( 別天地 )

Chapter 11 - Walk in the shadows

And so Miyuki , Hisashi and Hitsuga created a new team named same as old one in the past . Its named Shadow Reapers .

Miyuki ,Hisashi and Hitsuga have left Ashumi village

After few hours of traveling

Hisashi : So? Are we going to walk like this all day ? -.-

Miyuki punches Hisashi's right shoulder

Miyuki : Dont push it !!!

Hisashi : ...hmhmmmm

Hitsuga : Hahahah !!! Its OK , Miyuki . Its my fault . Actually ,I didnt know where we are going till now .

Hisashi : You mean we were walking all this time for nothing !!!?

Miyuki : Keep your mouth closed , Hisashi !!! You get anoying sometimes -.-

Hisashi : ...

Hitsuga : ... I felt some source of kigai about 10 minutes ago , it should be ~12 miles away from here , since it was weak feeling .

Miyuki : You can feel it that far ? Maybe its that cold feeling I get when demons are around ?

Hitsuga : No . Its different , its more like warm wind blowing into my face .

Hisashi : -.- maybe it was a real wind...

Hitsuga : Hisashi , its different .

Miyuki : What about that cold, I felt ?

Hitsuga : If your soul is enough strong and sensitive , it can feel danger around - in this case its demons . After your soul senses it , soul starts spreading kigai out of your body making you feel something .

My soul does the same , but I feel short shaking in my body instead of cold . Thought my abilitys are with ice characteristics.

Hisashi : Can you show us anything with ice ?

Hitsuga : I guess...

Team stoped

Hitsuga connects his hands and slowly draws them to right and left sides creating short spear shaped blue energy

Hitsuga : Its only an energy , but look now ...

Quickly Hitsuga removes his hand from energy and catches it with right hand , suddenly turning it to ice

Miyuki : Looks beautiful...

Hitsuga : ... but deadly.

In a second Hitsuga throws it into a tree ~10 metres away

Spear pierced tree trunk

Hitsuga : I would show more tricks with this spear , but I dont want to use all kigai .

They are walking again

Hitsuga : What do you remember from last fight, Hisashi ?

Hisashi : I remember, I was punching demon with bare hands... and Miyuki used some weird yellow light ball...

Hitsuga : Light...? There was two Shadow Reapers who used light type attacks .
Ok, I think its perfect time to teach you how to release necky's...

Looks at Hisashi

Hitsuga : and brace's energy.

They all stop suddenly , Hisashi and Miyuki look at Hitsuga with serious faces

Hisashi : Lets do it .

Miyuki : ...

Hitsuga : Hisashi you are first .
First close your eyes and concentrate. It should be too hard .

Hisashi closes his eyes

Miyuki is looks at Hisashi

Hitsuga : Now grab your bracelet with other hand and try concentrate on it, think about your brace only.

Hisashi lifts his left hand up and touches his brace with right hand

Hitsuga : Concentrate on your brace!!! . Try to free it .

Hisashi ( thoughts ) : ...release... ... ... release ... release ! , release !! , release !!! , release !!!!... RELEASE !!!!!

Hitsuga : !!!

Hisashi lets his hands down

Miyuki : Hisashi ?

Suddenlly Hisashi falls on his left knee and red aura appears over the body

Hisashi : Udewa-houmen !!!

Red aura dissapears

Hisashi stands up

Hitsuga : How do you feel ?

Hisashi : O.o I feel... weird ..., I can feel energy going through my body .

Hisashi : Ahhh !!!

Hisashi puts his hand on his head

Hisashi : Ahh...ghhh!!!!

In few seconds Hisashi sees many fragments from the past .

Miyuki ( frightened ) : Whats wrong ?!

Hisashi : I'm fine Miyuki , I can see scenes in my mind ... Fights , demons , deaths...

Hitsuga : Its some memories from sealed Reaper , but its only a part of it , well I feel relieved , brace releasing was fast and not too hard .

Hitsuga : If you want seal it back...

Hisashi : ???!!!!

Red aura appears again and seals back into brace

Hisashi : !!! What the ...!!!???

Hitsuga : I had same problem when I had my ring at first .It seems part release works for short time periods only. But you can train it for longer periods if you do it often .

Hisashi : Um... =S

Hitsuga turns to Miyuki .

Hitsuga : Now its your turn Miyuki .

Scene changes to meadow field somewhere

Shadow gates are opening

Two red eyes and horn shows up in the shadows of the entrance

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