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Thread: [Traditional Chinese] Fist of the Blue Sky, Chapter 111

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    [Traditional Chinese] Fist of the Blue Sky, Chapter 111


    Thanks to beowulf for translating the problem area!


    1. Link to my translation
    2. Link to RAW, left part of the page
    3. Link to RAW, right part of the page

    I'm having problems with an entire monologue.

    Transcription inside the spoiler:

    Spoiler show

    Basically, the Daoist has just reappeared in front of Kenshirou. I'm pretty sure he's talking about 極十字聖拳 compared to Hokuto Shinken, but I can't make sense of his monologue as none of what he says is familiar to my ears.
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    Re: [Traditional Chinese] Fist of the Blue Sky, Chapter 111

    It's early morning here. I don't know if I can help but I will looked at it tomorrow.

    Edit* I didn't looked at the raws but from your transcriptions, this is what I deciphered.

    然而如果問到指引天帝之星,南十字就太可憐了. 北斗指向的地方有著天帝之星…
    Yet if we are guided to the Heaven Star, Southern Cross would be miserable. The place which, the Big Dipper pointed to, has the Heaven Star.

    There is nothing there except for a blanket of darkness.

    Southern Cross can only hesitate alone in that darkness.

    Always looking for the thing that he should protected ... That would be ...

    That would be ... a straying Star Mansion* ...

    *Strictly speaking I have no idea on astronomy. But this is what I got for 星宿.

    I know it sounded very literal. Furthermore, you might have to looked over it again. =)
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