Title: Squad #3 or 3rd Squadron. (suggest new title if u like)

Summary :
The story starts:
-Year 2035, a meteorite falls to the earth. This meteor brings Aguila, a human-like alien with abilities far outreached human beings. Humans, who afraid that they would bring disaster to the Earth, make an alliance with these aguilas by allowing them to create a city on Earth.

-Thus, they build a city, Micra. People then start to live together with the aguilas and create a new civilization alongside them. In no time, the aguilas have taken over the Earth as the new ruler.

-This story is about the lives of the members of the third Micra Police Department Special Unit, or in short, 3rd Squad and the cases they handle.

-The members are : -Mikael/Mikage Sullington (Head/chief of the squad, male heir of Sullington noble family, human)
-Ahmad Reid Abdullah/Reid (Vice chief, human)
-Aishah / Ai (3rd member, human)
-Maria Vaughn Achilles/ Maria (Tech specialist, aguila)
-Eric Milton (New recruit, human)

-Others: -Alazlam White (Butler for Mikage, aguila)
-Allen Wilson (Butler for Sullington family's male heir, human)

This is the summary and the main characters. Although I've already had the storyline in my head, but I've problems with the first chapter. Please give opinions on how to make the introduction for this story. Give your ideas for this story too if you like.