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Thread: Liar Game as Social Commentary

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    Liar Game Liar Game as Social Commentary

    The recent chapter made me realize, it seems Kaitani wants to touch some more surfice issues rather than "Heart vs Mind", can Liar Game be taken as some social commentary on capitalism? Recently, well in the latest chapter Yokoya revealed what happened to the losers, and it's pretty much power hungry corporations using people for their own ends. Can the whole "LGT" be just a metaphor to provide social commentary of how far we go into the capitalist world, where everything is a "game" that is becomes flat out gambling at best? But gambling with human lives now? Have we lost touch?

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    Re: Liar Game as Social Commentary

    LGT & co. representing capitalism seems like a stretch (Kaitani uses recurring human motifs for a reason, I think—to avoid this kind of interpretation—social commentary about ideals ransacked a century ago looks pretentious at best) but it would not surprise me, considering caprices in pace, if Kaitani switched themes and changed Liar Game's philosophical underpinnings . . . However, let me be the first to say that would completely fucking suck. Personally. It's enough hearing Facebook Ultracrepidarians espouse communism, anti-imperialism or whatever anti-competition bullshit happens to be in vogue, but to read fiction wherein the focus is on how "materialistic" our society has become—about decadence and avarice, expressing platitudes people living in the world already know about—renders merely shlock irony and nihilism. Writing shit like that does not make you seem intelligent or edgy (unless your audience consists of angst-riddled teens, I guess) and it's hardly revelatory to note humans are an odious species, so if Kaitani developed LGT[s] to represent the "dark side" of economics and its immanent impoverishment of the less fortunate (in lieu of concepts like understanding, trust, doubt, 'Heart vs Mind'; what I feel he initially built the series on) Liar Game as fiction is a tragic waste. Still entertaining stuff though.
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