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Thread: Kenpachi a perfect Vasto Lorde Arrancar?

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    Kenpachi a perfect Vasto Lorde Arrancar?

    This theory assumes that Yachiru really is Kenpachi's Zanpakuto spirit.
    If she is, this would link Kenpachi to Coyote Starrk. Stark split into two beings through natural Shinigamification. We also know that all Arrancar were deemed imperfect.

    My theory is that Kenpachi used to be a Vasto Lorde class hollow that underwent Shinigamification, but his was complete. That would explain his vast strenght at a young age.


    1. Yachiru's Shikai spawns two hollow-like beings around her.
    2. Kenpachi is a special war potential. The other two known war potentials are Ichigo and Aizen. Both are trancendent beings that passed the limits of normal Shinigami. The reason why Kenpachi is a SWP could be that he too is trancendent.

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    Re: Kenpachi a perfect Vasto Lorde Arrancar?

    None of those things imply Kenpachi is a hollow though. Also even if Yachiru is his zan, it isnt uncommon for them to materialize. It has been stated that part of bankai training is forcing your zan to materialize. Also he has been noted to have high reiatsu very early on, so her existence seems to correlate with him being so strong at such a young age. Being able to force his zan to release despite not knowing its release commands could imply other things.

    So it would seemingly make sense that shes a zan if not a tulpa-like entity created by his mental block from fighting Unohana and desire to get stronger, however the one thing that ruins the possibility of her being a split personality or zan is that she has her own sword and release commands. Your zanpakutou is an extension of the soul inprinted on the asauchi so it implies she retains her own individual soul.

    All Yachiru theories should die on that token alone. Shes simply hiding or a pile of cookies now.

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