( 別天地 )

Chapter 16 - New Sword , New Leader

Scene shows Sathis castle collapsing

Five demons walk away from it

Demon in the midle with cloak puts Sword of Iliana in his sword holster

??? ( with a smile ) : for the next step...

Scene changes to Human world

Scene shows Miyuki , Hisashi and Hitsuga walking

Someone is watching them behind the trees

Sara ( thoughts ) : Was it them ? ...Hmmm... I will follow them , but I have keep safe distance...

She follows them hiding in the forest

Hisashi : So... your necklace spirit fought that demon before ?

Miyuki : I guess , well I do remember him , but memory is very blury I can't understand...

Hitsuga : Well , don't get tired with thinking... you killed him anyway

Hisashi : Yeah XD You just blowed his head away !!! Hahahahha !!!

Miyuki : I feel strange anyway , like something is not right...

Hitsuga : You should be , it was your first time when you release your necklace spirit

Miyuki : I know... but

Hisashi : Reeelaaax... Miyuki =P

Hisashi looks at Hitsuga

Hisashi : Between... have you sensed anything ?

Hitsuga : No. It's all clear

Scene changes to Demon World

5 Demons are walking towards huge mountain

Tozo : heheh...

Raichi : What's so funny ?

Shat : Quiet you two...

Suddenly earth starts to quake and some sound appears

??? : Hhhhhhh....!!!!

??? : Get ready team, it won't be easy

Kabi : ...

Tozo : Wow...that's something really big

??? : ...

Scene shows huge amount of dust gathering from the ground in the air

While dust is gathering , it forms some form

Shat : Do we really need to deal with this...

??? : Don't let your guard down...

Suddenly dust finished gathering and huge demon with wings appears , he's eyes are yellow and glowing , he has big jaw with long teeth

Tozo : Sh** !! It's like 40 times bigger than we are o.o"

??? : Ggggghhhhhh !!!!

In a few seconds huge demon hits the ground with his arm where group of demons were forcing them to jump away

They all jump away from the blow

Kabi : Shuf !!!

Shat : Damn ! He's not so slow how he looks !

Raichi : Just attack him !!!

Huge demon open his mouth and yellow energy shoots from it

Kabi : o.o"

Suddenly demon with cloak appears in front of yellow energy and blocks it with his left hand

??? : Tch...

He takes out sword and makes a slash over the energy comming from demon mouth

Energy splits up and huge demon gets a hit

??? : Gwwaaaahhhh!!!!

Demon makes few steps back and puts his hand on his face from pain

Kabi : Whoah !

??? : Attack him !!! Now !!!

Shat, Kabi , Raichi , Tozo : *Shadou-gomu !!!

They all throw four red/yellow energy balls into huge demon and hits

Huge explosion covers the demon

Black dust floats in the air after explosion , it covers huge area

??? : Don't let your guard down yet

Kabi : Huh ?

All of a sudden dust gathers near Kabi, Rachi, Tozo and Shat

4 Black Blades appears in front of them and cuts their heads , except Shat avoids the blade and jumps away

Kabi, Rachi and Tozo turns into dust

??? : You r strong...

Shat ( smiling ) : Heh !

??? : Join me...

Leader jumps near Ancient Guard with sword and trys to cuts him in half

But while cuting him , Ancient Guard's body turns into dust and gathers back in few seconds

Ancient Guard : Sword of Iliana ?

??? : ...That's right

Demon with cloak rises his sword and it starts shining with blue energy

??? : *Zenko !!!!

He slashes the air and huge blue energy wave shoots from the sword and cuts Ancient Guard in half

Ancient Guard : Ugh...

??? : ...What's your name ?

Ancient Guard : Ancah

??? : Join my team Ancah and you will live

Ancah : Yes...

??? ( smiling ) : Good , you did a right choice

Shat : Reko , your plan stays the same ?

Reko : Yes , it's time for step 3

~ Reko is alive ?!!! What he's planning to do next ??!!! ~

[CENTER]Next time : Chapter 17 - Reko

Attacks :

*Shadou-gomu - shadow eraser , powerful concentrated energy attack .
*Zenko - ancient days , special Iliana sword attack.