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    Welcome to the International Community section. Here are a couple of important rules to follow when participating in the discussions:

    Hangout Thread:
    The Hangout Thread is English-only!

    About The Exception:
    This specific section is a huge exception on MH. It's the only place were we allow and encourage members to communicate in their native language. Our staff can't moderate this board in the same way as the rest of the forum since we simply can't cover all the different languages here.

    This is why we need you! This section can only continue this way when everyone sticks to the rules, regardless of whether our staff understands the posts or not. We ask you to report rule breaking or inappropriate posts. Please hit the report button, send us a PM and provide us with a short translation of the offence. Thank you!

    Changing the Thread Title:
    The thread titles always start in the same schema: "[Your Region] Community". This is followed by a phrase on your native language which the users of the community can pick themselves and change on occasion. Check the Request Thread for more information.

    Creating New or Splitting Old Threads
    This section is moderated. New threads need to be approved by the staff. Please refer to the Request Thread to reason why your thread is a good addition to the existing ones, whether because the country is not featured yet or maybe because your specific region has enough activity to keep a community thread alive. If you're region is mixed up with another on in a community thread, you can request a split. But we will only do so if there's enough activity for both regions. Please read about this in the Request Thread.

    Keep the talk friendly and according to our forum rules (no spamming, bashing, no spoilers, ect. ...)

    Re-activate old threads!
    Do not be afraid to post in inactive threads. While there has not been an interest in a language before, you might change it with your question. So, you are more than welcome to reply to older threads.
    Have fun!

    Enjoy and be merry. If there is anything wrong or missing, feel free to PM the active Moderator or any Global. We don't bite.
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