Title: RustBlaster
Genres: Shounen, supernatural, action
Author: Toboso Yana
Artist: Toboso Yana
Publication: GFantasy
Start Date: 2006
End Date: 2006
Number of chapters at review: Six
Number of chapters read by reviewer: Six

General Overview: [Blurb] In the Vampire Mercenary Specialized School, "1000 Years Academy," the most unvampire-like vampire at the academy, Aru, and the human transfer student, Kei, meet by chance. But what they didn't know was that it was a fate the world depended on.

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 7 The art is clean and easy to follow. Mostly direct in its use of camera angles but this does not distract the reader.

Plot: 7 The story is well paced throughout the six chapters and the conclusion is hinted at rather than shown. The plot is simple and steady with touches of humour.

Characters: 5 There is nothing particularly outstanding about the characters and they are pretty generic and, naturally, pretty to look at being vampires. The characters fall into their predetermined roles nicely.

Theme: 6 Fighting for your beliefs and friendships; protecting those you love and care for.

Originality: 6 The concept of undead against undead is not new but vampires against vampires is less common than vampires against werewolves.

Overall: 7 An entertaining afternoon read for fans of pretty vampires.

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