Claymore Chapter 92- Soul Seal- Review

The Cast-

Claire- Our heroine. She’s been drawn to the fused sisters for reasons she doesn’t understand. She’s also getting even more Frankenstein jokes after this chapter.

Raphelia- Once a number 2, then a number 5 assassin. So loved her sister that she both killed her, and not killed her. Listen I can’t explain all the plot here, okay?

A Trip Down Memory Lane-

We open with Claire in her old uniform, and Jean walking in the woods. Claire senses someone strong, and Raphelia appears. Claire orders Jean to get back, but then realizes that Jean isn’t there. Just as Claire realizes that Jean has been dead for years, Raphelia attacks. Claire begins to wonder just what is going on, and Raphelia warns her that if she takes too much damage here, then she dies in the real world. As Raphelea presses her attack, she berates Claire for not having more power after seven years. Claire tries to counterattack with the windcutter, but is fails miserably, and she gets her head cut off.

This chapter almost completely occurs in a mindscape, and focuses on interaction between Claire and Raphelia. At first Claire is confused by this, but she figures it out, as she’s fighting Raphelia. As we see here, Raphelia is strong, as she completely overwhelms Claire. However as this is a mental battle, we cannot take this as an accurate showing of their true strengths. It was also nice to see Jean again, even if it was just as a momentary figment of Claire’s imagination.

Let Me Test Your Power-

Claire isn’t dead though, as this is a battle in a mental world. The two warriors argue as to whether or not Claire got pulled into Raphelia’s mind or Claire invaded. Raphelea tells Claire that her mind had almost faded away completely. But because of meeting Claire, it has gained form once again, based on Claire’s memories. She believes this is to tell Claire something important. That Claire is making a huge mistake. And since her body is starting to awaken, there is no time to tell Claire what it is, instead, they’ll have to fight. (Wait, what?) Claire worries what will happen to Raphelia if she is beaten, but Raphelia tells her that her mind will vanish anyways when the body awakens. So Claire decides to pull out all the stops and uses the Quicksword. Claire releases her Yoki, and then puts all her power into her arm. Raphelea warns Claire that if this fails, she will kill her. It doesn’t fail. As Raphelea fades away, she gives all her emotions and memories to Claire. And tells her that within these is something Claire needs to know.

Claire manages to defeat Raphelea with the quick sword, something Raphelea is surprised to see. We have a new mystery now, with the question of just what Claire’s mistake is, and what it is that she needs to know. Right now I’m not going to speculate too much on it. The best I can come up with is that she doesn’t want Claire to be consumed by her quest for vengeance. It’ll be interesting to see if this ends up serving as a power up for Claire or not.

So Big Everyone Cameos.

We cut to Cynthia and Yuma. Cynthia senses Claire’s Yoki, and then a huge surge of power and emotions. Then we see Riful and Dauf. Riful is surprised at how much power she’s sensing. Next Helen and Deneve sense this as well. Then one of the organizations Men In Black is surprised when Alicia and Beth appear in front of him, and tell him they detect another target, and will eliminate it along with Riful. Finally in a town Priscilla tells Raki that a new power has been born.

The chapter ends with the reactions of various other characters to a massive Yoki. It’s probably the sisters awakening, but some speculate it’s Claire. Personally I don’t think it’s Claire. But she had better have gotten some sort of power up because, she’s going to have to fight. Riful is coming back to check what has happened, and Alicia and Beth are coming. It is interesting to note that we did not see anyone who was in Rabona’s reactions to this. I imagine that Miria and Galetea will show up in the start of the chapter. I hope we get moving now, because there are a bunch of new questions that need answering.

Winner Of The Month-

Claire- Pretty much had to be her or Raphelia, and since Claire is the one who’s still alive…