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Thread: Gold Knight's Ten Comments (One Piece 429)

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    Re: Gold Knight's Ten Comments (One Piece 429)

    I just thought of something : what's next for the crew members? WILL IT FINALLY BE A MUSICIAN??!! (after rope dude joins them that is)

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    Re: Gold Knight's Ten Comments (One Piece 429)

    Quote Originally Posted by Gold Knight

    Finally, just a warning here, but I won't be able to keep this up forever. I've had tons of fun doing Bleach and OP for the last month and so, but I'm much more likely to eventually neglect reviewing both these manga than Naruto, especially when winter gets here. If anybody would like to do their own weekly reviews on either Bleach or OP, please go ahead and post 'em in the Mangaverse main section. I won't mind at all. I know we have plenty of insightful members here!
    awww!!! i just hope you dont stop the One Piece comments-lol!!
    But i have to admit- it must take a lot writing all that, adding pictures, etc etc- for all three.

    i would really love to comment on One Piece but i wont have time to do it constantly and would rather do it over the weekend- this sucks!!!

    1) i was quite elated when Enel came up again. The guy is one of my favorite bad guys if not the favorite. anyways- it looks like Oda knows how important this guy is or maybe to the story later in the series. Unlike, crocodile this guy wasnt caught or imprisoned- he could come back in the story- me thinks!

    2)at least i was finally glad oda clarified why the marines didnt fire on them crew when they were with Robin on the ship. It was too obvious an action to do if they came to burn and destroy everything on EL (if possible-lol). At least we had been speculating it was because of robin so i wasnt too surprised.

    3) i think the first time Robin actually finally made them more than just nakama was when she shouted to luffy that she wanted to live.

    Mission Accomplished indeed.

    4) i was soo glad spanda came back .
    The guy vanished from the story in a way a little anticlimatic to me. Now though he is gonna get it. I remember the time when his father went to oHara- a similar thing happened when one of the admirals bombed the ship on which the ohara non-scholars/archaelogists were on. at that time even Aokiji was shocked- i think spanda tried to do the same here.

    he is gonna get it.

    will continue later.

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