( 別天地 )

Chapter 12 - Winged Angel : Flutter

Death is close

Reko gathers a red/yellow energy ball and throws into Miyuki and Hisashi with Hitsuga behind her

Reko : *Shadou-gomu...

Hitsuga : Shi** !!!

Hitsuga quicly puts his right hand on the ground

Hitsuga : San...

Miyuki : Nekkuresu...

Hisashi : Udewa-houmen...

Huge explosion covers the battlefield , blowing trees around it

Reko is ~10 metres away from the blast , so he's not affected , hes standing still and watching .

After few seconds blast dissapears leaving battlefield in dust

Reko : ...hmh

Reko turns around and starts walking away,but...

Reko : !!!

Suddenly huge transparent red arm comes from the ground aiming for Reko's head

Reko avoids it and jumps few metres away

Reko : ...still breathing

Reko slowly turns his head to the battlefield

Its still covered in dust

Something huge moved in the dust cloud

And all of a sudden dust was pushed away

Wind was so strong that Reko was almost blowed away by its force

Demon opens his eyes and notives Miyuki standing with huge transparent purle wings

Reko : ...uh?... ... Shadow Reapers...

Hisashi jumps from the ground all covered in red aura

Reko : !!!

Hisashi attacks him but Reko blocks his fist with his hand

Hisashi punches Reko with his leg

Reko : ...uh...

Impact forces Reko to syl away few metres and bounce on the ground

Reko balances fast and stands up in a fight possition

Hitsuga : *Aisu-kurisutaru !!!

20 ice spears are flying into Reko

Reko : Pff...Kuro-raikou !!!

Reko quickly aims his tail into spears way and blows them all

At the same momment Hisashi attacks demon

Reko easilly blocks his hand impacts

Hisashi : Shiro-Akari !!!

Reko blocks Hisashi's hand , but his hand is puched in by force, Reko's own hand hits his face

Reko : Ugh...

Reko flys away and while flying Hitsuga catches him

Hitsuga : Got ya !

Reko body starts freezing

Scene changes to Miyuki

Miyuki is quite far away form them , she's trembling , her wings and necklace are glowing

Miyuki : I can't ...handle...

Scene changes to Reko and Hitsuga

Hitsuga : Hisashi !!! Now !!! Hit !!!

Hisashi : Shiro-Akari !!!

Reko :

Reko : Kuro-raikou !!!

Black lightning covers Reko's body and spreads in a second blowing Hitsuga with Hisashi away and destroying ice on his body.

Hisashi was blown away on the ground , he was protected from the hit by red aura . He starts running into demon...

Hisashi : Aaaa... !!!!

Reko : Mabataki !!!

Reko appears in front of Hisashi and punches him with his tail , after that he grabs Hisashi and crashes him into ground .

Hisashi : Ugh !!!

Hisashi spits blood from his mouth and red aura dissapears

Hisashi : *cough* *cought* you... will die bastard...

Reko : ...weaklings , Kuro-raikou !!!

Demon gathers energy on his tail...

Hitsuga attacks Reko from behind and stabs his chest with a long ice spear

Reko : ...uh...

Reko : Oh...screw you...

Reko finishes gathering energy on his tail end , but in a surprise he takes that ball into his mouth , truns around and attacks Miyuki who was still trembling there

Black lighting beam flys into Miyuki

Her eyes are wide open , she is drowning in fear

Beam almost reached her

But right wing shields Miyuki

Attack did no demage to Miyuki or wing

Reko : Huh ?

Reko looks surprised

Meanwhile , Hitsuga slashes him from behind , causing demon to bleed

Reko : Uh !!!
...ha...ha ...hahaha...hahahahahahaha... you think you can kill me with that ??!!!

Hitsuga stabs him with few spears

Blood is coming from Reko's mouth

Reko : ... *Mabataki

Reko teleports near Miyuki and aims hit tail to stab her

Hitsuga : Nooo !!!

Suddenly her necklace cracks in left side and light coming from cracked necklace blows Reko away

Miyuki : Uh ?!!!

Huge wings dissapears leaving only smaller ones

Miyuki looks around and notices Reko

Miyuki : !!!???

Reko ( smiling ) : hmh...winged bastard is here

Hitsuga : They know each other ?!!! o.o

Miyuki : your funny games will end now...

Reko : hahahahahah !!! MAKE ME !!!!!

Miyuki : hmf...still acting like a dummy...

Both Miyuki's wings moves and suddenly she appears in front of Reko kickinng his face with a fist

Reko got one of his teeth knocked out form his mouth

Brutal hit lifted demon up from the ground

Reko : Kuro-raikou !!!

Demon aimed his tail into Miyuki while hes in air

He shot black beam into Miyuki

Miyuki : You should try something else from before !!!

Miyuki repels his beam with right hand

She jumps in air after Reko ( small wings allows her to jump fast and far away from ground )

Miyuki catches up with Reko and punches him with her leg , crushing him into ground

Reko : Uh !!!

He spits more blood from his mouth

Miyuki lands on the ground near demon

Reko : *cough* ...hahaha , lucky you... those guys ... injured me before you came...

Miyuki : you had some hard time...

Reko : Kai...

Miyuki : Sorry , not this time

Reko : ..jin...

Scene ends with Miyuki aiming her hand for Reko's head

Next time : Chapter 13 - Shadow Gates

Attacks :

*Shadou-gomu - shadow eraser , powerful concentrated energy attack .
*San - three, details unknown
*Nekkuresu - necklace, details unknown
*Udewa-houmen - bracelet release
*Aisu-kurisutaru - ice crystal , user concentrates his kigai and makes spear shaped ice spear . User can throw it and stab the enemy .
*Kuro-raikou - dark lightning, user gathers dark/black energy on his tail's end and strikes his opponent with black beam and lightning around it .
*Shiro Akari - white light , gathers kigai in one of your body part ( leg ,hand , fist etc ) . May couse high psychical damage . Stronger Akari version ( works only part-released )
*Mabataki - twink , Demons ability to use kigai for a teleportation to some areas .
*Kaijin - complete destruction, details unknown