( 別天地 )

Chapter 14 - Shadow Gates

Miyuki is aiming for Reko's head

Miyuki : Kieru !!!

Miyuki shoots yellow ball shaped light right into Reko's head

Reko ( smiling ) : ...heh

Attack hits directly into Reko's head

Miyuki lets her hand down

Miyuki : It's over for you...Reko...

Scene shows Reko's body on the ground, his head was erased by attack

His body slowly turns into black dust and wind blows the dust away , spreading it in the air

Hitsuga runs closer to Miyuki

Hitsuga : Miyuki !!! Are you allright ?!

Miyuki notices Hitsuga

Miyuki : ...Hitsuga... ?

Miyuki's wings dissapear , with the crack on the necklace aswell

Miyuki : ...I'm... fine. Check how's Hisashi...

Hitsuga : Don't worry , he's allright . His bracelet spirit healed him from vital injuries.

Miyuki : ...good, thank you...

Hitsuga looks at Miyuki with worried face

She's all sweating

Hitsuga : ...we need to rest , we could have been dead right now...

Miyuki : *cough* ... right

Miyuki falls on the ground ~sleeping~ with smile in the face

Hisashi comes near them

Hisashi : Is she gonna be ok ?

Hitsuga : ...Yes , she's exhausted , it looked like she managed to release necklace spirit, but... I can't believe she was able to use that much energy... She just finished that demon in seconds, even we couldnt hadle him together...

Hisashi looks surprised

Hisashi : ...well , let's rest before we go... Thought , Hitsuga... why did you used only small part of your energy ?

Hitsuga : You noticed ?! say the truth , I'm just a lil stronger than you... I'm same as you two , thought my ring's spirit was fully released , I can't use all of it yet... Ring spirit forced ring to crack so it could heal my wound instantly .

Hisashi : uh!? ... I see

Hitsuga and Hisashi sits down near Miyuki

Scene changes to the meadow with some girl running

Girl ( thoughts ) : ...what was that ? ...maybe it's demons, but who they are fighting ?...

She starts running faster

Scene changes into dark place, inside the Shadow Gates

Dark figure with red shining eyes appears in the shadows

??? : Any news...?

Figure walks in the shadow and stops staring at four demons near him

One of the demons who is sitting on the rock opens his eyes

Demon : No, no news here... I thought you will be busy there... you have returned fast...

??? : Good,...there was no reason to stay there any longer

Demon who is standing in the left

Demon : Is everything according to your plans ?

??? : ...Yes . Get ready...we are going for the first step

Scene changes to another place in the Shadow Gates , it looks like castle with horns

Scene shows demon sitting on the throne with skulls and horns on it

??? : Where's Reko ?!

Tall demon comes in the place where throne is

??? : ...We just got information ...he was killed ,my King

Demon stands up from the throne

"King" : What ?

??? : ... he was killled by a powerful human , no doubt that human has Shadow Reapers powers, aswell as two others...

"King" : Ahhhh !!!! Shadow Reapers... Damnit... he was one of the strongest...

Demon sits on the throne angry

??? : ...we have spotted another strong object...

"King" : Can we send any demon to scout ?

??? : Only weak ones , we have used alot for Reko's teleportation

"King" : Arrghhh...Do whatever you want...

??? : Yes

Demon walks away

Scene changes to the girl who runs out from the forest in a small meadow

Suddenly Shadow Gates entrance appears and small demons jumps out from it

Girl notices demon while running and stops

Demon : Grrrr....glarh....grrr...kcchhhhh...

Demon looks hyperactive

Girl : ...mmm... Hello there ! ^^ You came to get your ass kicked ?

Demon : ..Graaaaahhh....grrr...dii....grrr...dieee...

His claws starts growing

Girl : ...What the hell ?

Suddenly small demon attacks her by jumping up and aiming his long claws at her

Girl : O.o"

She moves aside from the attack , but she notices that demon cut some of her hair

Girl : HEY !!! Just what do you think you just did ??!!!

She looks angry

Demon : ..Graaaaahhh....grrr...dii....grrr...dieee...

Demon attacks her again , but this time he cuts her necklace on her neck and grabs it with his claws

Girl ( angry ) : ...ghhhh !!!! That's it creep !!! You gone too far this time !!!!

She rises her hand , puts somewhere on her back and

Girl ( angry ) : Katta-houmen !!!

She pulls out a sword who was attached on her back - on the jacket

It's glowing with blue color

Girl : What's your name ?

Demon : ..Mi..gwaaarh.. ko...arrgh...

Girl : ...and my name is Sara...


This chapter and drawing is dedicated for an awesome person and a friend Sara .
Happy Birthday

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Attacks :

*Kieru - to vanish, yellow ball shaped light, causes high damage to opponet's body .
*Katta-houmen - cutter release .