( 別天地 )

Chapter 15 - Betrayal

Scene shows five figures walking in the Shadow Gates

Demon in the midle

??? : ...we are here... Shat you go left , Kabi you go right
I , Tozo and Raichi will go straight inside...

Shat : Right !

Kabi : Yes !

??? : Scatter !

Shat and Kabi dissapers to left and right sides

??? : Here we are... shelter of our despicable King...

Scene shows castle like mountain with with horns

Scene changes to Human World

Scene shows Sara and small demon standing in front of each other

Sara : Come here and give my necklace back !

Demon :

Sara : We can do it easy or the hard way !


Demon gets bigger

Sara : I see, you want the hard way...

Demon is almost the same proportions as Sara

Demon : ...tch...there is no easy way

Sara : I thought you can't talk

Demon : Don't underestimate me...

Sara ( thoughts ) : He got bigger in few seconds... anyway , I can't waste my time on this one...

Sara stands in fight stance

Demon does the same

Demon : Bachiatari Seirei-dageki !!!

Sara : Aozora !!!

Scene changes to the Shadow Gates

Scene shows two demon guards standing near Kings castle

Something slips in the shadows near left guard

Left demon guard : huh ?

Suddenly Shat appears near the guard and grabs his neck

Shat : Be quiet...Your shift is over...I'm the new guard...

Left demon guard :

Guard looks down to his body and notices that his body is turning into dust

In last second guard shouts

Left demon guard : ...!!! Intruders !!!

And turns into to dust right after that

Shat looks into dust with a smile

Shat : Hmmm... you were a good guard after all , hahahahahahahaha !!!

Shat look in right guards side

Shat : I guess it's clear...

Kabi is standing in the place where right guard supposed to be

Kabi : Hah...this one was a bad guard
...he didn't even say a thing... or it was you so slow ?

Shat : Phew...

Scene shows "King" sitting on the throne

Some demon guard runs in and reports

Inside demon guard : We have report about intruders outside ,both guards most likely were assassinated !!!

"King" : it have come to this afterall...

"King" : Send all the guards to stop them

Inside demon guard : Yes, Sir .

Guard is running to announce the order to other guards

But all of a sudden dark figure jumps near guard

??? : ...don't bother them with orders...they are allready busy there...

Demon with cloak kills the guard instantly

"King" : !!! Who are you ?! You will pay for this !!!

??? : Hmh...stop shouting around... you have no rights anymore

"King" : What ?!

??? : ...oh... you know... many years ago ,
every demon in this world were following your orders...
you were great back then, but look at you now !

"King" : ...

??? : You have forgot how to use your powers properly...
you can't even protect yourself...

"King" : This is what you think !!!

King jumps from the throne attacking demon with huge sword , spreading electricity around it

??? : how stupid...

Demon with cloak vanishes from the view

King hits the ground with sword

"King" : Huh ?!

Suddenly demon with cloak appears behind the King and hits him with his right leg

King frees his sword and falls on the ground few metres away from traitor

Traitor comes closer near shining sword stuck in the ground

??? : ...Sword of Iliana...

He grabs and raises the sword , sword is big and angular

??? : Most powerful and mysterious sword in our world...

Demon King stands up

"King" : You came for it ?!
You can't use it anyway !!! I'm the only one who can do it...

??? : Right...right my kingness , this sword possess all 6 Great Demon energy...
from the first Demon Queen Iliana till the great King Raichi...
all their powers are right here, in this sword !

"King" : ...give it back and surrender !!! There's no way you can escape !!!

??? : ...dear King Sathis !
It's not like I can give you this sword back that easy...
You will have to take it from me , hah

King Sathis stares at traitor with angry face

King Sathis : ...ghhh....

??? : Sorry Sathis , I forgot that you can't do anything...
poor you

King Sathis: Damnit !!! Who are you ?! Why you are doing this ??!!

??? : Why you ask ?

He vanishes from Sathis sight and appears behind him hitting Sathis head with sword kilt

King Sathis : Uhhh !!!

Sathis fall on his knees

Traitor is behind him with Sword of Iliana

Demon with cloak changes his voice into angry one

??? : !!! What do you think I'm here for !!!??
I'm here to end your era !!!
I'm here to take the title of the Greatest Demon !!!!

King Sathis : ...what...?

??? : You are a pathetic leader !!!!
No one respects you as a leader !!!
Only few weaklings still follow you !!!!
And they are dead by now !!!
You are all alone !!! Gaaaaaaahhhh !!!

Demon with cloak rises Sword of Iliana and stabs King Saithis in his back , piercing his body

King Sathis : Gwaaaah !!!

Scene changes to Human World

Sara is standing in the meadow watching wind blowing black dust in the air

Fight is over

She puts her sword back on her back and picks her necklace from the ground

Scene changes to Shadow Gates

Scene shows Sword of Iliana pierced through Sathis body who is lie on the ground

Demon with cloak moves aside from sword and body

Sword starts shining with strong electricity , it covers dead King's body

??? : Your era is over Sathis...

Suddenly Sathis body turn into many small shining energy balls and gathers around Iliana Sword

Sword rises in the air , it starts floating in the air evenly

Suddenly all energy balls around stick to the Sword , sword starts vibrating and shining more electrical light

??? : ..uh...

A huge blue round beam appears around sword and hits the dark sky

Sathis Castle starts collapsing

Huge eletricity wave passes the sky , making rain and thunder

All of a sudden beam stops and Sword loses it's radiance

Sword form appears , it looks much thinner , swords end is rounded.

Demon grabs sword's kilt

??? : Seventh Sword of Iliana...

Next time : Chapter 16 - New Sword - New Leader

Attacks :

*Bachiatari Seirei-dageki - cursed spirit blow , dark/red energy ball which can be shot from demons mouth.

*Aozora - blue sky , details unknown .