central starts questioning/stalking allen, leverrier/link said that they found some old guy that had info about mana and his brother.....or something like that....personally, i think the old guy is the man that beat up allen the dog (Casimo-i think....), but.......why/how does he know all that about the brothers? or did he only know that they were brothers?

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