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Thread: Creating Manga Group. Need Artist For Ma Story

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    Creating Manga Group. Need Artist For Ma Story

    Creating Manga Group

    Well at first i just need charicters drawn and scennery for the scripts im making.

    Well i have started a anime story witch i have been thinking out for 3 years but i recently found out i cant draw and no matter how i try i can't so i came here to ask for help.

    I'l explain what my story is about.

    Sorry for my writing i have ADHD and writing disorders but i like making storyes.

    Name: Universal Guardian

    Type: Shoujin / Adult

    Rating: MA to R18 Depending on the episode

    I rewriting the episodes so make them offical the old ones are crap.

    Universal Guardian is a about a race of beins that have powers beond our controle you think dbz is powerful these guys can destory entire universe without even moving a finger.

    The story isent about the Guardians but the people behind them. Chris the main charicter he is the main male on this story Jessica the 1st main female and Eliza the 3rd these 3 in the end become the most powerful. As Chris was a kid he was born with powers behond a avrage guardian they knew he was one of the 10 chosen ones of his race but dident think because there dark and light guardians he would be chosen one of both but it's easy to figure because his father is a dark guardian and mother is light but he desigsed as a light because theres a war between the guardians and mixed guardians are forbidden. But they seen he had even more power and dident know why so they supressed most of his power 98% of it for reason he was in danger of being killed and so they sent him to a universe witch had earth in it kinda like super man but istead he can fly and has wings like a angel. They supressed his darks and most of his light powers so he wouldent lose controle.

    About the war.
    The war between them is because the dark guardians want more to do with the light and they said they would but the bad guy here Ethar his name told them something ells and they decleard war and thats how it started.

    I can explain more but dont want to make the post to big so i'l post the episodes in the writers section.

    Damn my bad drawing.
    I can explain more also if u have msn click my msn icon to get my msn. Under my country.
    Or Here:

    Sorry for dobble post but i'm REALLY LOOKING FOR ARTISTS. Wanted to make a manga since i was 9 now im 16.

    Episode One
    Sorry to sound to desprate but i been looking for a artest for ages and i want this story a manga so bad so someone please reply.
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