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Thread: Orgin of Gikongai and mod-souls

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    Orgin of Gikongai and mod-souls

    Have you ever though about how gikongai and mod-souls were made? mayuri and division 12 can't just popo out a soul making machine in a convinient pill form now can they?

    When talking about people like Nemu and probably Ururu, they might be a different story all together from what i am about to say.

    the thing about gikongai is that when the shinigami fuses back with thier gigai that the gikongai is in, i have never seen the pill come out of the gigia's mouth like Kon usualy does. do the souls just dissapear? does rukia have like 20 different chappies in her soul despenser?

    My question is what it the orgin of gikongai and modsouls? They obviously are modified souls, but modified souls of what? I think that the orgin of the gikongai and mod souls come from the souls of animals. think about it what souls could they possibly use for mod-souls? Modified animal souls perhaps.

    We do know that animals could have souls from the lizard ichigo saw in hueco mundo. So does that mean t-rex hollows are running around? .? Either way i think that it is a good possibility hat SS decided to use animal souls and other lower class hollows or brainless gillians that were slain and reincarnated in SS as the mod souls. and just animal souls as the gikongai. it sounds logical to me.
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